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The new Elizabeth Line has 329 new digital assets installed – oh today

As London prepares for the historic launch of the brand-new Elizabeth Line on May 24, Transport for London (TfL) and Global, Media & Entertainment Group, have launched 329 new state-of-the-art advertising sites along the line - the largest digital advertising resource on the TfL network at one time.

Mike Gordon's profile photo
Mike Gordon

"We're thrilled to be part of this historic launch with TfL and all of our advertising partners, "said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor's Washington bureau. Mike GordonGlobal Chief Commercial Officer. "The Elizabeth Line will transform the future of London's transport and connect millions of people to the city center faster than ever before. Brands are looking for a platform, breathtaking, spacious, modern stations like no other transportation environment in the UK, providing a huge digital canvas to truly stand out and reach a huge audience. "

The Convertible Elizabeth Line service, extending from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shanfield and Abbey Wood in the east, provides new opportunities for advertisers to present campaigns in an effective and unique way in a distinct, bright, spacious and accessible environment.

Message for Movia Media

Once opened, the Elizabeth Line will add ten percent to Central London's rail capacity and will have an estimated 170 million passengers a year by 2026.

At the heart of the new line are Central Station - Paddington, Tottenham Court Road, Farringdon, Liverpool Street, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf, Custom House and Woolwich - all built with advertisements embedded in their designs.

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Chris Reader

"This is the most significant addition to London's transport network in a generation and we are thrilled to offer brands another exciting opportunity to reach new and existing audiences on our transport network." Chris Reader, Head of commercial media at Transport for London. "With a range of impressive formats available, we're excited to see how advertisers will use our new resources to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation with their campaigns."

Google, MoneySuperMarket,, Sage and Schweppes are the first brands to advertise the new Elizabeth line.

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Lewis Magest

"We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of the Elizabeth Line as one of the first brands to advertise in this space," he said. Lewis Magest, Coca-Cola Great Britain Marketing Director. "Our Schweppes campaign will appear on digital screens, encouraging us to raise a toast to celebrate this exciting cultural moment."

Focusing on creating a wide range of digital opportunities for advertisers, the new stations are unmistakable with seven pairs, full motion-enabled digital ribbons and 16 new-format digital runways - made up of 234 platform edge screens - exclusive to the Elizabeth Line.

There are also four brand new, high-impact, Ultra-HD digital gateway screens, one measuring 28m² on top of the escalators on Tottenham Court Road and 32 new digital billboards (D6s) installed in high-visibility locations such as ticket halls and corridors.

The new digital billboards at all Elizabeth Line stations will be added to the global outdoor inventory available on its digital advertising platform, DAX, which will allow advertisers to purchase data-driven campaigns across digital outdoor and digital audio.

About Global

Global is a leading outdoor company in both the UK and Europe, with over 235,000 sites reaching 95% of the UK population. Global's wide and diverse outdoor portfolio includes the UK's largest portfolio of buses, including the UK's largest portfolio of premium digital screens in almost all major UK airports, roadside posters and prime locations, including the largest city in the UK, as well as transport for London's underground network.

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Builds a relationship with quotient – oh today

Corinthians, a leading digital media and promotional technology company, and Rapaport, Interpublic Group's media and marketing solutions division, the global out-of-home (OOH) media purchasing and planning agency for the IPG media brand, have announced the launch of a technology. Partnerships that will strategically accelerate programmatic growth. The partnership expands Raptor's offer to include a real-time, data-driven programmatic approach to digital out-of-home (DOOH) with the ability to leverage mediabrand-owned audiences.

This is a moment of truth for our industry because companies realize the power of data

Quotient's technology platform enables custom, more sophisticated and fast-performing media planning strategies designed for OOH. As programmatic and addressable media solutions enable marketers to better identify audiences, it is becoming an increasingly important tool for outdoor advertising, as evidenced by the significant increase in programmatic / addressable advertising year after year in rapport between 2021 and 2020. Cotient's programmatic DOOH solution for reporting specific components includes:

  • End-to-end planning, activation, and measurement using MediaBrand-owned high-value audiences (HVAs) and first-party data from clients.
  • Use of real-time triggers such as weather, supply chain effects, and timely event tracking to dynamically customize targets and customized messages as changes occur.
  • Access to a comprehensive inventory catalog through integration with all major SSP partners.
  • Using the value of physical location in the consumer journey.
Message for circle graphics
Chris Olsen

"Ongoing digital innovation enables our teams to better reach the goals of our clients," he said. Chris Olsen, President, United States, Relations. "We have chosen Cotient as a technology partner to integrate national and local insights, integrate our proprietary data sets, improve our existing tools and, most importantly, accelerate our programmatic growth to scale."

