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May 16, 2022 (Atlanta, GA) – Intermx Data Enablement ®, North America’s leading population intelligence agency, announced today that its three companies – Intermx, Transport Foundry and Standard Data – will be merged under a new brand name. Motionworks.

Using standard data from location data and modeling skills from Transport Foundry, Intermx has fueled the currency for the outdoor advertising industry across North America. The Transport Foundry has helped government planners and transportation agencies to make effective decisions to achieve social equality in service delivery and to manage efficient city infrastructure funding. The brand new, MotionWorks, combines these three successful business values ​​with one name, displaying the tagline “Insights into Motion”.

Last year, all three companies experienced strong growth. They have made significant investments in efficiency, multiplying their client portfolios, and expanding into new geographic and vertical regions. The MotionWorks brand strengthens the company’s position as a leader in the dynamics space. Its shared vision for translating location science into demographic intelligence gives the company the ability to expand and improve its value for its employees and clients.

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Ryan Kinski

“I am incredibly proud of the value we have given our clients to this day,” he said Ryan Kinski, Co-founder of MotionWorks. “Integration under a single, strong brand will encourage our entire team to increase our dominance in the market.”

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Matthew Martimo

“We have worked diligently to expand our product portfolio to meet the needs of our existing clients and future partners,” he said. Matthew Martimo, Co-founder of MotionWorks. “These products will be released in the coming months, and I am excited to launch our ground-breaking portfolio with a strong brand name like MotionWorks.”

MotionWorks unveiled its rebrand at the Geopath / OAA Out-of-Home Conference and Expo on Marco Island, Florida. Their new website will be placed on

About Motionworks
Motionworks is a trusted demographic expert who helps customers make smarter and more confident decisions with privacy-compliant, innovative data solutions. MotionWorks is a combination of three powerhouse companies, Mobility Space, Intermax, Transport Foundry and Standard Data, with a wide client portfolio of advertising, government planning, tourism, transportation engineering and retail. Powered by geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers and user experience experts, Motionworks offers a wide range of high-value mobility insights that provide historical, real-time, ideological, and predictive intelligence on how people travel around the world.

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