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The ‘Pride Personified’ campaign will be featured on OOH resources nationwide in June.

OUTFRONT Media Inc. Celebrates the proud month by highlighting 19 LGBTQIA + individuals across the country with assets outside the home. With Arrogant personality, Outfront media, industry, including industry, including politics, television, film, marketing, real estate, industry, health and human services, showcases their achievements in the face of adversity and those who express a sense of pride both professionally and personally.

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The creative and concept of the campaign was designed by Jake Parshall, co-chair of Outfront Employee Resource Group (ERG) and a member of Outfront Studios. The PRIDE Personified Campaign commends individuals for their impact in their community and workplace. To illustrate this, photos and occupations of each LGBTQIA + person are displayed, along with authentic weird, lively, and fun design campaigns.

“I’m really set to do something that didn’t feel‘ corporate ’,” he said Jake Parshall, Vice-president of OUT at OUTFRONT ERG. “I wanted the designs to be super colorful, reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQIA + community, and I drew from the flag of progress, highlighting not only the traditional rainbow flag, but especially the trans community.”

Mark Fenty

“I am honored to be part of Outfront’s 2022 PRIDE Personified Campaign,” he said. Mark Fenty, SVP OOH Horizon Media and Co-Chair OOH United. “I have long believed in the power of OOH and it is important to use these influential IRL canvases to celebrate people in the LGBTQIA + community. The campaign follows in the footsteps of OOH United, an initiative committed to advancing a culture of inclusion across the entire OOH industry, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are key to industry growth. “

The 2022 honorees are listed below:

  • Mark Fenty, co-chair of SVP, Horizon Media OOH and OOH United
  • Amanda McAllister Walner, Director of the California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network
  • Cody Jankzewski, Vice President, Managing Director – Horizon Next Media
  • Katie Burgess, SVP Marketing and Media Strategy at CW
  • Queen B. Amr, trans-queer performance artist
  • Steve Burnbaum, EVP, managing director of Spark Foundry
  • Monica C. Smith, Founder and CEO of Marketsmith Inc.
  • Alberto Mendez, Resource Center Prevention Program Manager
  • Mayor Pro Tempore Sepi Shine, Mayor Pro Tempore, City of West Hollywood at City of West Hollywood
  • Vivian Perez, Ladies Touch Events & Travel Events & Travel Architect
  • Danny Rose is an executive producer at Danny Rose Media, Inc.
  • Ross S. Currie, Vice President, Client Services of Conroy Media Limited.
  • Josh Miller, co-founder + CEO of IDEAS xLab
  • Rebecca Washington, Owner / CEO of Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts
  • Heather Loose, Broker / Owner of Casey Local Homes
  • Matt George, Social Media Personality / Podcaster / Activist
  • Brie Burroughs, head brewer and co-owner of The Big Rip Brewing Co.
  • Reverend Jackie Fernandez, Senior Minister at Unity Church in Overland Park
  • Damien Pelicion, CEO / Co-founder of Revari

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