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Adarsh ​​Chait

“We are honored to partner with RAPORT to drive OOH digital transformation for clients. This is a moment of truth for our industry as agencies realize the power of data to unlock insights and send more relevant messages to consumers wherever they are, "he said. Adarsh ​​Chait, Senior director and co-founder at OOH Practice Lead. "We believe that proper planning and precise activation go hand in hand and will continue to innovate and develop leading technologies for this amazing industry."

About quotient
Cotient is a leading digital media and promotional technology company that creates integrated universal brand-building and sales-driving opportunities to deliver valuable results for advertisers, retailers and consumers. The Cotient platform is driven by exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data to reach millions of buyers every day and deliver measurable, growing sales.

About relationships
Rapport is the out-of-home (OOH) media purchasing and planning agency for IPG Mediabrands. The strongest of its relationships, and best known for its rewarding connections, is Report, a collaborative and progressive think tank that provides valuable results for both clients and partners. As OOH becomes more engaging, interactive, and content-driven, the report can perfectly navigate through the growing media landscape.

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OMA Annual Art Award – OOH The ‘best of the best’ talent in the industry – OOH

Earlier this week, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) held its annual general meeting and then held an awards ceremony to celebrate the dedicated and talented people who have contributed to the Out of the Home (OOH) industry.

The refreshed, new annual awards program offers more opportunities to recognize the depth and breadth of outdoor talent, including state awards. In 2021 the OMA also launched a Hall of Fame award in honor of the industry giants for their lifetime achievement.

Message for Movia Media
Charmaine Moldrich OMA
Charmine Moldrich

OMA CEO, Charmine MoldrichSays: “The Refreshed Rewards program recognizes the maturity of the industry as well as the growth of OMA membership that 13 companies have joined in the last 15 months.

“We have received 58 nominations, our members have been submitted to acknowledge the talent of the team. From Rising Stars to the Hall of Fame, we are proud to celebrate the incredible contributions made by our members, not just to their company, but to the larger OOH industry. We are a very tight and collegiate industry, and our members and their teams go beyond and beyond the responsibility to support OMA and Move. The nominations and awards acknowledge this contribution and give us the opportunity to express our gratitude and thank you, "Moldrich concluded.

A new awards category, the Emerging Leaders Award, sponsored by Big Screen Video, recognizes emerging leaders in the outdoor industry and gives the winner a chance to understand travel, network and digital LED technology, client experience and how it contributes to ROI. .

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Paul Elary

Big Screen Video CEO, Paul Elary"We are able to offer this opportunity to a deserving candidate to immerse themselves in the new technology that is building Out of Home as an innovative industry," he said. With our diverse network of clients outdoors, we are seeing huge benefits in providing these educational opportunities. "

Also introduced this year is a commemoration of Ben Walker, CEO of the National Rising Star Award Shopper, who died earlier this year. Ben Walker was one of the brightest stars and this award was created in recognition of the bright young talent in the outdoor ranks.

The final and winning judges were selected by: Cathy O'Connor, Oh! Media CEO; Independent chairs of Charles Parry-Ocaden, OMA and Move; Joe CopleyChief Revenue Officer, Seedooh; Paul ButlerManaging director, Val Morgan Outdoor; Steve Bowie, 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award winner; And Special Guest Judge Md Lisa WalkerBen Walker's widow who is a judge on the Ben Walker National Rising Star Award.

