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Adgill co-founder and president

Adgile Media Group, a leading technology-capable, out-of-home advertising agency, has announced বী 5 million in seed round funding from the most influential players in the consumer brand segment. Led by Brand Foundry Ventures, the additional participants include prominent brand investors, Amity Supply; Investment Fund, Fin Capital Partners; Venture Capital Firm, Consumer Ventures; D2C and growth specialist, Nick Sharma; Investor and entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman; Michael Presman, founder of the D2C brand Everlane; Venture Capital Firm, Niche Capital; KBP brand co-founders, Barry Dubin and Rathi’s executive, Chris Hull.

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Adgile is innovating outdoor advertising by resolving physical-world attributions and transforming end-mile delivery trucks into highly efficient, metric-centric mobile billboards for brands across the country. With a shrinkage of 100,000 units of inventory under management across the country’s top 50 markets, Adgile and its partner ecosystems have quickly gained market share in an industry that is red-hot in terms of the impact of iOS14.5 on the advertising community. .

The long neglected OOH channel is finally entering the digital age with Adgile.

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Max Flannery

“The long-neglected OOH channel is finally entering the digital age with Adjil,” he said. Max Flannery, Co-founder and president of Adgile. “By reinventing the classic approach to the outdoors, we’re providing brands with an ad format that goes far beyond the ROI of traditional players in the industry.”

Founded in 2018 by Tom Shea and Max Flannery at the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge, Adzil will accelerate the growth of this fund, as the company aims to bring precise, powerful data and attribution to the world of outdoor advertising. . Adgile will use the funds to deepen the company’s geographic presence, expand branding, advance proprietary technology development, and recruit qualified new recruits across sales, data science, and engineering functions.

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Tom Shea

“Over the last two decades, brands have chased – and then competed – the ROI that exists in digital advertising,” he says. Tom Shea, Co-founder and COO of Adgile. “Now we can track OOH’s performance with statistical rigor. Our customers are thrilled with the significant reduction in customer acquisition costs as a result of their Adgile campaign. To performance marketers, it is clear that OOH will be a part of the modern day performance marketing conversation.”

Adgile’s leadership team includes senior executives with deep roots in advertising, technology, OOH, tracking, finance and marketing, including Adgile’s CMO, Mark S. Mitchell Gordon, Strachan, former CCO of Publicis-Sapphire and CEO of Adgile, and Salomon Smith Barney, former world head of Transportation Investments, CEO of Banking and Edition Logistics Management.

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Brian Spley

“Adgile has the right team to build the future of outdoor advertising,” he said Brian Spley From Brand Foundry Ventures, who joined the board. “Adgile is leading the digital and physical world of advertising and we are proud to partner with them.”

About Adgile Media Group
Founded in 2018, Adgile Media Group is the nation’s leading technology-enabled, data-driven outdoor media company. The company’s truck fleet provides brands with a highly effective and efficient platform to further their marketing communication efforts. Adgile brings the elements that have made digital advertising so popular in the outside world. Adgile wraps end-mile delivery trucks on behalf of brands to reach their ideal customers and measure return on investment using geo-location technology.

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