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The Best of Outdoor is a monthly selection of local and international Out of the Home (OOH) campaigns to stimulate your creativity and inspire your next talent. If you want to be featured in future versions, send OMA your campaign!

Archie Rose

Australia: Premium distillery Archie Rose leaned towards the aesthetics of their clean, modern design when they created their recent Out of the Home campaign. The glamorous photography of cocktails in a pastel color scheme makes you think of your favorite indie bar.

Creative: In-house, Archie Rose
Media organization: Speed
Outside the house: Oh, the media

King of rock and roll

Australia: The much-anticipated biopic of Baz Luhrmann, Elvis, is here! The accompanying OOH campaign echoes the director’s own bright, bold and fluid aesthetics. The magnificent design on the trams is spectacular, enticing passengers into the world of Elvis.

Creative: In-house, Warner Bros.
Media organization: Mediacom
Outside the house: Torchmedia

A new look

Australia: QMS’s new signage for the city of Sydney features 2Day FM’s famous face. The newly created panels will display community information on the one hand and bright, bold creative on the other. And who better to name a new panel than Hughesi, Ed and Erin?

Creative: SCA
Media organization: SCA
Outside the house: QMS

Mac Minimalist

London: McDonald’s is no stranger to bold and memorable outdoor campaigns. Leo Barnett is their latest creative team — an artistic take on the restaurant’s classic menu items. Assign bright colors and minimal design when integrating a single position pin to advertise new delivery options.

Creative: Leo Burnett
Media organization: N.A.
Outside the house: N.A.

Matariki has nine stars

NZ: In celebration of New Zealand’s first Matariki public holiday, the nine stars of Oh! Media and Auckland Transport Matariki have created a beautiful campaign marking the Mওori New Year.

Creative: N / A
Media organization: N / A
Outside the house: Oh! Media NZ

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