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OOH transfers assets to Lamar

Hagerstown, MD – Great Outdoors Advertising today announced that it has transferred its digital and static assets to national operator Lamar Advertising Company (NASDAQ: LAMR).

Great Outdoor Advertising is a leading static and digital bulletin operator with a portfolio of high-end positions in the Hagerstown market. Drachman M&A Co. The transaction is represented by Great Outdoor Advertising. The terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Great Outdoor Advertising is managed by Principal Brian Mack and JP Thal-Larsen – industry veterans with over 40 years of experience. With the acquisition, Lamar marked his entry into Hagerstown.

Mack and Thal-Larsen say the timing was right for their firm to move their assets after a rewarding career in outdoor space.

“We have developed our resources by focusing on the main thoroughfares in the city center and focusing on taking advantage of the continued growth of the Hagerstown market. In the hands of a dynamic company like Lamar, we know this asset will accelerate performance and provide an excellent opportunity for local and national businesses to tell their stories, ”Mack noted.

“This is an amazing place, with innovation in every corner. We are extremely fortunate to have spent most of our careers managing these assets and enjoying the rise of our business among other media,” Thal-Larsen added.

Dutchman M&A Co. CEO, Max DutchmanMost acquirers are sincerely looking for an opportunity to enter a market with leading bulletin positions.

“Brian and JP are well-known professionals in the OH space and have built a strong portfolio in Hagerstown. We are thrilled to see their hard work rewarded with a successful departure,” said Dutchman.

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