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Please join OUTFRONT Friday, June 17 at 12 noon We are celebrating Juventus, with whom we have an intimate conversation Dr. Opal Lee, ‘Juntinth’s grandmother.’ Dr. Lee was present when President Joe Biden signed the Juntinth National Independence Day Act, establishing Juntinth as a federal holiday.

At the age of 90, Dr. Lee is 1,400 miles away from his home. Worth, Texas to Washington, DC to get Congress to make Juntinth a national holiday. He walked 2.5 miles in increments, symbolizing the news that the announcement of the release of Texas had taken 2.5 years to reach Texas, ensuring the release of all enslaved black people. In recognition of his social influence efforts, 33 members of Congress nominated Lee for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. In 2019, he launched an online petition campaign that collected more than 1.6 million signatures to continue the Crusades for holiday celebrations.

Our “A-list” series sits at the bottom of our OUTFRONTX event stack. Our goal is to invite the leading voice (A-lister) with a wide range of skills to provide timely, engaging and purposeful discussions to our partners. We invite you to be part of this timely and important discussion as we reflect the history of our country and celebrate the black community. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

You can register for this free event here: Registration page.

Please join us to hear from the woman who played a helpful role in declaring Juntinth a public holiday. In his own words, “Now we can celebrate independence from June 19 to July 4!”

Please submit any questions for Dr. Opal Lee to [email protected] by Tuesday, June 6th.

June 17, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (United States and Canada)

Hope to see you there.

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