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The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) recently released its 2021 Annual Report, highlighting the initiatives that have integrated the industry, as well as its continued commitment to support communities using out-of-home (OOH) media.

“In 2021, we took Michelle Obama’s quote as our guide: ‘Those who are truly strong stand above others. Those who are truly strong unite others. ‘ We’ve launched three major initiatives together on the out-front for the first time: our updated visitor measurement system Move 1.5, with the Neuro Impact Factor, new industry standards and our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2022, “OMA CEO Charmine Moldrich Says

Since then, two initiatives have been launched: MOVE 1.5 includes the visibility of the sign, the length of the sign, the length of the visitor’s stay in all OOH environments, and the measurement of the digital sign using the Neuro Impact Factor (NIF). The NIF MOVE 1.5 adds an extra dimension to the reach and frequency score and is a world-first, neuroscience-based qualitative metric, showing the impact of campaigns conducted on classic and digital symbols.

The introduction of an industry standard makes it easier for planners and buyers to meet campaign objectives by defining agreed criteria for transactions using currency by terminology, geography, screen ratio, insertion order, and share of time.

The report highlights another milestone achievement in 2021: the first healthy eating campaign in partnership with the Australian Government’s Department of Health. The initiative is part of the OMA’s National Health and Wellness Policy, which is set up to support government efforts to reduce the problem of overweight and obesity. Add an extra handful of vegetable promotions, which cost $ 3.2M[1], 9.4M people reached. Among parents who remember seeing the campaign, 80 percent[2] Said they were encouraged to make healthy choices for their children’s food.

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“Our symptoms have the potential to affect positive behavioral changes and we recognize that it is our responsibility to use this energy for good. Acting as a public notice board in our cities and communities, our signs spread important public health, safety and wellness messages, and are also a canvas for inspiring advertisers and creatives. In total, OMA members donated মিড 123M worth of free media space and services, supporting more than 160 nonprofits, including industry, sports and charities nationally, by 2021, ”Moldrich continued.

The report highlights the most significant increase in OMA membership in 2021 and the addition of 10 new members to the association, bringing OMA closer to 100 percent industry representation.

“Our investment spike in audience size has encouraged our growth as an association. We have committed $ 17M to the development of MOVE 2.0 that will measure digital and static sign audiences in metro as well as regional Australia. MOVE 2.0 will provide measurements that allow for seasonal viewer variation, with detailed data allowing users to view viewer changes in hours, weeks and months. Together with the agency and clients, we make sure the new system tells the whole story and works seamlessly, “Moldrich concluded.

Move 2.0 will launch in 2024.

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