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Leading digital outdoor media company QMS Announced that it has joined forces with Amplified Intelligence, an audience measurement company, to conduct the world’s first outdoor (OOH) attention study. The results of the groundbreaking research will be released later this year.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify

The partnership will further focus on QMS accountability, audience understanding and client outcomes that will help drive the global OOH industry into the future. Together the study will explore the relationship of attention to OOH advertising as well as how it relates to memory retention, brand choice and growth.

Profile photo of Christian Javekz
Christian Javekz

QMS Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Javekz, Says: “This is a significant development for the global OOH industry, as we move towards understanding the true power of this medium which will help build advertisers’ understanding, trust and confidence in their campaign planning and execution. There is no doubt about it and we are excited to take this initiative forward in the OOH industry through proven and recognized methods of Amplified Intelligence. “

Amplified Intelligence is a globally acclaimed, Australian-based leader in measuring attention. The goal is to improve the long-term understanding of the relationship between advertising attention and the measurement of a brand that clients rely on.

Profile photo of Karen Nelson-Field PhD
Karen Nelson-Field Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Enhanced Intelligence, Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, Says: “For the first time, I am excited to be working with QMS to expand our extensive outreach database outside the home. Good attention-grabbing data about the natural viewing environment and every new environment we collect reinforces attention as a key metric for advertisers. As the advertising industry shifts from traditional reach metrics to measuring real people’s attention, the goal of our study with QMS is to provide planners, buyers, and advertisers with the powerful and transparent metrics needed to evaluate OH advertising quality and relative performance. “

QMS’s work with Amplified Intelligence is the latest example of its market-leading research and data initiative that saw the digital-by-design business launch its Q-Data offer, which includes its intelligent audience data and insights platform and three world-first neuroscience. Research research.

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