Sun protection and brand promotion: a match made in heaven

In summer, winter, spring and autumn, when the bright days of the sun feel positive and the future feels hopeful. It’s no wonder when the sun comes out, we want to be too. Help your customers practice sun protection while being at the center of our solar system all year round. Creating a meaningful connection with customers often involves helping. Go the extra mile by spreading the word (and a branded gift or two) about how to protect yourself from the sun. Below are some sun protection tips to keep in mind while enjoying the sun and promoting your small business.

What is most important for sun safety?

Looking for sun safety tips that really work? According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association1Here’s how to protect yourself from the sun:

  • Cover with smart clothing: With lots of light, stylish sun protection shirts, shorts and leggings, you can protect your kids and yourself while having fun. Most sun protection clothing includes a UPF of 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).
  • Shade and sit on it, too: Whether a tree, umbrella, or a wide brimmed hat, finding shade is a smart pursuit. If your shadow is smaller than yours, it means the sun is the strongest and the shadow is especially helpful.
  • Go overboard at sea: Water, snow and sand reflect the sun and increase the risk of sun damage. Use extra protection when you’re on the beach, skiing or sunbathing.
  • Apply sunscreen anyway: Use a water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher that provides broad-spectrum protection (protection from UVA and UVB rays)

When is the sun the strongest?

The sun’s rays are strongest between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm

What are the most popular sun activities?

If you are planning an employee outing, a client reunion or special event, note the most popular events for sun seekers2:

  • Going to the park for games, picnics or barbecue
  • Going to the pool or the beach
  • Walking or hiking

Please recommend a gift that puts sun protection first

What better way than to make it easier for your caring customers to stay safe in the sun? Check out these practical and trendy promotional products that snap sun protection.

Sunglasses with logo

Stay in trend with this sun safety tip: From sports to classics, everyone looks a little cooler in the shade. By sending your message to one of these options temples, you can advertise your small business because your customers are comfortable and more protected from ultraviolet rays.

Eco rubberized sunglasses

Malibu sunglasses

Customized hat

The best way to stay cool and protect your face from the negative side of the sun? A promotional cap, of course! Get your name on one of these baseball cap winners and advertise on trails, sporting events and around town.

Price Buster Cap – Embroidery

Wash cap

Sunscreen and lip balm

To protect your fingers from the sun, you should not start your day without sunscreen and neither should your caring customers! Choose promotional sunscreen and lip balm and be part of their daily skincare routine.

SPF 30 sunscreen in clear bottle with 1.9 oz carabiner

Full Color Printed Customized SPF 30 Lip Balm


Hydration is needed to stay safe in the hot sun. These trendy drinkware options make it even more appealing to have a cold drink (and your logo) on hand.

24 oz aluminum pouch water bottle

17 oz first stainless steel vacuum-insulating bottle

17 oz Nyla stainless steel vacuum-insulating water bottle


Hosting a special outdoor event? Place a customized fan in each chair so guests can keep their seats cool and comfortable whether in the sun or in the shade. Great for weddings, concerts and special services.

Handheld pop up fan

Mini fan


Cold drinks and snacks are ready for fun in the sun, and these customized coolers come to the rescue. Great for lunch at work, gatherings on the beach and everything in between.

Heated Grayson Cooler Lunch Bag – Front Pocket

Cooler bag

Keira Cooler

Sunny days, sun protection, and strong sales

There are so many great ways to connect with your customers because they enjoy the outdoors. At work, during play and every day, sun protection is always in style and so will your branding when you choose a sun ready gift for your next event.



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