Put POP in the pop-up! The best pop up store ideas [Infographic]

Retail real estate costs are now so low that everyone is moving their stores online, but consumers are losing the personal shopping experience. This makes it a good time for startups to experiment with their local market and provide a personalized experience that customers are interested in. Considering setting up your own bricks and mortar, or just wanting to engage your community with your brand? Check out these hot tips for setting up your own pop-up shop.

What is a Pop Up Store?

Pop-up stores are small, makeshift stores that can be anything from a sales tent to a brick-and-mortar rented space. These stores are often seasonal and are a great way for businesses to connect with customers in a more personalized and engaging way. Some common pop-up shop styles include a renovated truck or bus, a mall display, a tent or tent, a storefront extension and much more!

For a business that is just starting out, a small shop of any kind can be a clear step towards a permanent position. Pop-ups allow entrepreneurs to examine the market and local demand for their ideas before making a big financial jump to a full-size store. But these trendy outlets are not just for beginners. Big businesses like Nike, Google, and Adidas successfully use pop-up stores to connect with customers and promote their brand.

What can I do with a pop-up store?

More like, what can’t you do with a pop-up store? Pop-up shops are about taking risks, exploring new ideas and engaging with customers. Want to see if anyone likes your lime-scented french fries? Want to check out a lottery for promotional products? Want to turn last season’s found outfits into a celebratory celebration? A pop-up shop is the perfect way for you to make small investments big hits to your customers.

Of course, there is more to pop-up stores than just sales. Many brands use these trendy stands as events instead of stores. If your goals are more about building a brand image or increasing customer engagement, consider hosting your own pop-up shop as your own brand celebration host. Host games, VR challenges, free samples, promotional gifts and other party-centric activities that will keep people talking, laughing and looking at your logo.

What makes pop-up stores so popular?

Pop-up stores have become an increasingly popular concept for both business and consumers for a number of reasons. Businesses like them because they come with a complete physical store or onsite renovation is a great way to promote, test and engage with new ideas at the same cost. This means they can be more creative, more interactive and more glamorous.

There are many reasons why consumers prefer this new way of communicating with brands. With a pop-up shop, customers can enjoy exclusive products, interact with brands they can only find online, and enjoy limited time offers and experiences. While much of the way we do business has shifted online, more and more customers are missing out on the personal touch that comes with real-world shopping. Businesses should make their pop-ups more appealing with smells, tastes, things that customers can touch and other atmospheric touches that consumers should not be able to enjoy with online shopping.

How to decorate my pop up store

Pop-up stores are all about that personal touch, so take this opportunity to the fullest. Rent some furniture, put some carpets, hang some lights, set up essential oil diffusers and show customers what your brand really is capable of. Many pop-ups will implement a theme, such as a pineapple theme for a restaurant trying a new pineapple meal, a fun summer theme for a shoe company looking to sell summer sandals, or a rose gold theme for a tech company that is releasing new Rose gold color technology accessories.

When you want to grow with your display, it is important to avoid the crowds of your limited space. While it may be tempting to try and cramp as much as possible in your pop-up shop, you can have more success focusing your display around a product or concept and making sure that each addition is necessary and aesthetically pleasing. If you have a specific vision in mind but you are struggling to keep it short, a staging company is a great resource for creating simple elegance out of any space.

Pop-up shop giveaway idea to build my brand

If you want to improve brand recognition or set up a new branding plan for your company, a pop-up shop is a great way to create a buzz! A rented space or a sales tent are both great options for showcasing your style and a great place to give out promotional pens, bags, drinks and more. However, if you really want to excite customers, there is nothing as fun as a renovated bus or truck that offers free samples, promotional swags and other great rewards. Customers will value their gifts not only for the value of the gift, but also for the value of the wild memories you give them.

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Pop-up shop ideas to explore new ideas

Looking for a market test with a brand new idea? Take your dreams to the streets with a food truck or pop-up stand focused on your big new product or service. You can also explore new locations for your business with rented brick and mortar space and host a large event to draw in the crowd. Make sure you survey for customer feedback so you can get the most out of your test event.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your new ideas to things that you will use forever. Customers love exclusive events, so feel free to offer the kind of experience they will never get again! A fresh perfume company can offer a premium bathroom experience, or a shoe company can offer custom jackets to match their footwear. You can create more branches by partnering with other companies to expand what you offer beyond what your company can do alone, such as a gourmet restaurant and a jewelry store partnering to create a pop-up shop that offers the perfect offer experience. 6 has been done

Pop-up shop ideas to improve sales

If you want to roll out some extra merchandise or just need a seasonal boost, create your own pop-up store to show off how amazing your products actually are! Find your best-selling people where customers have a mall stand or rental space, then let your product shine. Offer promotional gifts and treats, pass your business card printed on a pen or mug and make sure everyone knows it’s a limited time opportunity to go personal with your brand.

Pop-up stores are a great way to bring your brand to your customers. Any company, be it a fresh-of-the-idea-board startup or a billion-dollar business, can benefit from the greater exposure and affordable market research that come with this trendy new sales style. Use these pop-up shop ideas and do your own research to bring these benefits and more to your business.





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