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Earlier this week, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) held its annual general meeting and then held an awards ceremony to celebrate the dedicated and talented people who have contributed to the Out of the Home (OOH) industry.

The refreshed, new annual awards program offers more opportunities to recognize the depth and breadth of outdoor talent, including state awards. In 2021 the OMA also launched a Hall of Fame award in honor of the industry giants for their lifetime achievement.

Message for Movia Media
Charmaine Moldrich OMA
Charmine Moldrich

OMA CEO, Charmine MoldrichSays: “The Refreshed Rewards program recognizes the maturity of the industry as well as the growth of OMA membership that 13 companies have joined in the last 15 months.

“We have received 58 nominations, our members have been submitted to acknowledge the talent of the team. From Rising Stars to the Hall of Fame, we are proud to celebrate the incredible contributions made by our members, not just to their company, but to the larger OOH industry. We are a very tight and collegiate industry, and our members and their teams go beyond and beyond the responsibility to support OMA and Move. The nominations and awards acknowledge this contribution and give us the opportunity to express our gratitude and thank you, “Moldrich concluded.

A new awards category, the Emerging Leaders Award, sponsored by Big Screen Video, recognizes emerging leaders in the outdoor industry and gives the winner a chance to understand travel, network and digital LED technology, client experience and how it contributes to ROI. .

Paul Ellery's profile photo
Paul Elary

Big Screen Video CEO, Paul Elary“We are able to offer this opportunity to a deserving candidate to immerse themselves in the new technology that is building Out of Home as an innovative industry,” he said. With our diverse network of clients outdoors, we are seeing huge benefits in providing these educational opportunities. “

Also introduced this year is a commemoration of Ben Walker, CEO of the National Rising Star Award Shopper, who died earlier this year. Ben Walker was one of the brightest stars and this award was created in recognition of the bright young talent in the outdoor ranks.

The final and winning judges were selected by: Cathy O’Connor, Oh! Media CEO; Independent chairs of Charles Parry-Ocaden, OMA and Move; Joe CopleyChief Revenue Officer, Seedooh; Paul ButlerManaging director, Val Morgan Outdoor; Steve Bowie, 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award winner; And Special Guest Judge Md Lisa WalkerBen Walker’s widow who is a judge on the Ben Walker National Rising Star Award.

The winners of the seven categories of the 2022 OMA Annual Industry Awards are as follows:

Emerging Leader Award sponsored by Big Screen Video

Alex Anthony – VMO

Excellence in Innovation Award

Nigel Spicer – Cactus Imaging, Oh! Media

Outstanding service award

NSW | Cassandra Cameron – JCDicax

QLD | Co-winner: Alice Taylor – Oh! Media and Nick McAlpine – Bishop

SA | Russell Billsboro – JCDicax

VIC | Christian Javekz – QMS

WA | Mark Treasure – Oh! Media

Rising Star Award

NSW | Co-winners: Alec Mowat – VMO and Megan Spencer – Oh! Media

QLD | Octavia Belekens – VMO

SA | Natasha Jarrett – Oh! Media

VIC | Tess Fellow – Oh! Media

WA | Anna Watt-Sprat – Oh! Media

Ben Walker National Rising Star Award

Megan Spencer – Oh! Media

OMA Industry Award

Carissa Fletcher – Buyer

Hall of Fame

Brian Tyquin – Outdoor system

Daphne McPhee (posthumous)

Kelvin Whitford

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