Top tailgate is essential for any event suitable for partying

Tellgate parties are about showing your passion for an event. Whether it’s a major ball game or your favorite band on tour, these pre-event parties are in the parking lot and attract hundreds of fans who are looking for bonds on their common interests. These open celebrations can be small gatherings and receptions with drinks and music or turn into a celebration that is bigger than an event celebrated with BBQs, games, cocktails and more. How you spread your brand at a tailgate party can vary greatly depending on the event, but there are some tailgate essentials that each team needs. Not sure what to bring to a tailgate? Here are some of the best ideas for gift and party planning to create your mark.

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Cocktails and Drinks Telgate Essentials

It’s not a tailgate party without drinks! Whether it’s a cold beer or your own cocktail concoction, you need some serious cold in your cup for a hot party. Of course, unless you’re setting up a cocktail stand (recommend it altogether), you may want to keep the mixes simple and easy. Go crazy with Cool-Aid for a quick cocktail like a little lemon here, some ginger there, or a game day. You can also plan ahead and store your cocktails in a unique poppy-tale that will surely get the buzz of the crowd.

Need something more sustainable to spread around? Here are some great cold-drink gifts that are absolutely tailgating essential.

Full color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup

It’s about volume and color with this 22 oz. Cup! The party essentials fit into a cupholder while still reducing refill trips with its ultra volume and you get the best for your brand with a full color imprint on the front. A Kipsake and a Party Cup, you don’t want to celebrate without one!

Grande Britebrand ™ 16 oz Ace Double Wall Tumblr

Need something with a straw? These colorful tumblers are more than just your usual party cups. Featuring double-wall insulation, a protective cap, and a color-matching reusable straw, it’s hard to imagine an outdoor parking lot party without one of these to keep your drinks cool and bugs away.

Britebrand ™ 22 oz. Stainless steel alley travel mug

Perfect for cocktails and cool-aids, these colorful stainless steel tumblers are sure to follow your fans at every outdoor event once you pass them! With a full color impression and easy sip and slide-off flouncing, these heated cups will keep your drinks cool by following the party and ceremony.

Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Cooler

For fans who like their drinks in cans, these collapsible KOOZIE® coolers are the perfect accessory to take your brand to the party. Easy to pack up and take home or pop out during events, these trendy can coolers are an additional insulation that anyone can use.

KOOZIE® six-pack cooler

When you’re eating out the back of your car, a cooler is an absolute must. This compact cooler will keep a complete six-pack safe from heat and allow easy travel with its shoulder strap. Add your custom logo to the front so everyone knows who the real host of the party is, then share it with your co-workers!

Coleman® 1/2 gallon heat jug

Isn’t a big cup big enough for you? This half gallon insulated jug will keep anyone hydrated from the start of the Telgate party to the end of the show, with extras to share! Featuring a wide-mouthed top so you can pack it with all the ice of your choice, also a flip spout for easy pouring and even drinking.

BBQ Telgate Essential

While everyone is coming for the event, some people are at the tailgate just for the delicious food. You can grow up with shared BBQs and peppers, or keep it simple with some sandwiches and chips. But your tailgators love to dine, and even vegetarians can’t return a good barbecue gift. Suitable for raffle and sharing with self-appointed tailgate chefs, have fun with these delicious gifts that will turn any gathering into a real party.

KOOZIE® portable BBQ with cooler bag

Pack your cooler with some delicious spices and ready-to-grill appetizers, because we’ve covered the grill part! This portable BBQ has everything you need from grill base and cookware to cooler. Sharing a few of these with your fellow home chefs is a surefire way to get your name out at each of their outdoor events.

Basecamp: 6 piece BBQ grill set

Need to make up your grilling game on the go? This BBQ pot set has everything you need to fry, grill, roast and more wherever you go. Easy to roll and carry in a canvas canvas case, you are sure to find some serious choices from someone lucky enough to receive this delicious gift.

Party games and facilities

Food and drinks are going to be the highlight of any event, there is plenty of time to fill between meals and big events. Kill the time and make friends with Telgate games that anyone can play! You can host raffle, do face painting for fans, quickly set the mood for dancing and partying by playing carnival games (hackie sacks, anyone?) Or acting as a DJ. Here are some active-fun gifts that will enliven any outdoor event.

16 ″ Sport Beach Ball

Especially good for sports events, these inflated balls are an easy way to get everyone to party. Just fill and toss, and everyone wants to join in to keep the ball off the field. Printing on one of these will make your logo popular in the crowd, and no one will be able to resist the temptation to take them home as a swanky beach party.

Blackwater outdoor bluetooth speaker

You don’t need a huge set up to be a DJ at a tailgate party. This tiny speaker packs a huge audio punch, designed to explode your tunes across the parking lot. Pass them as a prize for a karaoke competition or share them with loud fans Even though you share them, these built-in travel speakers are designed to be durable

Beat the heat in style

If you are really committed to a long tailgate party, you need to be prepared to take the heat. A quick way to kill any outdoor event that has been standing for a long time without any way to keep it cool. If you have chairs to share and fans for fans, you will quickly become popular at any tailgate party. Check out these branding gifts that are meant to keep the party going throughout the day.

KOOZIE® camping chair with cooler

If you are going to have a sit down party, go with this ultimate camping chair! Easy to fold and store, this comfortable KOOZIE chair features both a cup holder and its own armside cooler. Tailgate is designed for those who like to relax, your brand will be extremely popular with anyone who finds one of these leg-saving devices.

Fold the tripod stool with carrying bag

Made for long lines and long events, this compact tripod stool is the perfect solution for aspiring party-travelers who just need to break their legs. Those who get these will praise your name, and those who do not will be jealous that they think about it themselves.

Mini fan

You’re not a real fan unless you blow a lot of air, and this fan is built for just that. Small but powerful, this portable electric fan is a must-have for any outdoor event that takes place in the heat. Hot cars, hot sun … then enter your hot brand products to save the day! This neat little fan will easily turn it into an essential checklist for anyone’s tailgate.

Foldable nylon fan

Small, foldable, but heat beat? This handheld fan is designed for those who like to pack light while packing everything. For those who haven’t brought anything to keep them cool through the Telgate event, this little fan will be a serious life saver.

The Telgate events are nothing more than a party, a pre-party for which fans arrive a few hours in advance. This makes it a perfect place for their brands to set up a booth and have fun with their party contributions, be it food, games, music or even your own products and services. Before you go, make sure you take the time to research your own Telgate essentials so you can take full advantage of event marketing while creating some serious party vibes of your own.

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