Snacks for work please every palate

Why can’t we live without snacks for work (even while working from home)

It cannot be denied: love of food. And comfort food is true love. So provide your employees with the snacks they want and take care of them every time they get thirsty. Below are tips for healthy snacks for work, snacks for sharing, snacks for breakroom, and custom snack gifts to keep your employees feeling energized, inspired and appreciated.

Seriously locks, office snacks are a must

Whether working in the office or at home, everyone needs snacks, and there is a place on the table for every kind of snack.

  • Processed and Proud: There is no shame in your snacking game! Hold your head high and don’t be teased by elite sneakers. There is a good reason to focus on pre-packaged office snacks crunch, crackers, carbohydrates and cookies.
  • Old fashion is new fashion: Ask your office manager to rotate items that are equally delicious though reasonably healthy in a mix like kumbucha, kale chips, dried fruit, almond-based dips, and whole grain crackers.

Healthy snacks for work

By providing healthy snacks at the time of preparation you show that you care about the well-being of your employees. Make it easy for team members to have a snack that will boost energy, give a fun break, and encourage socializing among colleagues.

Keep employees nourished and motivated with snacks that go with a mid-morning workout, walking meditation or book reading break. Best snacks for health-minded team members, including Munchi:

  • Apple and almond butter
  • Cheese and nuts
  • Chocolate milk
  • Black chocolate
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Beat chips and hummus packs
  • Tuna Pouch

Everyone will love Breakroom Snacks

Save the lunch area with treats for staff that address all sorts of snacking choices, including sweet, delicious, healthy nuts and junk food junkie. Most employees will appreciate a variety of choices and will dive from one area to another depending on their mood and aspirations. Easy, cheap win:

  • Basket of fresh fruit
  • Crackers and cheese or almond spread packs
  • Protein bar
  • Trail Mix

Tip: Send snack boxes to remote staff. Employee employment can be a challenge for telecommuters and the universal language of food connectivity. Create a community by breaking some virtual bread with a quarterly snack box for team members working from home.

Suitable for sharing work snacks

Sharing snacks for office ties is great and keeps food options interesting and inspiring. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Germs ruin everyone’s day and no amount of hand sanitizer will help in case of endless double dipping with chips and salsa.
  • If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.
  • The best way to share your favorite office snacks without sharing germs? When it comes to snacks that can be shared, think of plain food, vending machine vibes and individually wrapped parts.

Whether you’re planning to share your lunch pick-me-up with some team members or just collect your coworker’s snacks, check out these single serving snacks:

  • Sweet and single pieces:
    • Brownies
    • Cake
    • Cookies
    • Donuts
  • Individually packaged:
    • Shake
    • Nuts
    • String cheese
  • Wrap and sandwich

Promotional products for snacking sets

Your best office snacks allow for crunching all day, or you eat three meals a day with a slice of apple, your snacking style is audible (or maybe seen, but still, recognized). Check out these snack-friendly customized gifts that give your team a cheerful mood:

Promotional bags

Full Color Tera Foldable Lunch Bag with Front Pocket: Bright Flower Heated Lunch Bag with Your Logo

Keira Cooler: Can Snacks Be Stylish? In this cool, you bet!

Customized drinkware

Full color 17 oz. Stainless Nyla Water Bottle: Everyone needs a drink with their snack, whether it’s a chocolate chip cookie or a quinoa. Come with this customized water bottle for all kinds of sneakers including your logo in full color.

Bent Stainless Steel 2-Straw Set: For eco-friendly office snacking and sipping.

14 oz Naomi Tapered Bistro Mug: Coffee and tea complement any office breakfast.

Grande 16 oz eco-friendly reusable coffee cup: Take that snack (and a drink) with you when you go with this eco-friendly coffee cup.

Hot-N-Cold Drinkware Gift Set: Great for snacking and scouting around town.

Personalized home products

Bamboo Cutting Board: You don’t need to mix your colleague’s onion mince with garlic when you bring your own cutting board to the office.

‘Hold It’ magnetic clip: Clip your office snack clip off the stage, or let colleagues know that the dish in the fridge is ready to be grasped with the help of this convenient magnetic clip with a note clipped to the door.

Promotional gifts that celebrate office snacking

Wall Street with popcorn, pretzels and cookies: something for everyone, and enough to get around the break room.

Mrs. Fields® Sweet Delights Cookie Tin: Perfect for unique snacks, so let them know they can keep these office snacks to themselves.

4 Delights Gift Box – Different types of mini pretzels: some sweet, some delicious and all delicious.

1 Gallon Trio Popcorn Tin: A popcorn tin suitable size for small team snacking.

Final thoughts on work snacks, snacking style and all kinds of office type

It’s important to offer snacks that match office snacks as much as possible স্বাস্থ্য from healthy work snacks to casual meals for a winning day, to cookies and candy bars when it’s okay. Your team will feel cared for, and more connected as a community.

Enjoy mixing, crunching, relaxing and energizing with office snacks of all shapes and sizes!

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