Hit the Streets: Door-to-Door Marketing Tips to Raise Brand Awareness

Are you a wallflower in your art? Do people pass your business knowing you are not there? The personal connections that can be made to your community through door-to-door marketing cannot be underestimated, and many local businesses can benefit greatly by taking to the streets of their local community. Want to try it for your business? Here are our best tips that will literally open the door to your business.

Know your local soliciting laws

Door-to-door marketing has become even more difficult as many HOA’s, apartments and gated communities have put in place a “no request” policy. Even if you don’t try to sell directly at the door, door-to-door marketing can often fall into the category of requests. So, before you print your pamphlets and hit the street, make sure you take the time to see which areas are available for request. Call HOA representatives and apartment building owners, visit nearby areas where there is no “make a request” sign, and even consider talking to a local government office about what is technically considered a request in that area. Be aware, even leaving the flyer at the door silently can count as a request in many cases.

So, what can you do for this “no request” area? You can:

  • Keep your flyers inside the mailbox
  • Ask HOA representatives for special permission to post flyers
  • Put up posters in public posting places
  • Get permission to set up a promotional stand in a local park
  • Request during parades and other local events

Pro Tip: You can also draw customers to you with the permission of a little promotional party from someone in the area or from a nearby public park! Add some loud music (see local noise rules), free BBQ or hot chocolate (depending on the season) and promote through actual social connections.

Who can benefit from door-to-door marketing?

While any business can benefit by increasing local visibility, some businesses are more suited than others to physically take their marketing to their customers. Here are some examples of small businesses that benefit the most from in-house marketing and what they can do:

Accommodation: The real estate industry is hot right now, with first-time buyers desperate to get out of the hiring game to sell cash at high market prices, now is an important time to introduce your business to your community. Gifts such as house-shaped magnets and house-shaped keychains can be easily delivered to the door or left in a mailbox for promotion that will stick around.

Local Restaurant: There are many houses nearby but there is not much foot traffic? Grab some coupons and show your community that good food is right around the corner! Customers like a good deal, and once they realize that there is a suitable place to eat near their home, you will see many more coming regularly.

Landscaping: Once you get down the street, you can often tell customers what you need most just by walking past their house! Dead lawns, dead trees, unused backyards and broken fences are all signs of a home in need of help that you can see from the street. Grab some gifts and coupons, load the car, and drive around to find hot spots for customers if needed.

Home improvement: Older houses are full, or even need some finished basements Do you know some local areas of the new build? Don’t wait for them to find you, get your flyer and magnet gifts and knock on some doors!

Pro Tip: Didn’t see your art on this list? It’s not broad, but the general rule is that if your main target customer base is in a specific, small geographic area and they don’t know where you are, then you can take advantage of your business.

Booklets, papers, and more

When you’re going through pamphlets, flyers, and door hangers, make sure you’re making the most of your space without turning it into a napkin. Here are some keys to creating effective flyers for your business:

  • Focus on your title: Are you trying to promote? Sell? A special feature? An event? Place it in front and in the center where it can be read at a glance and absorbed.
  • Keep it short: There is a lot to say but no place? Give a brief description then point them to your website. Use a QR code or a short link that can be easily typed, otherwise they won’t bother.
  • Get Visual: Don’t leave customers with a block of text; Add a picture! Some companies color flaunt! Something simple but beautiful that will make the difference between pinning or trashing in the fridge. Find other professional flyers for inspiration.
  • Make it relevant: Do you flyer up every week? Stop it. No one will read after the second or third round. Save your budget to promote events, gifts, big sales, or other significant changes that customers really want to know.

Pro Tip: On behalf of your customers, please get help designing your flyer. If you have no design experience, even just sitting with an RTC friend will make a big difference in how your flyer comes to customers.

Give the something they will keep

While flyers, business cards, and brochures are an essential way to share your business information, we all know that most people won’t hold that flyer for long after reading it. If you really want to get your message across, give your customers something to remember about who you are when they need your products and services:

Promotional magnets

Get your name on your customers’ refrigerators with your own custom magnet! Better than a business card and easy to customize with the necessary information, these simple gifts ensure that your information is at hand when your customers need it most. You can also choose a magnet shape that matches the product with your industry or choose a traditional shape like this business card magnet.

Branded pen

A fancy pen is a great gift for any door-to-door marketing campaign. Pens like these custom metallic soft touch pens are full of features that make it the pen of choice for customers to use at home and at work and keep your business logo and information in general view. Long after your flyer is lost, your pen will remind customers every day of their beautiful interaction with your business.

Custom Notepad

Stay on top of each personal reminder, grocery list and doodle after your customers create your own custom notepad! This Souvenir® 4 ″ x 6 ″ scratchpad compact and convenient notepad like 25 sheets will be used by your customers over and over again, and will probably make it an attractive purse pocket to use on the go! Easy to carry and share at the door, Notepads are a great gift to leave with your future customers.

Make the right impression

Anyone knocking on the door, make sure they see the part! Customers don’t want to be persuaded by a stranger wearing a hoodie, decorate your representatives with a uniform look that people can trust. That uniform appearance creates a sense of authority that the person they are talking to is a true professional in their case, and not some random seasonal employee who is looking for quick money. Here are some basic things every company should use for door-to-door marketing:

Promotional T-shirts

There is no need to send each representative to the heat after the suit and tie to make a good impression. All you need to look professional is a clean shirt made to represent your business. Shirt like Gildan Performance® Adult 5 oz. The T-shirt is perfect for door-to-door work, thanks to its moisture-way, antimicrobial and snag-resistant fabric.

Custom branded hat

Employees who walk in the sun for a long time should wear a hat to keep the sun away from their face anyway, so why not make that hat work for your brand? Hats like these Good Value ™ Front Runner Caps not only feel and look beautiful, but they also give a professional look to customers who might be nervous to answer their door for another stranger.

Going door-to-door to market your business may seem old-fashioned to some, but the truth is it is a very powerful way to connect with future customers. Don’t just rely on the internet to get your name there. If you know where your customers are, if your local community is prime for your business, hit the street and tell them you’re here!

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