Sydney audience near 2019 level – oh today

Our data shows that 90% of 2019 Sydney CBD listeners have returned, resumed their normal behavior and activities, with strong returns to the workplace.

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New data from QMS’s Q-Data Visitors and Insights Platform shows that throughout April and May, the number of visitors across Sydney’s CBD was 90% of the average 2019 level, despite the effects of COVID-19 and extreme weather events this year.

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Gema Enright

QMS General Manager, City of Sydney, Gema Enright, Says: “After two difficult and unexpected years, it’s great to see people come back to town to work and play. Our data shows that 90% of 2019 Sydney CBD listeners have returned, resumed their normal behavior and activities, with strong returns to the workplace. This number will continue to grow, as companies continue to collaborate with staff to return to the office experience and continue its investment in Sydney City Hallmark events and marketing activities that bring people back to the city. You see, people are excited to be back in town. Events like the Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Film Festival mean the number of visitors will continue to grow. For example, on Vivid Sydney’s opening weekend, Q-data shows that the audience grew by 18% over the weekend and by another 45% between 7pm and midnight. “

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Mark Fairhurst

QMS Chief Customer Officer, Mark Fairhurst, Says: “It is even more gratifying to see workers returning to their CBD offices and to see events like Vivid that the heart of Sydney has once again become a destination for locals and tourists alike to come and play. As audience numbers and attendance at destination events return, the demand for advertisers for our new digital city Sydney Network is growing strong and steadily, especially for the December quarter and 2023. Advertisers are passionate about the innovative digital resources we’re creating, the data they can access, and the ease with which they can plan and buy City of Sydney network campaigns. We see very high levels of interest from advertisers in many segments, including those who have never used digital outdoors before throughout the entire QMS offer. We knew that winning the crown of Australia’s out-of-home industry would be a game changer for the business, and as a result we were already beginning to see a change in the market. “

With more than 20,000 businesses, Sydney is a local city with $ 138 billion or 7% of Australia’s GDP, and the economic center of Australia. It covers 26 sq km, with 10 separate areas and 33 suburbs *, and is home to high-income, educated and high-spending potential customers.

More than half of its 250,000 residents are managers or professionals, 44% have a family income of more than $ 140,000 a year and 49% are major spenders on lifestyle products and services.

Sydney’s population has grown by 36% over the past decade, doubling the rate in Greater Sydney, and the visiting economy is set for a major recovery as it welcomes 4.1 million international and domestic visitors each year.

In June 2020, QMS was hired on a 10-year exclusive contract and another five-year option to create a premium, redesigned network of street furniture for the city of Sydney. The deal will see a newly designed suite of bus shelters, communication panels, kiosks, public toilets, seats and bins that will replace existing furniture, most of which have been in operation since 1997.

QMS’s new digital network features larger, more premium displays, where 90% of advertising inventory is digital to meet the growing demand for digital outdoor advertising and increased data capacity.

The acclaimed architect, designed by Grimsh and built on the philosophy of using sustainable materials and smart technology, the QMS network will include more than 800 panels and deliver today’s accessibility and inclusion standards, as well as complying with Sydney’s City of Sustainable Vision 203. .

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