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Movia Top 8 Highlights!

  1. Nice man! As the Outdoor Nation says, “PLU” people like us. It can no longer be called good. So many intelligent, driven, OOH person treats all in one place!
  1. Learning – so much knowledge on the panel. I could have done it more, but our friend is a big shout out Justin Simons From Project X for Outstanding Contribution to the OOH Panel Innovation on Tuesday!
  2. Late night – although Marco Island has a beautiful nightlife, we spent some deep nights – Thanks to our friend Kim Frank To host the most beautiful after-party in the presidential suite!
    Thanks, Kim!

    Camel Cabana with Winnie from the Camel City poster

  3. The Obis – This was my first appearance on Obis, and it definitely made me want to be on stage one day. To shout loudly Brian Rapaport Quan’s 2 and to take home Shawn Habibian Kre8 Media to bring mobile billboards to the winning circle! Good job, gentleman.
  4. The Beach and Beach Cocktail – There’s nothing like hangingover healing or meeting new best friends with Pina Collada or Margarita, With camels in Cabana Winnie From Camel City Poster!
  5. The Movia Mansion – For those who are back at the Movia Mansion Bruce case Take the winning title in the OB-eligible Cannonball competition from Reveal Mobile, what a memorable moment! Also, we appreciate it Onscreen Stop to enjoy the hot dog truck!
  6. Dolphin Touring – I was lucky enough to do this early in the morning on the Catamaran Tour where the team was lucky enough to see a baby dolphin! Who knew dolphins could weigh up to 1400 pounds. And eat 30 pounds. One day fish ?!
  1. Ridiculous creative rewards – we want to be different and do something fun, so here it is The Movia Truck ad was on our site for the event.

And if you read all of this, don’t feel bad that you missed the event because you’re so caught up now! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville next year!

Casey Binkley, Founder and CEO, 416-271-1008, [email protected]

Content sponsored by Movia Media

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