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By Jim Johnson,
Managing director, Johnson, Freight & Company

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Nick C. He punched me! At the same time it was a good article and shed some light on our one and only Dylan Mabin. No, not the man who plays cornerback for the saints… the man who is about to release Prometheus and take our “coin” to the next generation. We have a lot of riding on Dylan …

That said, I thought I’d fill in the blanks. Behind that calm, cool, collected and intelligent veneer, Dylan is both creative and a dreamer. Dylan was very kind to give me a little time. Here are the main points of Nick’s hunger:

  1. What was the first album you ever bought?

The first album I bought was Ten, the first studio album from the iconic grunge band Pearl Jam. It was 1991, I was 9 years old living in Manhattan Beach, California, everyone was surfing, skating and volleyball. I still have cassette tapes, but unfortunately, no tape player. The album ended up being genre-defining and I’m sure it shares a special place in the hearts of many of my generation (note for readers … I call Dylan a “tape deck” as we say in our day).

2. Do you play an instrument?

I would! I played the trombone, and I was pretty serious about it! I was a total band geek in high school. I played orchestras, wind assemblies, and occasionally marching bands. I had the most public performances when I was 15, living in Virginia, when I St. Thom Cat Swing Band. Our bandleader was a clarinet player named Easy Smith and he played with World War II paratroopers and Benny Goodman.

3. Any music from the last 3 years that you like?

I listen to a lot of contemporary songs. Lately, I’ve been in the psychedelic funk. Here are some random recommendations for your playlist:

  • Kharuangbin– A great group from Houston that blends the influence of music worldwide. Listen to “Time (you and I)” – you can recognize it.
  • Md. Moktar– An amazing Nigerian guitarist. Check out his song “Chismiten”
  • Surface– Also a band from Texas. Listen to “Sunday Best”, you’ll love it.
  • And, I’ve heard a lot Charlie Crockett Lately, he has been a very talented blues guitar picker.

4. If Geopath is a song, which one will it be?

The first song that comes to mind is the Beatles song, “The Long and Winding Road.” But that’s very simple. Daft Punk’s “harder, better, faster, stronger?” Or “Impressions” by John Coltrain.

5. Five years from now, what will Geopath do that doesn’t exist now (okay the important part here… I’m asking you to read it twice)?

  • Geopath will be five years from now The media is more integrated into the ecosystem than ever beforeIncluding geopath metrics used in each single OOH transaction.
  • Five years from now, Geopath The entire US OOH market will be mappedMeasures more than 2 million OOH positions nationwide.
  • Five years from now, The whole OOH industry needs to know exactly what and where their inventory is And from where seen.
  • Five years from now, Geopath will be seen as a big factor Why OOH is easy to plan and transact.
  • Five years from now, Geopath will be the catalyst for that Remarkable innovation in measurement and attributionOthers add their insights to our foundation.
  • And five years from now, Geopath will celebrate OOH is gaining an industry-wide 10% stake All media spending in the United States.

6. What would you do if you weren’t president of Geopath?

  • I’ve thought about this one. I will open my own biodynamic farm-to-table restaurant and estate brewery in upstate New York. Is that specific enough for you?

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