Oh the best creative last week today – oh today

5. Swarovski With the help of a creative technology company, it has taken 82 screens of different sizes and shapes to promote an integrated DOOH in a retail complex in Saudi Arabia. Bureau Beatrice.

6. Mango Has been used Clear Channel UKIts #AdshelLive network will target bus stop passengers through their ‘Vision of Summer’ campaign that drives customers to visit the Mango online store to see the latest trends.

7. With the help of this Related The team peeled off its layer by revealing Paul Smith’s signature stripe on LA’s most Instagram-filled wall. | Overall mural

8. Lumo Digital OutdoorCreative studio, Lumo LabsPartnership with MBM To launch a dynamic omnichannel digital out of home (DOOH) campaign, Vogel’s vs Vogel’s.

The campaign encourages bread lovers to share their views on how they store, eat and even cut, Vogel said. DDB’s creative design is an impressive display of how a brand can harness social engagement to encourage a DOOH campaign. MBM has used 14 live social feeds from Instagram and Facebook polls. The Kiwis saw 33,678 votes and expressed their thoughts through the campaign.

9. Visit Philadelphia as part of the M 2M Spring Campaign for travelers to return to Philadelphia. | Outfront

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