Removing “and” from texting and driving – oh today

In 2020, seven percent of 15- to 19-year-old drivers involved in fatal accidents were reported as confused – the largest proportion of any age. Project Yellow Light was created to prevent such tragedies in the future through the voices of the youth of our country.

Project Yellow Light is a scholarship competition that provides students with a unique opportunity to create billboards, TV or radio PSAs to educate their peers about the dangers of misleading driving, especially the use of mobile devices while driving.

And for the first time since 2019, Project Yellow Light and its partners returned in person to Times Square on June 24 to announce and celebrate the winners of the Eleventh Annual Project Yellow Light Scholarship Competition.

The competition was founded after the tragic loss of Hunter Garner, who was just 16 years old when he died in a car accident in 2007. Since then, Hunter’s mother, Julie Garner, has been dedicated to promoting safe driving practices in honor of her memory. Project hunter through yellow light.

Of the nearly 1,900 submissions from students across the country, only six winners were selected and received scholarship prizes of up to $ 8,000. With many of this year’s winners, friends, family and collaborating partners, have seen the premiere of their work live on the bright and vibrant Times Square on Clear Channel Outdoor’s digital billboard. In addition, their PSAs are running on more than 1,500 digital displays across the country, as well as on radio and TV networks.

Project Yellow Light has had a powerful impact in many ways, from helping students pay for their education to reminding drivers across the country of the importance of paying attention to the road. The competition is an opportunity for young people to use their voices, creativity and the power of the media to save lives.

“Many thanks to all of our partners for their kind support to Clear Channel Outdoor and for making this project a possibility. Congratulations to our winners and all our applicants – they are using their creativity to draw attention to the dangers of scattered driving – one of the leading causes of death for our young people, “he said. Julie Garner At the recent Times Square event. “Thank you for having a voice, for making a difference and saving lives.”

“The Times Square event showed me just how effective Project Yellow Light is. Throughout the event, people will see the message and search for more. I just hope my billboard drivers can stop checking text or violin on their phones because sometimes what we need is a reminder to refrain from this kind of stupid behavior. “- Connor AvilaCollege Billboard Winner (Impossible Multitask)

“I entered the Project Yellow Light competition because I was looking for a scholarship that would allow me to express myself creatively. However, what really motivated me to enter the competition was the opportunity to create a message that would inspire my colleagues to practice safe and focused driving. When I designed my billboard, I knew I wanted a message that would stick with the drivers. “- Who is Isabella?High School Billboard Winner (Text or drive)

Clear Channel Outdoor has been a proud partner of Project Yellow Light for seven years, with Ad Council, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National 4-H Council, Elephant Insurance, iHeartMedia, and all of its partner partners. The National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and WKRN-TV Nashville, to help prevent sporadic driving.

We are honored to be part of an inspirational cause that influences change and saves lives. No text or confusion is worth living, and we hope that by using our outdoor platform, we can spread these life-saving messages to drivers across the country.

Remember that if you are texting, who is driving?

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