Small Business Highlights: St. Paul’s PACE

Meet Lidget Galindo, an outreach specialist at St. Paul’s PACE. Lidget has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is involved with numerous groups dedicated to serving seniors, including East County Senior Service Providers and Young Professional Serving Seniors (YPSS). As an outreach specialist at St. Paul’s PACE, Lidget builds strategic relationships and partnerships with businesses, individuals and the elderly through all types of community outreach.

A key element of Lidget’s outreach strategy is the promotional products from We stopped at the PACE offices to chat with Lidget about how he optimizes the return on investment when choosing a customized gift for PACE. His secret? Different freebies for different people. First, some background on the ground breaking PACE approach and how St. Paul’s comes in handy for seniors:

PACE method for senior care

The All-Inclusive Care Program for the Elderly (PACE) care model uses an interdisciplinary team approach to provide comprehensive medical and social services to the elderly, including preventive, primary, acute and long-term care services. The goal of the PACE model is to help adults stay as independent and at home as possible.

St. Paul’s Speed: Pioneer in Senior Home Care

In San Diego County, St. Paul’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or St. Paul’s PSE, is an outstanding option for seniors who are struggling to live independently at home. Their goal is to keep seniors safe and happy at home instead of moving to a supportive living community. The services that PACE offers are free for seniors who have Medi-Cal, including their doctor’s appointments, meals and driving to their day center with activities and physical therapy.

St. Paul’s Senior Services is the first company to bring PACE to San Diego County. They currently serve 1,200 seniors, have eight supportive housing partnership communities and they continue to grow to provide more care for the most vulnerable seniors in San Diego. St. Paul’s PACE has been serving San Diego seniors for over 14 years. They have helped thousands of low-income seniors access the healthcare services needed for a safe age at home.

Promo product for everyone

St. Paul’s PACE has a wide and varied target audience, including seniors, business groups and healthcare providers. To increase engagement, St. Paul’s PACE selects a variety of promotional products for each group. We asked Lidget to tell us more.

We use promotional products in a variety of ways. In this case:

Fair: When we go to resource fairs to outreach, we use pens with our logo on them.

Senior: To welcome seniors to the PACE program, we provide a tote bag with our logo for all their accessories. Pens with a thick barrel are also suitable for our seniors who have trouble holding small things.

Employees: For our professionals in the field, they prefer pens with stylus tips that help them use their phones.

Holidays and special recognition: For important holidays like Social Work Month, we want to give our social workers mugs. We also gave them a phone charger.

Seasonal gifts

The Beatles say it’s best: There’s a season: turn, turn, turn! For St. Paul’s PACE, seasonality is a key way to market themselves. Lidget offers this gem of advice:

Sometimes we do our marketing based on the season. So, when it is summer, we will hand over the fans. In the winter and flu season, we go with lip balm and hand sanitizer.

Favorite promotional product

Lidget’s favorite gift? What helps seniors connect with caregivers is not surprising for anyone who is committed to making seniors feel safe. Lidget explained:

Our social workers provide one to seniors Customized business card holderOnly if seniors want to communicate.

St. Paul’s Speed: Putting Promotional Products Through Their Speed

We asked Lidget about her experience working with for her promotional products.

The national pen has done a great job for us. We’ve never had a problem — our logos are always perfectly printed and the pens are extremely durable.

Thanks to Lidgett for her impressive commitment to senior care and for letting St. Paul’s PACE be part of her campaign to target audiences. Learn more about St. Paul’s PACE program and the provision of all-inclusive care for the elderly by checking their website and social media.

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