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Stella, the largest U.S. network of pioneer doctors treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma symptoms through innovative stellate ganglion block (SGB) and ketamine infusion therapy, has launched its first trauma-informed marketing campaign. The campaign hopes to address the life-changing symptoms of PTSD and trauma.

The ad campaign, Your Trauma Is Valid, began with OOH placements across the country, highlighting the emotional traumas experienced by the local population. Stella has used cultural insights and first-hand accounts to create campaigns in the hopes of legitimizing those who need help.

People who have experienced traumatic events often discard their emotional and biological responses because their history does not fit the definition of PTSD in pop culture. Because of the stigma, common trauma symptoms such as insomnia, severe anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, uncontrolled disturbing thoughts, and suicidal ideation are not treated.

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This trauma-informed marketing campaign is the first of its kind to address this issue. It pushes back against what has been adopted by the present society which prevents people from exploring their mental health and the treatments that may be right for them.

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Matthew Early

“This campaign is important because it is an important requirement to discredit PTSD, especially for those around us who are unconsciously taught to justify their own injury,” he said. Matthew EarleyStellar Chief Growth Officer.

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Christine KB Busch

“This campaign was personal,” he said Christine “KB” Bushk, Head of Stellar content and creative director of the campaign. I have to work in the realm of mental health to realize my “truth” and actions are not a fog of personality, they are behavioral responses to untreated trauma. “

The first billboard in Dallas, Texas has a picture of a baby and the caption, “It was a long time ago.” Texas was chosen as the most unique victim state in the United States.

At Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, a family known for military presence embraces a billboard with the caption, “I’m not the one who went to war.”

While traveling to Manhattan at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel in Wehaken, New Jersey, a billboard can be found that reads, “This is part of my job” and includes a medical worker. Hospitals in the area were the hardest hit when the Kovid-19 epidemic broke out. The first reactionary trauma and burnout is emerging as a global crisis as they encounter new trauma every day while on the job.

In Sacramento, the home of The Dixie Fire in Northern California, the largest fire in 2021, the same message is being shared for firefighters who worked tirelessly to save the area.

The campaign includes additional digital advertising that highlights modern-day trauma such as adoption, reproductive problems, job loss and divorce.

Stella hopes that soon, no one will feel the need to justify their trauma and hide from the help they deserve. You don’t have to bother.

About Stella
Stellar is on a mission of medical doctors, psychologists, patient care coordinators and tireless advocates to create a world where no one suffers unnecessarily from post-trauma symptoms. Stella offers effective, peer-reviewed, groundbreaking trauma treatments. Life depends on how Stella invents – because they do.

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