The winners of the seven categories of the 2022 OMA Annual Industry Awards are as follows:

Emerging Leader Award sponsored by Big Screen Video

Alex Anthony - VMO

Excellence in Innovation Award

Nigel Spicer - Cactus Imaging, Oh! Media

Outstanding service award

NSW | Cassandra Cameron - JCDicax

QLD | Co-winner: Alice Taylor - Oh! Media and Nick McAlpine - Bishop

SA | Russell Billsboro - JCDicax

VIC | Christian Javekz - QMS

WA | Mark Treasure - Oh! Media

Rising Star Award

NSW | Co-winners: Alec Mowat - VMO and Megan Spencer - Oh! Media

QLD | Octavia Belekens - VMO

SA | Natasha Jarrett - Oh! Media

VIC | Tess Fellow - Oh! Media

WA | Anna Watt-Sprat - Oh! Media

Ben Walker National Rising Star Award

Megan Spencer - Oh! Media

OMA Industry Award

Carissa Fletcher - Buyer

Hall of Fame

Brian Tyquin - Outdoor system

Daphne McPhee (posthumous)

Kelvin Whitford

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Reached milestones – measured one billion miles – oh today

Streetmetrics Advertising has measured over a billion miles in vehicles - a major milestone for our company and the Moving-of-Home (MOOH) industry.

Message by Wrapify

It all started with a single Spokesman bicycle ad campaign in central Birmingham. Our goal was to answer this question, how effective is car advertising? This goal was met with enthusiasm by the MOOH industry, and we were in the race to develop more powerful tools for media operators.

Four years later, we've been able to measure 40,000 cars in more than 40 cities in 10 different countries. Bikes, cars, taxis, box trucks, mobile-billboards, semi-trailers, trolleys, transit buses and more - we measured the speed of anything.

We're humbled to serve our outstanding operators, and we're working hard to create technology solutions that help drive outdoor advertising with more effective insights.

Billions more here.

About StreetMetrics
Founded in 2018, StreetMetrics specializes in measuring moving out-of-home (MOOH) media. The agency currently measures 30 media outlets in the top 35 DMAs across the United States and internationally across Canada, Australia, Europe and Central Asia. StreetMetrics MOOH is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital world for marketers.

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Oh they said today – Mark Tutsel – Oh today




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Oh wonder and joy is best – oh today

When asked which ad channel performed best to surprise and delight viewers, 94% of marketers opted out of the house. That's pretty final. Their answers may come as a surprise to some in the industry, though not largely since marketers reported that they are turning to OOH to attract consumers who are increasingly difficult to influence online.

One of the many insights and surprises published in a recent marketing survey is that it asked 611 marketing professionals in 45 US states.

Most marketers also say that believing that consumers are paying close attention to their physical environment, they can now spend more time in the real world. Bored (and, in many cases, absolutely annoyed) with their irresistible digital existence during the epidemic, viewers are feeling new and new outside the door. Especially online advertising.


A medium for all marketers

OOH's popularity with consumers is great news, especially for small and medium-sized brands. These companies have expressed growing frustration over their inability to compete successfully against big-brand-big-budget advertisers for online visibility. They are also concerned about declining returns and ROI due to widespread digital fatigue.

And there is better news. As consumers associate OOH with wonder and joy, it opens the door for creative designers who feel as limited as their audience due to the limitations of online advertising design.

OOH expresses paint-up creativity

No other channel offers such a huge array of media options. Advertisers can pull together customized combinations to suit each campaign's theme, goals, and special situations, such as conferences and events. You can be very imaginative with static visuals, digital, video and / or audio to showcase your brand personality as well as your advertising message.

OOH also offers seemingly unlimited placement options across the street and from downtown to stadiums and digital screens in a plethora of indoor and outdoor settings. These include airports, where you can come, go and wait for your target audience. Waiting for their flight. Waiting for their bags. Waiting for their food or drink at a restaurant or lounge.

With the growth of business and leisure travel, airports can provide vital visits for brands and consumers.

With all of this in mind, marketers are not only increasing their OOH budget for 2002, they are considering more ways to incorporate both OOH and digital OOH inventory into their media mix. For example, our team recently worked with software company Reprise to create a commanding presence around B2BMX conferences using multiple OOH media.

OOH makes a kind of impression

Marketers measure impressions by the number of people who have seen their ad within a certain period of time. Brand recognition builds credibility and trust, so it's important to pay close attention to your message - or at least your name - as much as possible. OOH can dramatically expand the reach and frequency of advertising campaigns, allowing marketers to make more impressions economically.

OOH also generates higher withdrawal rates than mobile (35%) or TV (22%) - 40% for OOH and 47% for DOOH.

To convert and sell, however, advertising must create a lasting impression - an emotional connection that leads consumers from brand-conscious to buyer and long-term loyal customer.

