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Yahoo and Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising technology companies, have announced a strategic partnership to integrate their industry-leading technologies and enable global premium, programmatic DOOH cross-channel media campaigns. .

Through the partnership, Yahoo’s omnichannel Demand Side Platform (DSP) will be integrated with Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP), which will give Yahoo and its clients Hivestack’s premium globalHO to convert Hivestack’s premium in real-time bidding (RTB) transactions. Open Exchange and Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals.

Message for Movia Media
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Bruno Guerrero

“The evolutionary programmatic DOOH landscape has created many opportunities for brands, advertisers and media owners to make the channel a meaningful and measurable connection to viewers around the world. With premium global DOOH inventory and access to data, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate with Yahoo DSP to facilitate seamless, efficient experience of Omnichannel marketers to transact across DOOH. ” Bruno GuerreroCOO of Hivestack.

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Evan Markman

“DOOH marries high-impact creatives with cost efficiency across an omnichannel campaign strategy,” said Evan Markman, Chief Business Officer at Yahoo. “Early in space, Yahoo helped advertisers maximize DOOH screens throughout customer journeys and build meaningful and memorable connections. The partnership extends that capability and affords Yahoo DSP advertisers a diverse, global and premium OOH inventory Hivestack.”

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Barry Frey

“The outdoor sector has seen a resurgence in the past year, fueled by innovative creative work, digital convenience and a return to ‘normal’,” he said. Barry Frey, President and CEO of DPAA. “With summer on the Northern Hemisphere horizon, expect to see the world’s biggest brands shine across OOH screens – from tall billboards to checkout isles. We’re thrilled to see key players and DPAA board members like Yahoo and HiVestack connect to facilitate this interaction between customers and brands. “

Advertisers and companies can instantly access Hivestack’s worldwide DOOH inventory through Yahoo DSP.

About Hivestack

Hivestack is the largest independent, global, fully stacked, marketing technology company, strengthening the buying and selling side of programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Hivestack was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Montreal, Canada and operates in 25+ countries around the world.

About Yahoo

Yahoo is a global media and technology company that reaches nearly 900 million people worldwide, bringing their money, sports, shopping, gaming and news closer together – the trusted products, content and technology that fuel their day. For partners, we provide a full-stack platform for businesses to drive growth across ad, search and media and drive more meaningful connections.

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