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By Casey BinkleyCEO A. Move the average

So anyone who knows me, or follows Movia, or any of our contributions to OOHToday, knows that we love OOH and everyone in it. We nurture channels, clients, agency partners and suppliers to see them do well and improve.

Most people will think that when I see or hear another competitor coming into space I will naturally feel threatened or worried. That’s actually the opposite. I love to see new companies pop up. With trackside accounting for a small fraction of the OOH executions, I think having more groups in space would naturally put us all in more limelight. As they say “Let’s make some noise and notice!”

I had the pleasure of meeting the new Adgile Media Group on Marco Island this year and they seem to have a great team. Congratulations on joining the party!

But … there was a claim that their article was published during the event which is not correct.

The title “The First Tech-Enabled OOH Truck Ad Network” has struck me since Movia has been doing this since 2015 with our proprietary WiFi / Bluetooth measurement platform which has now granted 3 patents. We’ve been technology-enabled from day one to develop our MVP for about 1 year before the execution began. Since then we have been proving measurable results with brand partners Walmart, Chobani, Casper, Amazon, Dole, etc. and agency partners like Horizon, Dentsu, Kinetic, AdQuick and many more.

We are excited to see the team enter space and help us all get to the limelight. But I also like to set the story straight because our team has worked extremely hard to bootstrap our success with amazing industry partners. Thank you for helping us get where we are.

Good luck and everyone will do well! And Traxide could become even more mainstream!

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