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Streetmetrics Advertising has measured over a billion miles in vehicles – a major milestone for our company and the Moving-of-Home (MOOH) industry.

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It all started with a single Spokesman bicycle ad campaign in central Birmingham. Our goal was to answer this question, how effective is car advertising? This goal was met with enthusiasm by the MOOH industry, and we were in the race to develop more powerful tools for media operators.

Four years later, we’ve been able to measure 40,000 cars in more than 40 cities in 10 different countries. Bikes, cars, taxis, box trucks, mobile-billboards, semi-trailers, trolleys, transit buses and more – we measured the speed of anything.

We’re humbled to serve our outstanding operators, and we’re working hard to create technology solutions that help drive outdoor advertising with more effective insights.

Billions more here.

About StreetMetrics
Founded in 2018, StreetMetrics specializes in measuring moving out-of-home (MOOH) media. The agency currently measures 30 media outlets in the top 35 DMAs across the United States and internationally across Canada, Australia, Europe and Central Asia. StreetMetrics MOOH is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital world for marketers.

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