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In partnership with IKE Smart City, Atlanta City unveiled the first in a series of digital interactive kiosks called IKE (Interactive Kiosk Experience) at a ribbon-cutting event this week. In the presence of Mayor Andre Dickens, council members and other City stakeholders, the event demonstrated the City’s commitment to the digital dividing bridge by setting up 120 IKE kiosks across Atlanta. At launch three IKEs are fully installed, the rest are followed

Designed to help visitors and residents access and navigate local businesses, this partnership brings state-of-the-art Smart City technology to the public at no cost to the city or its components. A minimum of 25% of the network is allocated to disadvantaged communities.

The launch event will take place at the junction of Benjamin E Mess Drive and Cascade Road, with comments from Mayor Andre Dickens and District 11 Council member Mercy Collier Overstreet, among others. IKE Smart City has partnered closely with the City of Atlanta Department of Information Management on this project, with enthusiastic support from the mayor’s office.

“A bright future as a city demonstrates our commitment to the installation connection of these IKE kiosks across the city,” he said. Major Dickens. “The IKE kiosks are informative, showcasing the best for our city residents and visitors alike, and further support our efforts to move Atlanta forward.”

IKE puts innovative technology in commercial, pedestrian-oriented areas to provide the ability to find advanced paths through smart city technology. The two-sided ADA-compliant kiosk features two digital touchscreens and an attractive suite of interactive applications that drive discovery, mobility and equity.

Each kiosk serves as a free Wi-Fi hotspot and displays location-specific, specific information for the surrounding area for a hyper-local experience. Multilingual content includes detailed lists of local businesses, cultural organizations, events, civic resources, job listings and social services such as safe haven, addiction recovery programs and food aid. Local small businesses will receive free promotions within IKE’s directory listing and a reduced rate for advertising on kiosks.

IKE Smart City shares Atlanta’s commitment to the local economy and equitable access to vital resources. Wayfinding features are designed to turn information into action – the location of the kiosk was chosen strategically to ensure access to every city council district across Atlanta.

Using real-time, aggregated public transit data, IKE provides users with access to multimodal trip-planning features that can be used to navigate public transit, bike sharing, scooter, ride sharing and walking. Such capabilities directly link visitors and residents to local business and social services through sustainable, equitable, and accessible transportation services and resources.

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IKE enhances the City’s ability to connect with residents and visitors by serving as a comprehensive communication platform. In addition to displaying commercial content, IKE allocates space for sending relevant community messages to cities and local communities, as well as disseminating important public safety information in a highly visible way. Through real-time feeds from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), kiosks display instant emergency messages such as severe weather warnings. AMBER alerts, active shooter events, fire warnings and other information issued by more than 1,000 authorities certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). All kiosks are equipped with security cameras and an emergency call button that connects directly to a 911 sender.

Other public safety features include regular cleaning of kiosks – at least three times a week – and an anti-viral screen coating that kills 99.9% of viral bacterial pathogens. IKE Smart City will also provide air quality reports for the city of Atlanta.

Profile photo of Pete Scotland“We are thrilled to be partnering with the city of Atlanta, one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country. IKE will further enhance the pedestrian experience by providing wider connectivity and equal access to information from all communities,” he said. Pete ScotlandIKE Smart City CEO. “In addition to driving discovery, mobility and equity, kiosks will support the city’s cultural diversity by displaying public art on IKE screens.”

IKE Smart City supports the production and presentation of art and cultural activities in Atlanta, which is reflected in IKE’s ongoing programming mix. Kiosks will regularly showcase new projects by local and international artists in collaboration with Atlanta’s most recognized cultural institutions and industry organizations. Artist in a launch project. The work will feature Fahamu Peko, an award-winning American visual artist and scholar best known for creating works that combine the fine arts and hip-hop aspects of popular culture. In addition, the kiosks will feature the work and programming of other Atlanta-based artists, community groups and galleries, including Adrian Franks, Dubelio, Juquette Gallery and Powerhouse Creative. IKE has also partnered with Atlanta Contemporary to promote its exhibits through advertising and to highlight the industry from its exhibition program.

IKE is about smart city
IKE Smart City is a pioneer of smart city technology to improve lives in cities. The company was formed to develop and operate the Premier Interactive Kiosk Platform aimed at building a roadmap and city communication system for the digital age, and to deliver it to city partners in a self-sustaining business model at no cost. IKE kiosks help cities, business development districts and destination marketing companies connect with the public, promote a pedestrian-based environment and tell the story of their city. IKE is currently live in 15 cities across the country.

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