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1. A picture worth thousands … impressions

Lisa Stariak, Those have been the headlines in photography Vector Media For over a decade now, she has shared her top tips on how to get a good picture of an OOH placement.

Great photography seems to be a secondary priority for most OOH owners. Not in the case of vector media. Arguably, determining what constitutes a good photo is also a problem in the OOH industry. We see hundreds of pictures a week through OOH Today, and less than 10 pictures a week are ‘acceptable’. 10 is not good but 10 is acceptable. Poor pictures are still given to clients. The loss of future renewal of a campaign is risky. What is your renewal percentage for media promotion? It’s a long one, but worth reading. If we do not advise our advertiser to consider, we will refuse FotoFetch To take your picture.

2. Today’s OH Agency: Project X Media

We caught up with recently John LaramiFounder and CEO Project X MediaWho talked about his favorite campaign, last year’s biggest win and the separation of Project X from other agencies.

Project X Media knows out of the house. John Larami has put together a strong team. Here OOH Today is happy to share a small part of his story. How is your new business development? We have a brand and agency in our network of 27,000+ daily readers who need help planning and setting up OOH. If you are interested in featuring your OOH agency on OOH Today, please email us.

3. Geopath President Recaps OOH Media Conference-Tracking wild black bear

President of Geopath Dylan Mabin It took a few moments to reflect on the recent OOH media conference on Marco Island.

The time has come to give the company some stability and commitment by electing a full-time president of the Geopath Board of Directors. Dylan Mabin is definitely the pick we used to make on OOH Today. Quite frankly, we are still strong in our support of Geopath as the most reliable and accurate voice for measuring the OOH industry. With that said, we will challenge Geopath as well as other OOH companies to continue to improve and grow. As for our take on the OOH conference, for now we’ll drop it to 1. It was a great place and 2. We are glad that Dylan was elected President despite having a serious election schedule. About shortening the new president; Somehow, Dylan compares OOH to the industry Tracking wild black bear. Short reading. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nick Coston

4. OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

SweepedFar from seeing how great OOH ads look on the new Elizabeth Line, FYI is in the UK.

Schweppes proves that you don’t need more copies to make OOH more effective. Bright colors. Large copy. How will they miss? They don’t. Also, nine more creative executions that came to our attention last week. Three of the advertisers drank. Are you getting your fair share of beverage business? Call your local distributors. They have dollars. Send us your OOH from your market. Want to know our 27,000+ network. There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

5. Why digital marketers are moving from display advertising to OOH

Wrapify explores 4 reasons why OOH is making a comeback: it works, it is measurable, the effectiveness of digital advertising is declining, and consumer movement is returning.

The weight of four things: “Is this the right audience?” “Exact time?” “Is it measurable?” “Will there be more?” Oh today I have to ask, is that enough? Read the post and let us know your thoughts.

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