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LA-based KEVANI, Inc., one of the largest and most innovative outdoor advertising companies in Southern California, has released a new survey showing that their unique OOH locations have a high brand memory, apparently more attractive and outperformed their competition. Similar sites in Angeles.

Axona Lab, a technology and innovation company that uses neuroscience and AI technology to monitor customers’ brains, conducts research for KEVANI, investigating the role of OOH placement in ad retention and its impact on creative fatigue.

Message for Movia Media

KEVANI’s goal is to understand the customer’s perception and perception after the ad is published, realizing that there is a continuous advertising message every day, both inside and outside the home.


Participants were divided into two random groups: Group 1 came into contact with different creatives in a certain order for both Cavani and non-Cavani sites. After the wait they had a creative withdrawal test to measure the effect. Group 2 was opened to both KEVANI and non-KEVANI sites with priority order of the same creative.

OOH sites tested include both prime (digital and full-motion) and standard (non-digital placement and mural) positions. The effects of cognitive load (how much information a work memory can hold at a given time), excitement, and memory of participants were all observed.

The result

KEVANI prime sites scored 8% less cognitive loads while KEVANI standard sites received 7% less cognitive loads which indicates that regardless of creative, OOH promotions will perform better on KEVANI sites due to their premium nature. Excitement levels also scored significantly higher on all KEVANI sites when displaying ads displayed a higher memory recall.

The brand recall rates of KEVANI Prime sites were quite high, further proving that brands use iconic placements in Los Angeles to differentiate them from the crowd.

CEO of Cavani
Kevin Bartanian

“This proves our theory that iconic media resources increase positive feedback, provide impact at a nervous level and achieve a very strong withdrawal rate – two key elements that contribute to real-world sales drive. As we add new-to-market assets As we continue to do so, KEVANI is committed to an enhanced and relevant perspective experience for our occupied territories, “says KEVANI CEO. Kevin Bartanian.

KEVANI’s study can help both the brand and the agency to predict campaign performance and provide metrics for the effectiveness of OOH placements to retain ads using the same method.

The full report can be downloaded Here


KEVANI is an outdoor (OOH) media sales company that promotes national and local brands through innovative outdoor advertising destinations. Our inventory gives our brand and agency partners a unique opportunity to captivate their audience. We started KEVANI because we want to bring value to our medium, from developing a new destination to selling a medium. Simply put, our goal is to transform our industry and we do so in compliance with our mission statement.

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