Lightbox and Digital Video Grocery Network – Oh Today

The expansion adds to the retail footprint of 2,800 supermarkets and 3,000 screen lightboxes across the country. More than 100 grocery brands, such as Albertsons® and Giant Eagle®, have 30 “screens at the initial entrance to Redbox Kiosk, while a NYC-centric network – in partnership with Velocity MSC – includes D’Agostino’s and Gristede with 31” screens at checkout. Prominent digital video placements are strategically located to help advertisers connect with buyers throughout their retail visits.

The Lightbox digital video also reaches the Hispanic population through the grocery network El Rancho Supermarkado, which serves the main grocery food for those communities across Texas.

“The demand for this audience is very high, and this is something that our team has been working on for over a year. We didn’t want to dip our toes in water, we wanted to grow up. This network significantly increases the number of our screens and provides a very unique audience across some of the largest grocery stores in the United States. ” Greg Glende, CEO of Lightbox. “These are high-frequency destinations – American consumers visit grocery stores an average of 1.9 times per week – and the screens provide an invaluable connection point for advertisers to reach viewers in a brand-safe environment. Since we already specialize in effectively reaching customers in the shopping state of mind through our mall network, grocery locations are a natural extension of our retail media portfolio. “

Lightbox’s digital video grocery network is the company’s latest expansion where consumers shop, work and play. In addition to its retail media footprint, digital video impressions are available and distributed across the United States in WeWork spaces, commercial window fronts, and entertainment destinations.

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