The wonderful and delightful ads are memorable. Content that inspires relevant and compelling action. In the same survey where marketers said that OOH is the best of surprise and joy, 84% of them said that they expect OOH to become increasingly interactive by 2022. They are particularly interested in expanding the use of QR codes as well as augmented reality and recognition-enabled displays.

Interactive experiences are more memorable because they employ multiple senses. Researchers tell us that sensitive experiences evoke feelings of emotional connection and that emotions inspire action. Exactly what each brand is looking for.

OOH has the sole power to influence and win over B2C or B2B consumers. Not surprisingly, marketers ranked # 2 outdoors in all advertising media for the projected growth in 2022.

About is accelerating the growth of real-world advertising by making it easier to buy and sell outdoor (OOH) advertising - from billboards, blimps and buses to bars and restaurants to cars and connected TVs. is making the $ 100 billion OOH industry more streamlined and connected, giving marketers a centralized space for OOH ads to buy, place and measure, and media owners to sell, manage and run their inventory. Founded by alumni and alumni of Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, earned a great place to work certification in 2022.

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OOH Seller Crowd for Sellers – Leads and information about advertisers and

SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the only invited anonymous forum for media vendors.
Hundreds of OOH sellers gathered at SellerCrowd to share inside information about advertisers and agencies.

Discover the hottest topics of the past week here ...

On the cryptocurrency front
Martini 78 Indicates that has stopped boarding any new vendors at this time due to market volatility. Full thread here >>>

Gecko chops
Rumors spread last week that Geico might cut all OOH for the 2nd half of 2022. Hosted fossils. So far it has only affected every west coast Peirce63 For the most part, and includes six states and ten markets. Full thread here >>>

Taken outdoors
The canvas WW OOH team is taking shape. Check out this great list of group contacts shared by ৷ Joke screen. Full thread here >>>

Ready to go back to the sky
United Airlines recently launched a national campaign called "Good Leads the Way", which is a brand identity story across video, digital, social and outdoor content. @ Continuous bargaining I would like to ask those who were contracted for the launch, whether the campaign was targeted at a specific demo / area and have any insight into their KPI? Full thread here >>>

Sales cycle
As you go through the sales process / cycle there may be certain stages where you will spend more time than others. This week's "Vote of the Week" Q: In what part of the sales process / cycle do you think you spend the most time these days? Vote your vote and join the discussion in full thread here >>>

You know what
Got approved for someone NerdwalletReport from Q3's campaign? Full thread here >>>
Anyone have a contact for Mindshare Detroit for DOOH ON Ford? Full thread here >>>
Looking for a contact Liberty Travel OOH to buy media. Also curious if they operate at home or through an agency, and if through an agency, who the agency is. Full thread here >>>

Want an invitation from SellerCrowd?
SellerCrowd is currently invite-only, but some invitations are reserved for salespeople working at OOH vendors. If you want to verify your eligibility, visit and see if your work email will unlock one of our saved invitations.

Or contact Clay Gran at [email protected] and he can give you an invitation code.

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First tech-enabled OOH Tracking Ad Network raises 5M – Oh Today

Adgill co-founder and president

Adgile Media Group, a leading technology-capable, out-of-home advertising agency, has announced বী 5 million in seed round funding from the most influential players in the consumer brand segment. Led by Brand Foundry Ventures, the additional participants include prominent brand investors, Amity Supply; Investment Fund, Fin Capital Partners; Venture Capital Firm, Consumer Ventures; D2C and growth specialist, Nick Sharma; Investor and entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman; Michael Presman, founder of the D2C brand Everlane; Venture Capital Firm, Niche Capital; KBP brand co-founders, Barry Dubin and Rathi's executive, Chris Hull.

Message for circle graphics

Adgile is innovating outdoor advertising by resolving physical-world attributions and transforming end-mile delivery trucks into highly efficient, metric-centric mobile billboards for brands across the country. With a shrinkage of 100,000 units of inventory under management across the country's top 50 markets, Adgile and its partner ecosystems have quickly gained market share in an industry that is red-hot in terms of the impact of iOS14.5 on the advertising community. .

The long neglected OOH channel is finally entering the digital age with Adgile.

Max Flannery's profile photo
Max Flannery

"The long-neglected OOH channel is finally entering the digital age with Adjil," he said. Max Flannery, Co-founder and president of Adgile. "By reinventing the classic approach to the outdoors, we're providing brands with an ad format that goes far beyond the ROI of traditional players in the industry."

