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COMMBThe Canadian Bureau of Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement, a trusted source of Canadian OOH market insights for advertisers, agencies, media owners and programmatic tech-stack members, is pleased to welcome you. Talon Outdoor As a member

Talon Outdoor, like all COMMB members, will have exclusive access to COMMB data, platforms, tools and member marketing services, which will prove invaluable to Talon as a new outdoor specialist in the Canadian landscape.

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The COMMB president said, “COMMB provides agencies like Talon Outdoor current, OOH conducts extensive research on advertising pricing. Amanda Dorenberg. “I’m confident that Talon will make great use of our strong reporting and in-depth information.”

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Jonathan Conway

“OOH is experiencing tremendous growth as a brand marketing channel. Due to digitization and new targeting and measurement innovations, the medium is surpassing other channels in advertising spending so far in 2022. It is one of the most dynamic forms of advertising. We look forward to leveraging their vast local market capabilities and networking opportunities to build and grow, ”he said. Jonathan ConwayChief Operating Officer, Talon America.

Talon Outdoor is a global OOH full-service organization with a long history in the UK and offices in major cities across the Americas, Germany, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. In this new initiative, Talon will expand some campaigns from USA, headquartered in New York City, USA to Canada. With Talon’s recent investment in market-leading AdTech platforms, COMMB’s cutting-edge data and insights are well positioned to help them grow.

COMMB members get various benefits:

  • Exclusive access to granular audience performance and impression data for inventory of all OOH media owner / publisher members
  • Option to join COMMB’s Marketing or Programmatic Committee, which develops and adopts outdoor marketing standards
  • Opportunities for networking and strengthening accountability and credibility with clients
  • Increased exposure with other member companies, marketing, educational resources, ‘COMMB Talks’ events and more.

About Talon
Talon Outdoor is a leading global independent out-of-home (OOH) media specialist and technology services organization focused on providing smart, creative, data-driven integrated OOH communications. Combining independence with a collaborative approach, Talon promotes open and transparent working relationships between many of the world’s leading agencies, clients and media partners.

COMMB is a national non-profit organization for the Canadian OOH industry consisting of advertisers, agencies, media owners and programmatic tech-stacks. COMMB is responsible for developing and verifying audience measurement methods, providing data and planning resources, marketing and communications, public relations and providing member services to visitors. To apply for membership, please visit www.COMMB.ca.

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