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Verde Outdoor, A growing out-of-home (OOH) advertising agency, today unveiled the completion of a major brand refresh with the launch of its new website. The updated look has revealed a newly designed logo, new tagline and vibrant color palette to reflect the brand’s modern approach within the OOH industry.

The Verde Outdoor Visual Identity now boasts an attractive deep green and a complementary gold gradient woven into the logo’s linear design for a contemporary feel. Additionally, the new tagline – Your Story, Elevated – underscores the company’s commitment to showcasing the brand’s stories across outdoor media.

Dave Wood's profile photo
Dave Wood

“These changes help create an outdoor identity in Verde,” said R. Dave Wood, President and CEO. “By showcasing our own integrated brand stories, we’re hopeful that it will encourage and inspire potential advertisers to share their message and partner with us to tell their stories.”

The company is integrating new design elements into all areas of its marketing channels, including the newly launched website, From attracting video content to an interactive market map and helpful creative guides to boost billboard messaging, advertisers benefit from a variety of streamlined features.

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Renee Larson

“Our website is an important step in establishing a digital footprint to reach our visitors,” he said Renee Larson, Marketing Manager. “We’ve partnered with industry professionals, SignBird, to create a site that captures who we are as a brand with our advertisers at the top of our minds. We wanted to provide a customer-centric experience with easy-to-navigate pages and informative OOH resources. “

Brand refreshes and site launches have been based on Verde’s recent acquisition efforts across the Midwest, Mid- and South-Atlantic regions. “As we see steady growth and new market opportunities, we want to ensure our visibility in a crowded OOH landscape,” Wood said. “We are a visual industry and we want our online presence to reflect that.”

About Verde Outdoor
Verde Outdoor is a newly formed out-of-home (OOH) media company based in Tempe, Arizona, and a growing addition to the family of companies owned by DriveTime founder Ernest Garcia II. Proud of a dedicated team of real estate, advertising, marketing, financial and legal professionals, Verde Outdoor is committed to providing effective outdoor media solutions and exceptional customer-centric service to OOH advertisers and operators. Since its formation in 2021, Verde has focused its efforts on outdoor expansion opportunities, recently acquiring a legacy OOH company in the Midwest and partnering with experienced Mid- and South-Atlantic operators, including an existing network of more than 1,000 billboard faces.

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