Kind Snacks makes the ‘Grab + Go’ billboard – oh today

The billboard is filled with 500+ pieces of garden-fresh products and KIND bars

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For just one day, Kind of snacks Launched a Grab & Go billboard at London’s Kings Cross Station, filled with 500+ pieces of garden-fresh produce and KIND bars (of course).

The campaign comes after Kind Snack’s own study revealed that only 13% of Britons eat a handful of nuts daily, but about half of Brits (47%) will eat more nuts if they are convinced they are a healthier alternative. So, the theme of Kind’s campaign is to equate nuts with fruits and vegetables.

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Audrey Arbini

“At KIND we’ve been talking about the nutritional benefits of nuts for a long time, but our research shows that most people are not taking their recommended daily meals,” said Kind Snacks UK’s head of marketing. Audrey Arbini “Our grab and go billboard has shown in a simple, exciting moment that nuts should not be left out of the nutrition conversation,” he said. In fact, they should be promoted equally with other nutritious, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. “

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