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Leading digital outdoor media company QMS has unveiled the design of its state-of-the-art communication panel that is being rolled out across its new City of Sydney network, with the first units already installed on Elizabeth and Castlereg Street.

A total of 150 units will be installed across the city of Sydney, with the weather permitting to complete the installation by August.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify

Communication panels consist of a two-sided, 86-inch digital display with an advertising face on one side and the Sydney Community Information Face on the other. Visitor services across the city, including important public messaging, upcoming event information, and touch-screen capabilities, will be featured to support the increased community engagement for city residents and businesses.

New communication panels designed by QMS and award-winning architect, Grimshaw Independent accessibility was created in consultation with consultants Prioritize accessibility Comply with the City of Sydney’s Inclusion Action Plan and comply with AS1428.1 and AS1428.2 standards.

Gema Enright's profile photo
Gema Enright

QMS General Manager, City of Sydney, Gema EnrightSaid: “Our revived City of Sydney Network focuses on breathing new life into Australia’s economic and cultural capital. Communication panels are an important part of achieving that goal, providing both a high quality and seemingly invaluable resource for advertisers and an inclusive communication channel that prioritizes information for all Sydney residents where they work, live and play. “

Panels with infrastructure design will be 100% carbon offset from installation Contributed responsibly with high “end of life” recycling in line with the City of Sydney’s commitment to sustainability.

The city of Sydney covers an area of ​​26 sq km, with 33 separate suburbs across 33 suburbs and Accommodation for high-income, educated and high-spending visitors.

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