Founded in 2018 by Tom Shea and Max Flannery at the University of Chicago's New Venture Challenge, Adzil will accelerate the growth of this fund, as the company aims to bring precise, powerful data and attribution to the world of outdoor advertising. . Adgile will use the funds to deepen the company's geographic presence, expand branding, advance proprietary technology development, and recruit qualified new recruits across sales, data science, and engineering functions.

Tom Shear's profile photo
Tom Shea

"Over the last two decades, brands have chased - and then competed - the ROI that exists in digital advertising," he says. Tom Shea, Co-founder and COO of Adgile. "Now we can track OOH's performance with statistical rigor. Our customers are thrilled with the significant reduction in customer acquisition costs as a result of their Adgile campaign. To performance marketers, it is clear that OOH will be a part of the modern day performance marketing conversation."

Adgile's leadership team includes senior executives with deep roots in advertising, technology, OOH, tracking, finance and marketing, including Adgile's CMO, Mark S. Mitchell Gordon, Strachan, former CCO of Publicis-Sapphire and CEO of Adgile, and Salomon Smith Barney, former world head of Transportation Investments, CEO of Banking and Edition Logistics Management.

Brian Spley's profile photo
Brian Spley

"Adgile has the right team to build the future of outdoor advertising," he said Brian Spley From Brand Foundry Ventures, who joined the board. "Adgile is leading the digital and physical world of advertising and we are proud to partner with them."

About Adgile Media Group
Founded in 2018, Adgile Media Group is the nation's leading technology-enabled, data-driven outdoor media company. The company's truck fleet provides brands with a highly effective and efficient platform to further their marketing communication efforts. Adgile brings the elements that have made digital advertising so popular in the outside world. Adgile wraps end-mile delivery trucks on behalf of brands to reach their ideal customers and measure return on investment using geo-location technology.

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According to the survey, OOH is better than TV, video, radio and banner advertising – OOH

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has released a Survey Comscore, Inc. It also examines the link between advertising, online activation and advertising spending in partnership. The results show that despite making up only 4.1 percent of total advertising spending in 2021, consumers associate OOH with a similar or greater share of action than competing media when testing consumer activation across a set of eight categories of engagement. The data proves that OOH offers an exceptional value compared to other mediums with much higher price tags such as TV and video, radio and banner advertising.

More than 1,580 consumers took part in the survey, focusing on the steps they remember when they see or hear ads. Action includes eight categories: using a search engine, social search, video search, social posting, video posting, downloading an app, visiting a website, and making an online purchase. The most common step taken after viewing an ad was using a search engine, with 45% of respondents doing the same after watching a television ad and 41% following an OOH ad.

Message for Wrapify
Anna Bager's profile picture
Anna Bager

"OOH is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers - and this survey shows that it is also a great value," he said. Anna Bager, President and COO, OAAA. "Couples with our recent OAAA-Harris poll find that people who are annoyed by digital media content sponsored and feel tired of digital devices, and the results of this study with ComScore can send a clear signal to advertisers: a significant part of OOH media is mixed."

Profile photo of Diane Williams
Diane Williams

"This survey is an eye-opening perspective on the emotional connection of listeners between media and online activity," he said. Diane Williams, Senior Director OOH, ComScore. “We are thrilled to partner with OAAA to offer a guidepost for consumer thinking and media buyers. ComScore wants to see OOH take its rightful place as a line item in any integrated media plan. "

OAAA and Comscore “Consumer Insights: OOH and Online Activation” are sponsored by The Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity. To access the study, please see

About OAAA
The American Out of Home Advertising Association (OAAA) is the national trade body for the $ 8.6 billion US Out of Home Advertising (OOH) industry, including the Digital Out of Home (DOOH), and consists of billboards, street furniture, transit. Advertising, and space-based media (including movies).

About comScore
A trusted partner for media planning, transactions and evaluation across the ComScore platform. A data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced viewer insights, allowing ComScore Media buyers and sellers to quantify their multiscreen behavior and make business decisions with confidence. A proven leader in digital and TV audience measurement and scale advertising, Comscore is a third-party source of industry-emerging, reliable and comprehensive cross-platform measurement.

