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FotoFetch Shot from the coast today!

Gary Bembsberger, Its co-founder FotoFetch
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Our goal is simple, to take photos anywhere today. We have created the platform to do this. This process, however, takes the investment of a strategic software to manage this new business process. For example, imagine Uber without software. It distinguishes between FotoFetch and the commercial photography industry. Missing links to a strategic software platform. What FotoFetch does is create a client library that can be shared and externally needed for collecting, organizing and distributing thousands of photo assignments.

It determines our platform, our capabilities and what we have created. We’ve always thought of completing hundreds and thousands of photo assignments, not between ten and twenty. The secret was and is, easy to find out. It has defined us from the beginning and that is why we have invested in our software platform and the developers have a full time staff.

In a world where there are more cameras than humans, we have redefined who can sell a picture We acknowledge that your cost to get a photo is 4 and only 4 parts. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

  1. There is a photographer on the site
  2. Having a photographer with the right equipment
  3. Having a photographer with the right skills.

These 3 things are all important to what you need in your photo, but the fourth is what you need in the business process.

4. It’s easy to do, so it’s worth your time to acquire and manage a photo.

FotoFetch Your enterprise resource solution for photography, videography, drones and beyond. Fotofetch is a US corporation where investors around the world are changing the way they approach commercial photography. Combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions, FotoFetch serves industries as an on-demand photography source anywhere in the world.

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