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VOOH from Chan for China Expansion – Oh Today

VIOOHLeading Premium Global Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Supply-Side Platform, Announces Rentals Calvin Chan As the new CEO in China.

In his new role, Chan will be responsible for the scale and development of VIOOH's programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) offer across mainland China and Hong Kong, China.

Profile photo of Jean-Christophe Conti
Jean-Christophe Conti

"We are delighted to welcome Calvin Chan to the VIOOH team. Calvin is a highly respected leader in the industry and he brings a lot of experience and knowledge to this role, ”he said Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO, VIOOH. "This is an exciting time for the region, with the recent launch of our programmatic digital OOH offer across the Hong Kong metro network, and further expansion set for mainland China."

Chan is an innovative and widely respected digital industry expert in China, with nearly 20 years of experience in the digital and marketing technology industry. Prior to joining VIOOH, Chan served as the first general manager of The Trade Desk for China, where he contributed to the growth of the index and the development of talent for its market entry. Prior to that, Chan was the CEO of Admaster, a leading digital measurement and data solutions provider in China, and held management positions for Nielsen Company in China and the United States.

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In addition to Chan's wealth of experience, he is currently MMA China's immediate past vice president and board member and executive chairman of the ECI @ MarTech Committee, an industry body focused on innovation in the digital economy, and has been featured in Campaign Magazine's Asia Pacific "Under 40" Recognized as one of the 40's and ranked on the campaign's "China's Digital A-list".

Calvin Chan

“I am thrilled to be joining VIOOH at such a transformative time for the industry. As highlighted in VIOOH's Hong Kong State of the Nation report, an impressive 94% of agencies and advertisers say they plan to increase their pDOOH advertising spend, and one-third (37%) expect their advertising spending to more than double. It reiterates that the future of programmatic DOOH in this region is strong and represents a great opportunity for the industry, "he said. Calvin Chan, CEO - China, VIOOH. "Outdoors, programmatic digital is certainly one of the most promising growth engines for the AdTech industry in both the mainland China and Hong Kong markets, and I look forward to sharing further developments from VIOOH," Chan added.

VIOOH was launched in Hong Kong in 2020 at Hong Kong International Airport. This was soon followed by JCDecaux Cityscape's expansion into urban Hong Kong with a list of street furniture and bus shelters. Most recently last month, VIOOH, in partnership with JCDecaux Transport, launched its programmatic digital OOH offer across the Hong Kong MTR network - bringing VIOOH coverage to 70% of the total number of digital screens in Hong Kong.

VIOOH is a leading premium global digital out-of-home supply-side platform. Launched in 2018 and headquartered in London, VIOOH's platform connects buyers and sellers into a premium marketplace, making OOH easily accessible.

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Advertising at home: How to market to people near you

With inflation and rising gas prices, many travel destinations are out of budget for vacationers. But that doesn't mean your travel business is out of the question. The attractions of hotels and destinations can still be profitable with other types of vacationers: stationers. When locals get bored of doing something fun with their vacation time, you need to be prepared to give them a vacation experience that they can only get at home. Check out these top marketing ideas to bring stationers to your doorstep year after year.

What is a location?

A station is a vacation in your home area, which means checking into a local hotel or just using your own home as your vacation base. This is a great way for people who need to save money to enjoy the holiday experience - to spend time and enjoy the sites - without having to travel far. This is a great way for a tourist to explore local activities and experiences in their area. The location can be as short as a single day or as long as any other holiday. The big difference to you? These people will be in your area all year round.

Marketing in the local family

If a population needs some serious position, it is family with children. Traveling with young children, with small children and "I don't want to leave my friends" can be a serious pain for teens who want to stay away from work to do something fun as a family. These people will look for something local that can still carry that "wow" vacation factor but without the pressure of road travel and flight juggling. When viewing local activities, parents should look for:

  • Child friendship: Do you have anywhere to breastfeed mothers? Change the table? Shady play area? Stroller-accessible areas?
  • Family activities: What can families do as a group? Do you have anything for all ages? It can be annoying even for adults to focus too much on the kids.
  • Food options: Do you have a good place to eat for the family, or do you have to move closer to a cooler if the family plans to stay longer? Remember, even most picky eaters prefer french fries.
  • Family-friendly price: A ticket can be affordable for two, a family of five can be in favor of a more savings-friendly place. Consider offering discounts for families and for children under a certain age.

Local single marketing

Unmarried people may not have the same restrictions as their families, but they are less likely to take much time off from work for a long-term position. However, they are more likely to pay more for a short stay or event. They like to go places with friends and look for unique or exciting activities. Here are some reasons why single occupants are looking for:

  • Feelings of luxury: Unmarried people want to live in the moment, so give them a chance to enjoy themselves with their spa services, waiting dining and much more.
  • A sense of adventure: Unmarried people are more likely to have adrenaline junkie, so give them some exciting days! Exciting rides, spooky walkthroughs, outdoor meals and more.
  • Worth to boast: Do you have a sense of exclusivity in your venue? Is there anything you can't find anywhere else? Those singles give some bragging about their friends.
  • Insta-worthy: Photo or not, unmarried people want a place to take great selfies to share online. Set up beautiful places for singles to get their best pictures

Pro Tip: When trying to strike a balance between stationers and vacationers, consider offering station specials in the off-season. This will pad your year-round profits and give stationers a chance to enjoy your venue once the holiday crowd is gone.

Coordinate with local business

When marketing to most tourists, it's a good idea to promote your business on travel sites and magazines because that's what vacationers see. But what about the occupants? Stationers will check coupons with their large store subscriptions, find deals with their employers, and use local activity subscriptions. This is where you want to put in a lot of special deals to benefit both you and the business you work with.