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United’s new campaign features 150+ different parts, including OOH –

United Airlines has launched a new, national campaign - "Good Leads the Way" - which tells the story of United's leadership in areas such as customer service, diversity and sustainability, and captures the hopes of provoking the airline's ambitious ambitions in the face of unprecedented demand. Travel

Each part of the outdoor creative represents a different chapter, from major milestone action to small, impressive moments with passengers. The film manages to entertain as well as inspire United passengers. The United Hub market includes large format outdoor and in-airport placement campaigns.

Scott Kirby's profile photo
Scott Kirby

"Over the years, United has emerged as a force to be reckoned with and an industry leader for the better," said United's CEO. Scott Kirby. "We are taking steps that inspire pride in our employees and customers - from historic investments to combating climate change and training more women and people of color to become pilots and get rid of change fees and upgrade our fleet with 500 new aircraft." To do. This campaign not only serves as a surprise point in our recent activities, but also as a promise of what United Airlines wants to show in the future. "

The National Campaign was created in partnership with United's first, fully integrated, national brand advertising campaign and Record 72 and Sunny's creative agency in nearly a decade. It features over 150 video, digital, social and off-the-shelf content and has over 60 real-life employees, featuring the most in a single United Content series.

Starting this week, people will be able to see Good Leads the Way content on United Aircraft and Airport Terminal as well as across television spots, streaming platforms, billboards, social media and through unique, pertinently relevant and unexpected places. The launch coincides with the summer travel season's kickoff and historic growth in demand - United's April seat fill-in was the highest for the non-summer month, occupying 88 percent of the seats.

Throughout the integrated creative campaign, each individual segment represents a page in United's Brand Identity Story and aims to provide inspirational advertising with compelling storytelling around customer, employee and community benefits. No two parts are the same, counting the number of connections saved in United from the anthemic film to the dynamic live billboard.

"Everything we do and say at United - every decision - is doing the right thing. Because of this, even in the depths of the epidemic, we have not been able to avoid the difficult questions our businesses face. We confronted them with optimism and determination to be a force for our customers and the communities we serve, "said United Chief Communications Officer. Josh Ernest. "As the industry emerges from the epidemic, we are entering a historic new era of commercial travel, which makes it the perfect time to unveil our ambitious 'Good Leads the Way' campaign."

How well United leads the way

For employees

  • Careers, not just jobs: United offers competitive pay and benefits, growth opportunities and flight facilities to see the world.
  • Only major US, airline with its own pilot training school: United Aviate Academy
  • A new, state-of-the-art inflight training center is opening in Houston this year
  • Denver is the largest flight training center in the world
  • A special prize of $ 1,000 per last fall for surprised active workers
  • The first major US airline to introduce the Covid-19 vaccination program to an employee

For customers

  • 500+ new aircraft by 2026 - and hundreds of plane upgrades, with features like big overhead bin, screen in each seatback, Bluetooth connection and fast Wi-Fi.
  • The first major US airline worldwide that excludes most ticket conversion fees
  • United's exclusive connection saver technology has helped more than 288,000 subscribers make their connecting flights this year.
  • This summer, United will serve more transatlantic destinations than any other U.S. carrier and become the largest airline across the Atlantic.
  • The award-winning United app brings convenience to customers, through features that make it easier for you to shop by map, get the latest travel details, plan trips with friends, and travel for visually impaired people.

For our community

  • Recruiting more than 50,000 people over the next five years, providing unified, well-paid careers as pilots, flight attendants, agents, technicians and dispatchers.
  • The United Aviate Academy aims to train 5,000 new pilots by 2030, with at least half of them women and people of color.
  • More than any other airline in the world has invested in sustainable aviation fuel production
  • By 2021, United has donated more than 10 million in cash and nationwide nonprofit contributions, and has worked with its clients to donate another 100+ million miles to travel-dependent charities.
  • Industry-leading investment in electric aircraft designed to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
  • We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050 without relying on conventional carbon offsets.

About United
United's shared purpose is “Connecting People. Bringing the world together. "From our US hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York / Newark, San Francisco and Washington, DC, United operates the most comprehensive global route network among North American carriers. To learn more about how to join the United team, please visit and more information about the company United Airlines Holdings, Inc., the parent company of United Airlines, Inc., trades on Nasdaq under the "UAL" sign.

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