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1. OOH Best Creative last week today

Every week, we offer the best outdoors. This week there are 3D billboards, holograms, dualing walls and a forgotten OOH potential account that should be spent but is not and is not.

OOH today’s reception

Automobiles are an absolute normal for OOH advertising. There is nothing to be surprised about. Why not buy Giffy Lube on a national basis and often? I would suggest this because there is almost no one to call them from OOH.

Everyone has one Giffy Lube In their market, but does everyone have Giffy Lube on their billboards? Why not? Who is nationally calling Giffy Lube and where is the national shopping for Giffy Lube? Another forgotten OOH potential account that should be spent nationally but is not and has not been for years. Where is the national sales call? Lamar? CCO? Out? Reagan Outdoor Giffy knows Lube based on local purchases. Usually Giffy Lube will do an off like the recent OOH Best Creative Last Week Today example.

What if every OOH company calls large format and small digital format companies to Giffy Lube? If you are reading this, call. Need help identifying the Chief Marketing Officer? Need contact for record agency? Bill a note at [email protected] We will help you with contact information and start the industry.

2. Voltaire has some competition – EVCS

EV fast charging network operator EVCS Has raised $ 68.8 million in funding for the West Coast expansion. EVCS plans to double its network footprint to about 1,500 chargers by 2023.

OOH today’s reception

It’s the number of stupid places.

For OOH Today, the purpose of the post is not so much to discuss EVCS but to point out where the so-called leader of the place, Volta, is now or where they should be in terms of success and revenue.

When a digital or static, space-based company has 100 faces in a market for that subject and usually, from what we have seen, 4 faces in each Place, Which translates to 25 positions, not 100 positions. No buyer / planner we know is innocent enough to believe that naming 25 venues in a big market like Atlanta or DC, anything close enough to reach a reach or a net frequency to be a ‘solid buy’. Digitally calculate the number of face segments, as per 8, the ratio of faces with real places is even less impressive. Critical mass is a must. Let’s start the game.

3. Geopath Snags Measurement Veteran

Geopath Gave the name Chris Luke Senior Vice President of Products. Luke joined Geopath from PatientPoint, where he worked as SVP, product development and operations.

OOH today’s reception

Well, in the absence of almost a year this position has finally been filled. The fault of the organization? No, if you think it falls on the newly named President Dylan Mabin. Yes, if negligence (we know a strong word) is properly placed on the board of Geopath. Luken has a long order to get ahead of what is going on in the OOH industry at the moment. It would be almost impossible to get up to speed.

A few points to think about. Mr. Luke, whom we admit we haven’t met, came from an unknown, location-based perspective on OH Today. Coming from an organization that has ‘acquired’ health. Remember those boys? We check out our reporting here There are some explanations for digital place based media networks. Their founders faced federal charges for fraud.
In October 2019, ContextMedia Health LLC, which operates under the trade name Outcome Health (Outcome), a digital provider of medical information and advertising in doctors’ offices, agreed in a resolution with the judiciary that it would pay 70 70 million for a fraud project. Victims that target its clients, lenders and investors.

Luke joined Outcome as managing director of production in October 2019, after the fraud occurred. He must work in adversity and for this we have given him big props.

Kind of a technologist? So it turns out. What do you need? Absolutely yes! We are annoyed by the lack of large format OOH experience Mr. Luken. Important? Come on in, take a look! Consider the current format of driving revenue numbers in OOH. Should Geopath competitors be concerned? I think so. Luken will in all likelihood be able to figure out the strengths of Geopath and point out the weaknesses of ‘other measuring firms’.

Solution number 1? Luke must spend time with the Big 3 from today. We welcome and support what Geopath does and give him any help to get Chris Luken to speed up. Are you helping If you haven’t sent him a congratulatory note and a sincere offer to help, do it now!

4. OOH Advertisers Media Plan Awards are open for entry

Submit your top media plans from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 and see how they are among the best in the industry. To qualify for an award, the advertiser (or his organization) must pay directly for the media space to an OOH media company that owns and manages the inventory. The only exception is public service advertising, which can be good.

OOH today’s reception

Every year I take part in the event that recognizes this award, it seems that the selection has been made from a very small number of entries. The list of entry numbers was not provided openly. Take our word for it, there have been a few. Transparency. OOH shame? Yes submit your entry. The more entries, the better the winner. The better the winner, the more recognition and Believe in OOH. Did we ask you to submit your entry? Log in now.

5. Global Keeps Grip on Gatwick

Global Won the advertising contract for Gatwick Airport For another five years, the UK’s largest airport has maintained its position as media owner.

OOH today’s reception

Sorry to say but does anyone really care? Even in the UK? Further to the point, can Global take care of our or the world’s advertisers? Congratulations.

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