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The Stagwell Media Network, part of Stagwell, announces the merger of the U.S. OOH team with the network’s public media agency, Assembly, Talon, to offer smart, data-driven, and creative-led OOH planning, purchasing, and proprietary technology for advertisers. The move represents the next phase of the strategic partnership formed late last year. Together, the team has since successfully collaborated with Converse on an innovative OOH program that has yielded meaningful results for this influential brand.

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Jill Reinenberg

Jill ReinenbergConverse, an integrated digital marketing manager, commented, “Outside the home was an integral part of Converse’s ‘Create Next’ campaign, which saw John Boega, an influential film star, born and raised in south London, join Converse.” It was really important to target Boyega’s hometown and five young and undiscovered London filmmakers that we were able to deliver through Talon’s Bespoke solution. It was our first out-of-home campaign planned through Assembly and Talon Outdoor, and we are pleased with Talon’s collaborative and data-led approach to planning. ”

Rynenberg continued, “Billions of device-level visitor data points were activated using Talon-owned data management platform, ‘Ada,’ to identify high-target urban audiences in these major hometown locations, centered on Peckham and Brixton. Talon worked closely with Assembly and Converse for this highly targeted campaign, which was delivered at an awkward pace. Talon’s visitor-first data intelligence approach to planning has allowed us to reach the right audience at the right time, ultimately improving ROI on media spending. We look forward to expanding this partnership to deliver more OOH campaigns. “

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Jonathan Shaff

“Although the OOH revenue was affected by the epidemic, channel innovation, real-time flexibility and accelerated creativity have restored OOH in the minds of consumers and brands, as demonstrated by the Converse campaign,” he said. John Chef, Global Chief Investment Officer, Stagwell Media Network. “By further integrating our experience, teams, tools and industry partnerships, our collaboration with Talon will enable marketers to distinguish their brands and offers from their competition in the upper and lower funnel efforts.”

Barry CouplesTalon’s Global CEO says, “With Stagwell’s technology-first approach to media, their deep expertise, creativity and digital transformation teln as well as seamless duality. OOH is more powerful than ever; Cupples continues to bring game-changing opportunities, “Strengthening our partnership with the combined goals of driving performance and improving business results for clients will undoubtedly provide better results for brands and add real value to the top and bottom lines.”

About the Stagwell Media Network
Stagwell’s media network is a group of leading multichannel agencies that host more than 3,500 specialists that handle nearly $ 5 billion in media, with a wide global footprint across 40+ offices in 20 countries.

About Talon
Talon Outdoor is a leading global independent out-of-home (OOH) media specialist and technology services organization focused on providing smart, creative, data-driven integrated OOH communications.

About the assembly
Assembled with the elements of modern agency, the assembly combines data, talent and technology to provide an integrated set of solutions for the media and much more to the best brands on the planet.

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