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K&R Solutions Group, an ACDBE and DBE-certified female-owned business, celebrates its 3-year anniversary and launches its website.

K&R Solutions Group is a project management, print and installation company that uses sustainable solutions to create branded spaces in the environment, events, retail and transportation business.

Karen Fiorentino

Founding partner Karen Fiorentino, Despite the challenge of navigating the global epidemic, a few colleagues have been able to move a new hybrid company forward. Karen and her team of experienced project management professionals have taken the industry by launching a wide assortment of sustainable solutions and supporting the brand environment.

K & R’s introduction of their CAMP site project management system and their support for a new 100% biodegradable component set them apart from their competitors.

Most recently, K&R Estee has worked on developing a sustainable in-store marketing program for loader brands, specifically rolling out custom graphic lighting solutions for their TCCS brand, LUCID Motors, and a Universal Wall project for several Right Aid Pharmacy stores. For. “

“The K&R team is keen to partner with you. If you need a great female-owned sustainable print, project management and installation partner for your next project, K&R is the calling team.”

– Founding partner Karen Fiorentino

Over the past year, K&R Intersection Media and Departure Media have become one of the preferred airport print vendors, and they have partnered with Circle Graphics to create tension fabric displays and SEG graphics.

K&R continues to use its ACDBE and DBE certification to provide women’s voices not only in the OOH industry, but also in the environment, events and retail industries.

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