Rising – Oh Today

Twice this week, and sometimes, sometimes weakly. Don’t get used to it

By Nick Coston, US sales director, Neuron; Writing live from industry columnist Marco Island, Florida


It’s been an explosion so far. Beautiful weather, surrounded by a landscape, beach resorts, hundreds of familiar faces, hugs and kisses from many people, a few weak drinks and some strong cigars with many smiles. And of course a lot Rick Robinson. I swear there are three of them. He was everywhere, smiling from ear to ear. That’s a good sign.

Dylan Mabin is the new president of Geopath

What other good signs do you know? Hearing the announcement, by Rick, of course, live this morning, that Dylan Mabin He was eventually named president of Geopath. Of course it’s the right move, he’s going to be tough. A good man who has risen to prominence. But Geopath took so long to announce the decision that, sadly, poor Dylan is now 78 years old.

Well, he’s not really 78. He looks about 28 years old. Although you get the irony of it. Congratulations to Dylan.

On several occasions during the day, the names of the industries, unrelated to each other, commented that OOH was in a good place. But regardless of the upward swing in business, we have not yet reached the top, and the OOH that we have achieved over the years has never been as high. This is coming from some big names. Although they make some sense, I don’t think they nailed it.

OOH 1940 had some peaks, traditional inventory was everywhere. We’ve reached the top, we’ll probably never see that amount of OOH again. What we’re seeing is a slower flow on more digital displays of all sizes, continuing to show up in all sorts of places, and that’s where the benefits come from. But we don’t really touch that today. Missing was the pioneering thinking that I was hoping to push harder to get our advertising market share, the drive to continue the better creative push. In fact, we were convinced that we could be physically together for at least a few days, as if this were our goal, that would be enough.

Well, that’s not enough for me. We need to be better and faster, just listen to some original, non-OOH speakers who talk about trying to be the best, practicing hard; Constantly learning and pushing the envelope. Being number one.

We are not number one. Not even close. But we have the ability to climb, we have the talent, we have the technology and the revenue share to make good money for all our partners. Is it the leadership that is holding us back? Is it the lack of proper sales and training of salespeople? Probably a combination.

I challenge all companies to continue to innovate, to find ways to capitalize on their assets and talents, aiming to be number one.

Now just look at iHeartRadio, where they are now compared to where they were when the Clear Channel was connected to the outdoors. They’re exploding with new products, huge staff, podcasts, They have their stations everywhere in the market. Wait until they start accessing your DOOH programmatic inventory and their well-trained sales force starts adding to your bottom line and both of them. It’s going to happen, there’s loads of unused revenue just waiting to be used, mostly locals, most people who haven’t used OOH. Cha-ching.

There is gold. From there we started our journey at number one.

So what are we waiting for?

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