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222022 OOH cost data

Geopath’s Fast Fact Friday

By Brian Shopper, Marketing Manager, Geopath

Q1 2022 OOH has cost data, and Geopath has compiled a report for the top DMAs across the country!

We recently looked at the full year data for 2021, evaluating the top advertisers and industries across the report. Let’s take a look at similar data from Q1 this year.

There is an interesting difference between the types of advertisers when comparing different sized markets. For example, the top DMAs in New York and Los Angeles feature entertainment advertisers among their top spenders. Major production houses such as Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal are widely featured in this market. In San Francisco, all the top OOH advertisers are clothing / fashion brands.

However, when focusing on small markets, much more local and hyper-focused stories begin to occur. As we have seen in the 2021 full year report, small markets tend to get most of their OOH spending from local legal services, insurance companies and health firms. At this level, there is a clear focus on reaching the nearest audience with local business ads.

Looking across the report, McDonald’s is a top advertiser 43 Different markets. Dunkin and Geiko each attend 12 In the market, T-Mobile is present 10 Bar, and featured ClickUp.com 9 When looking at the overall section of the bar, there are endings 50 Various casino advertisers, as well as over 100 Various examples of attorneys or legal services.

Full year 2021 and Q1 2022 OOH expense reports are now available in the geekOUT library for Geopath members. If you would like to learn more about subscriptions, please contact us at [email protected]

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