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DOmedia has announced that it will open its Real-Time Inventory Data API to all out-of-home (OOH) media operators, starting June 2022. API gives media vendors the ability to seamlessly integrate their inventory with price and availability, along with the DOmedia Enterprise platform, as well as, the only e-commerce platform that gives advertisers access to all OOH formats across the United States and Canada. Domidia Enterprise Tools has facilitated the OOH campaign for companies representing more than 40% of Forbes’ 100 Most Valuable Brands. OOH Media Sales at BillboardsIn increased by 500% in 2021 and is expected to surpass that momentum in 2022.

In March 2021, BillboardsIn for the first time collected real-time inventory data from a major US billboard operator via API. Over the next year, data showed that operators offering real-time availability and pricing were twice as likely to buy through Billboardsine than similar competitors. Data provided through the API, as well as inventory data that operators manage within DOmedia, is used to serve about 150,000 local advertisers who have created BillboardsIn accounts.

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“I’ve never bought a billboard ad online before, and I’m sure that’s how it will be,” he said. Carol Heisler-Lawson Of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. “But I got what I wanted to make sure the Billboardsine team worked closely with me.”

In April, the Independent Billboard Operators Association (IBOUSA), which represents privately owned OOH media operators across the United States, began integrating members into inventory billboards. The first IBOUSA media resource, a mix of static and digital billboards, was purchased within six business days. Like all purchases through BillboardsIn, advance payment was made from the buyer and operators were given the opportunity to review and accept the contract.

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Jeff R. Lamb

‚ÄúThat buyer, VA ElectricNow your customer, ” Jeff Lamb, CTO of DOmedia told participants at his presentation at the May 4, 2022 IBOUSA conference in Kansas City, MO. “BillboardsIn focuses on expanding access to OOH Media for first-time buyers – 75% of BillboardsIn customers have never purchased a billboard before.”

“BillboardsIn focuses on expanding access to OOH Media for first-time buyers – 75% of BillboardsIn customers have never purchased a billboard before.”

Operators who are unable to take advantage of DOmedia’s API can still use DOmedia’s full vendor tools to respond to customer requests. This includes agencies using DOmedia’s Enterprise Platform, which have signed contracts worth more than 500 million by 2021. These companies’ automated responses represent significant time savings for operators, but data suggests that this will also improve sales performance. A previous analysis of buying trends within the DOmedia agency platform presented at the 2019 OAAA / Geopath National Convention found that agencies were more likely to buy from operators who responded quickly with high-quality data.

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Nicholas Sadler

“Enhancing management skills – and allowing agency experts to focus on adding value to clients – has always been a shared goal of DOmedia and our enterprise agency users,” he said. Nick SadlerCEO of DOmedia.

Between Enterprise Tools and Billboards, 180 media agencies began using DOmedia’s software for OOH planning and purchasing in 2021. Was the most prominent BillupsThe largest, independent, privately-owned out-of-home (OOH) technology and managed service organization in the United States

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DOmedia is the largest marketplace platform in the outdoor advertising industry for media planning, buying and selling. The world’s leading advertising agencies and media companies rely on DOmedia’s enterprise solutions, while small businesses use to plan and execute OOH campaigns online.

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