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Expanding summer education opportunities for young students and helping parents prevent “summer slides” National Summer Learning AssociationPartnered with the only organization in the country dedicated solely to ensuring access to education for children Clear Channel Outdoor America Launch a nationwide digital billboard campaign aimed at connecting kids with high-quality summer programs in their community, and reviving their learning joy.

In the midst of a summer plan for their children with parents and carers, the campaign will have a message that will drive them to – an online destination of NSLA, in partnership with InPlay, created in response to COVID-19. . There, families can discover affordable local summer programs, meals, parental tips and a sea of ​​resources to keep kids learning, safe and healthy. The website lists approximately 30,000 local programs in 4,000 communities in all 50 states across the United States.

Miguel Cardona's profile photo, Ed.  D.
Miguel Cardona, ed. D.

“Summer education programs have always been important to our students, but over the years, they have become essential. Quality summer education and enrichment programs are key to recovering from the epidemic,” said Secretary of Education. Miguel Cardona. “These programs are very important for parents and carers. I am grateful to NSLA and their partners that provides families with a great resource for navigating their options. “

The CCOA will run outdoor messages across its nearly 2,000 digital displays across the country from May through the end of National Summer Learning Week (July 11-15), a celebration dedicated to increasing the importance of children’s learning each summer. They return to school ready to succeed in the year.

As the United States enters its third summer of epidemics, many families continue to struggle with childcare, food insecurity, and educational disasters for the country’s most vulnerable children. The exclusion of children from social connections and friendships is also a top concern for parents. According to a new America Afternoon 3 pm report, 6 out of 10 parents are more concerned today about their children’s mental health than ever before the epidemic.

Children typically lose some academic skills in the summer, but the epidemic has exacerbated learning disabilities this summer, especially for children living in less resource-poor communities. A large-scale survey by the RAND Corporation / Wallace Foundation found that students improved their math and reading skills with higher attendance at a free, five- to six-week, voluntary summer education program.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify

In addition to the joint nationwide effort, NSLA will display a larger-life message on two CCOA digital billboards in the center of Iconic Times Square in New York City on June 8 to further expand the power of summer education for young people. To nurture the curiosity of young students, the National Board of NSLA will join together in front of digital audiences to commemorate the ongoing critical work of summer programs.

Profile photo of Aaron Philip Dwarkin
Aaron Philip Dwarkin

“The need for summer education and opportunities for prosperity has never been greater,” he said Aaron Dwarkin, CEO, NSLA. “By partnering with Clear Channel Outdoor, we can work towards our goal of ensuring that every young person in America has access to a quality summer education experience that helps them learn, grow and improve – not just in school, but in life as well.”

Dan Levy's profile photo
Dan Levy

“In support of the NSLA, local summer programs across the country have had a significant impact in helping our country’s youth expand their minds and close the gaps in achievement,” he said. Dan Levy, EVP and CMO, CCOA and NSLA board members. “As we continue to work on educational equality, we are proud to be partnering with NSLA to help families discover summer education resources for their children in their local community in this highly visible way, while delivering the important message of summer there.”

About the National Summer Learning Association
For over thirty years, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) has worked to ensure that all young people in the United States, regardless of background, zip-code, and income, participate in and benefit from a high-quality summer education experience each year. NSLA commits, trains and supports more than 15,000 school and district leaders, youth to provide educational opportunities during the summer months to government agencies, corporations and community based non-profit organizations.

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