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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the only invited anonymous forum for media vendors.
Hundreds of OOH sellers gathered at SellerCrowd to share inside information about advertisers and agencies.

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On the cryptocurrency front
Martini 78 Indicates that Crypto.com has stopped boarding any new vendors at this time due to market volatility. Full thread here >>>

Gecko chops
Rumors spread last week that Geico might cut all OOH for the 2nd half of 2022. Hosted fossils. So far it has only affected every west coast Peirce63 For the most part, and includes six states and ten markets. Full thread here >>>

Taken outdoors
The canvas WW OOH team is taking shape. Check out this great list of group contacts shared by ৷ Joke screen. Full thread here >>>

Ready to go back to the sky
United Airlines recently launched a national campaign called “Good Leads the Way”, which is a brand identity story across video, digital, social and outdoor content. @ Continuous bargaining I would like to ask those who were contracted for the launch, whether the campaign was targeted at a specific demo / area and have any insight into their KPI? Full thread here >>>

Sales cycle
As you go through the sales process / cycle there may be certain stages where you will spend more time than others. This week’s “Vote of the Week” Q: In what part of the sales process / cycle do you think you spend the most time these days? Vote your vote and join the discussion in full thread here >>>

You know what
Got approved for someone NerdwalletReport from Q3’s campaign? Full thread here >>>
Anyone have a contact for Mindshare Detroit for DOOH ON Ford? Full thread here >>>
Looking for a contact Liberty Travel OOH to buy media. Also curious if they operate at home or through an agency, and if through an agency, who the agency is. Full thread here >>>

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