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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the only invited anonymous forum for media vendors.
Hundreds of OOH sellers gathered at SellerCrowd to share inside information about advertisers and agencies.

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Ready to ride
Lyft recently chose Mediahub LA as its Media AOR, and vendors are rumored to be coming from Rapport on OOH MA. Full thread here >>>

Pause on money
In Pinotnoir20 Indicates that they have heard that OOH has been canceled for Nerdwallet’s Q3 campaign. Full thread here >>>

Solution and search
The Google team at Kinetic LA sent out several RFPs each week Joke screen. Full thread here >>>

Message for Movia Media

Smooth shopping
Vendors indicate that Quan has sent out various Clarna RFPs in recent weeks. Full thread here >>>

How does it go?
The GO2022 Geopath / OAAA Conference & Expo ended last Wednesday. If you attended, what was your impression of the conference? Full thread here >>>

Meeting Up: Personal vs. Online
Many agencies and in-house teams of advertisers have returned to the office on fixed days over the past few months. Several associate vendors have mentioned that there are some groups who are taking vendor meetings, some are not yet. Question for this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’: Have you personally secured a meeting? Give your vote and join the discussion in full thread here >>>

You know what
Electrolite was running a sports theme board in Phoenix. Does anyone know who kept it? Full thread here >>>
Did anyone know that Alteryx holds OOH? Full thread here >>>
Does anyone know who keeps OOH for Noodles & Company? Full thread here >>>

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