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SmartFi MediaAnnounces Launch of a Digital Out-of-Home and In-Retail Digital Advertising Platform Small business income +A program that enables any business with store windows – from the Bodegas to the liquor store to the gym – instantly realizing a growing and recurring revenue stream from digital advertising – at no cost to them and no management required.

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With which these activities are being conducted in partnership Samsung C&TA global construction and engineering company and a parent company of Samsung Corporation, it provides small businesses with the installation of a 55 “Samsung digital screen at no cost, which is integrated with both the Samsung Advertising Intermediary Level and Vister Media Programmatic Platform for instant revenue generation.

SmartFi Media support provides retailers with a Content Management System (CMS) for traffic analysis as well as displaying their own dynamic content. Small businesses can detect any category of advertising they don’t want to run on their screen.

The program has been running beta in New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Tampa since the beginning of 20022, and will soon expand to Phoenix and Washington.

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“Small businesses are still struggling with the aftershocks of the epidemic lockdown and now the effects of inflation,” he said. Joe Cunigonis, CEO, Smartify Media, “But they have significant unlocked revenue potential in the form of media value in their physical space. SmartFi Small Business Revenue + is a cost-effective way to realize this potential of repetitive digital advertising revenue without any shortage of resources for their management. The program helps create foot traffic for these businesses and enhances the store experience through content and advertising that brings energy and vitality to these locations. “

About SmartFi Media

SmartFi Media is a national digital out-of-home (DOOH) and in-retail digital advertising platform that focuses on location-based data and customer experience. Founded by technology and advertising industry leaders who understand how to use technology and data to enhance valuable retail space and maximize programmatically competent advertising campaigns for advertisers, Smartify aims to help any property owner quickly and easily understand the underlying media value of their physical space. Allowing monetization. It generates recurring revenue from digital media campaigns.

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