How to rock your event: Custom stadium cups in full color

We all know what the classic 16-ounce Stadium Cup means: Fun. These are often perforated, usually plastic and always filled with a cold drink. If you see a party and don’t have a dishwasher on duty, you must have an uninterrupted supply of stadium cups on hand. The stadium cups are designed to have a generous pour of a cold drink of choice and are strong enough to have multiple refills and a whole day of fun.

Customized stadium cups are a great way to connect your small business to a party, fundraiser or networking event. Today’s Stadium Cup goes a long way in choosing the color of your choice জনপ্রিয় making your drink as popular as your next event. Some features of the modern printed stadium cup:

  • Fully customizable: From sporty to sophisticated, stainless steel single use, one color to full color logos, you can design your stadium cups to suit your style and occasion.
  • Reusable and finally built: When you choose a reusable printed stadium cup, you make sure your name stays on top of your mind and less waste is created at your event.
  • Full color means full effect: For the ultimate effect, color your logo completely! Flatten the playground and take your small business to the front of the line when you add your full color logo to a printed stadium cup.

Why choose a reusable stadium cup?

A stadium cup designed for long-term use is good news for your brand as well as reducing waste.

  • Designed for long distances, not for landfills: According to the environmental nonprofit Upstream, “the average stadium that hosts 300 events each year uses 5.4 million single-use cups, generating 63.75 tons of waste.”1 Reusable stadium cups help reduce waste at events of all sizes.
  • Long lasting branding: The modern reusable stadium cup lets you choose the size, style and quality that gets your name on display and keeps it on top of the mind even outside of an event.
  • Built to affect: The stronger and more attractive the stadium cup, the more likely your recipient is to keep it as a souvenir and use it for next year.
  • Safe for all settings: Reusable stadium cups are usually made of plastic. They are safe for pool, beach, kids party and college campus.

What are some features of Stadium Cup?

Check out some of the design elements that make stadium cups fun for picnics, stadiums and special events:

  • Rolled rim: Stadium cups often have a ridge at the top and a rolled rim or lip. It makes for smooth sips and easy stacking. It’s easy to quickly unstack your custom stadium cups when the party is at the top with a ridge.
  • Indented base: Some stadium cups have an indented base. This makes the cup stackable, easy to drink without leaving your head too far behind to reach the bottom of your drink, and easy to slip into a cup holder.
  • Ridge and line: Some stadium cups include ridges, indents and lines. Some people use these lines as a measurement guide: if your cold drink contains ice or multiple ingredients, one or two lines will always help in mixing as fast as possible, on demand. However, they are intended to ensure that your recipient maintains a good grip on their cold drinks.
  • Double walls: High-end stadium cups feature ice-cold drinks, dry hands and double-walled construction for long-term branding. Double-wall insulation keeps the cold longer, improves durability and ensures that your custom stadium cup is the first to be caught for drinking outside or on the go.
  • Any drink, any occasion: A reusable stadium cup has enough capacity for any cold drink, including ample space for mixing ice or multiple ingredients.

How do I get the best branding from my Stadium Cup?

Stadium cups often go hand in hand with special events, live music and fancy memories. Whether it’s the Youth Soccer League semifinals, a business networking event or a wedding anniversary, stadium cups are part of the action. Choose the ones that suit your style and make them part of your branding. Below we break down the best options for stadium cup branding.

Full color means maximum visibility

The Stadium Cup goes well with good times, loud music and live action. Make sure your logo can keep up with the pace by printing a full color logo on your printed stadium cup. For durability, vibrant color and an affordable price, we like:

Full color 16 oz. Ava Plastic Stadium Cup: Reusable, reusable and the right size for large and small drinks.

Full color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup: This 22-ounce wonder technique works when it’s seriously hydrating. What’s more, the large cups draw more attention to the imprint of your full color logo on the front.

Double-walled for Ultimate Quality

Your recipients can feel the added weight and durability of the double-walled design, and when their drink is colder than before, they will double your appreciation for your thoughtfulness (and your brand).

Full color 16 oz. Reusable Run Stadium Cup: Your full color logo, in this powerful, reusable stadium cup, is bound to stick around party after party.

The extra “wow” aims at your stadium cup

Sometimes you just want to go full throttle. These personalized full color stadium cups have special features that make your event festive and draw extra attention to your full color impression:

12 oz Rainbow Confetti Mood Cup with Straw: It’s got everything: crazy pattern, color changing material, plus a lid and straw so from Bonfire Karaoke to Poolside Shenanigan, you can count on any splashes and big branding.

Mix & Match Hurricane Cup – 14oz: If it’s a party for a memory book, your personalized stadium cup should be a memorable one too. Choose a different neon color for the top and stem and get ready to start the party and increase your sales.

For a pop-up party, choose a compressible cup

Custom Stainless Steel Cup with Slide-Action Lid – 16oz: Thanks to the stainless steel construction and a drop-resistant lid, your recipients are cooling in style with this high-quality Logo Stadium Cup. Great for camping, tailgating and concerts in the park.

For single use, extend your cup for recycled plastic

If you want to host a party without all the clean-up, single-use personalized stadium cups are in order. Inside or outside your event, top drawer or lower eyebrow, there is a single use stadium cup that fits the bill. For convenience, at a low price and with a clear conscience with disposable cups with low carbon footprint, we prefer:

16 Oz. Good Value: PET Disposable Cup: We like it and we doubt you will too. It is made of recycled plastic and is recyclable. Great for cafeterias, conference centers, food trucks, festivals, farmer’s markets and more.

Where can I see more of your Stadium Cup selection?

From the double-wall to the disposable, the party begins when the cup of the stadium comes out. Options vary as your small business, branding style and budget needs. Choose from our wide selection of custom stadium cups and plastic cups to have fun on tap and have your brand in each hand.



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