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Branded city It also announced a new campaign highlighting the ease of achieving your financial ambitions CIBCIts smart savings. CIBC is the latest to use the dreamroom 3D capabilities of branded cities in Yonge and Dundas in the Toronto Eaton Center (TEC) tower, Canada’s largest media spectacle (8,545 sq ft).

Branded Cities and CIBC have teamed up for an innovative and creative campaign with one simple message: Making money with CIBC is as easy as it gets. Opening a CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account is as easy as snapping an on-screen QR code and following a new fast application process that takes less than five minutes. New customers can get 3.25% interest for their first four months. The concept of the campaign was strategically placed in the TEC Tower to use full-motion spectacular architecture. The screen is split to tell the story of cost versus savings and how CIBC can effortlessly help their clients reach their financial ambitions.

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The ad was produced in Phoenix, Arizona, where three cameras were used to simultaneously capture action and virtual communication between team members across North America. This recent activation uses both Dreamroom 3D, pushing the boundaries of 3D full-motion, using both live-action filming and 3D rendering.

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“Activation demonstrates the simplicity of saving for us through our eAdvantage Savings Account, a bigger way than life, and shows how quickly our clients’ ambitions, like the next great trip, can become a reality.” Tammy Sadinski, Senior Vice President, Brand and Marketing, CIBC. “Activation adds a whole new dimension to our content — it’s part of a larger effort to connect with clients in new and innovative ways. The technology behind DreamRoom 3D enables brands to create immersive and engaging stories that go beyond advertising, creating a memorable brand experience for viewers. As 3D power changes the advertising landscape, brands are adapting and looking for ways to make a bold impression.

“In branded cities, we are always looking for ways to lead with creativity and innovation in the outdoor industry. This campaign with CIBC allows us to showcase our thoughts and strategies for thinking outside the box and create something that makes a lasting impression. We are excited to be working with CIBC, and this campaign has provided a fitting opportunity for the brand to explore a new medium. We take what you imagine and bring it to life, “he said Steve ElmanChairman and CEO of Branded Cities Canada.

Branded Cities is proud to use the unique qualities of Dreamroom 3D to add another innovative and creative campaign to its highly acclaimed portfolio as a leader in the outdoor industry. The CIBC Smart Savings Campaign will run for four (4) weeks starting June 16 at the prime location of Yonge & Dundas in the iconic TEC Tower of branded cities and is expected to reach more than 150,000 people daily.

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