Coordinating with other businesses can also help you expand what you offer. For example, hotels may offer discounted tickets to their guests at local events, and restaurants may set up special dining services in local amusement parks. When you work with other businesses in your area, you increase your business potential.

Increase your return appeal

Locators are more than just your usual one and complete audience. Since they are close to your business, they can quickly become a returning customer if they think there is more to come back. For example, an escape room may be the most exciting escape room in a company area, but they won't get much return business if they only have one escape scene. Find ways to keep things fresh by providing different experiences.

Marketing ideas for hotels

Need ideas for how to keep things fresh for locals? Here are some ways you can get things done and compete:

  • Themed rooms: Even if you have a central theme for your hotel, you can play that theme to create unique experiences for different rooms. For example, a beach resort may have a house under the sea, a sand and sun house, a boat room, and so on.
  • Seasonal dining: Use local and seasonal food to keep your indoor restaurant fresh all year round. If you don't have one, coordinate with a local restaurant to give your guests an exclusive dining experience.
  • Celebrate the holidays: Celebrate Independence Day, winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and more in hot seasons with your decorations and food so that customers come back to enjoy something new with each holiday.
  • Small Business Partners: Does anyone in your area offer to ride in a horse-drawn carriage? Yoga class? Custom bouquet? Expand what you offer by offering discounts and complementary services when customers order your "stationary package".

Marketing ideas for destination

Want to be a destination to stay locally? Here are some tips to keep things fresh and turn your name into a family brand in your area:

  • Host Field Trip: Schools are always looking for ways to add a little fun to their curriculum, so offer an annual discount for your future brand ambassadors! These kids will force their parents to take them over and over again and grow up with your business as part of their childhood nostalgia.
  • Host Trick-or-Treating: Need to introduce your local family to your destination? Host a spooky but family-friendly strategy-or-medical event!
  • Contribute to nightlife: When it gets dark and families go home, it's time to party alone! Become a place for unmarried and couples to get out of the house and stay with their own deep night events at the best time of their lives.
  • Embrace all seasons: Too cold for your water park? Set up an ice rink! No apples are picked in the spring? Set up some places for pictures and picnics. Find ways to use your venue throughout the year so that locals always come back.

Promote with swag

Both hotels and destinations can benefit by sharing their swag locally. Whether through promotional gifts, competitions, or just their own welcome sale at their own gift shop, locals still love to take souvenirs home and show them off. Here are some common stationery swag items you can promote:

Promotional T-shirts

Promotional t-shirts like the Hanes EcoSmart® 50/50 cotton / poly t-shirt are a great way to promote your brand in any community. Whether you are promoting a stationer or a vacationer, everyone can enjoy wearing a part of their experience at home in style.

Travel mug

Looking for ways to remind people about their great times? Whether it's a complementary hotel gift or a fancy mug full of hot chocolate, this 14 oz travel mug. Stainless steel no camp mugs with lids are a great way to take your brand home to your locals.

Overnight bag

Accommodations are often smaller than those big cross-country trips, so make it easy for your guests to get to the hotel with trendy and convenient overnight bags like The Weekender Deluxe Duffel Bag. Branded with the logo of your hotel or destination, you can be sure that they will remember you on every trip.

Photo frame

Let your customers enjoy their own station family photos, sponsored by you! Sell ​​your own brand photo frames like these 5 "x 7" photo frames so they never forget where their family memories came from.

Innovation pen

Want to share something small and easy? Fancy pens like these focus flashlight pens can be great fun for kids and parents while putting your name around the house.

While marketing is important to traditional vacationers, stationery is a much less used resource for many travel companies. Stackers are the people who will bring the most repeat business and are more likely to share their positive experiences with others who are in a position to become customers in the future. Take the time and evaluate how you can market and attract businesses throughout the year.

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How to rock your event: Custom stadium cups in full color

We all know what the classic 16-ounce Stadium Cup means: Fun. These are often perforated, usually plastic and always filled with a cold drink. If you see a party and don't have a dishwasher on duty, you must have an uninterrupted supply of stadium cups on hand. The stadium cups are designed to have a generous pour of a cold drink of choice and are strong enough to have multiple refills and a whole day of fun.

Customized stadium cups are a great way to connect your small business to a party, fundraiser or networking event. Today's Stadium Cup goes a long way in choosing the color of your choice জনপ্রিয় making your drink as popular as your next event. Some features of the modern printed stadium cup:

  • Fully customizable: From sporty to sophisticated, stainless steel single use, one color to full color logos, you can design your stadium cups to suit your style and occasion.
  • Reusable and finally built: When you choose a reusable printed stadium cup, you make sure your name stays on top of your mind and less waste is created at your event.
  • Full color means full effect: For the ultimate effect, color your logo completely! Flatten the playground and take your small business to the front of the line when you add your full color logo to a printed stadium cup.

Why choose a reusable stadium cup?

A stadium cup designed for long-term use is good news for your brand as well as reducing waste.

  • Designed for long distances, not for landfills: According to the environmental nonprofit Upstream, "the average stadium that hosts 300 events each year uses 5.4 million single-use cups, generating 63.75 tons of waste."1 Reusable stadium cups help reduce waste at events of all sizes.
  • Long lasting branding: The modern reusable stadium cup lets you choose the size, style and quality that gets your name on display and keeps it on top of the mind even outside of an event.
  • Built to affect: The stronger and more attractive the stadium cup, the more likely your recipient is to keep it as a souvenir and use it for next year.
  • Safe for all settings: Reusable stadium cups are usually made of plastic. They are safe for pool, beach, kids party and college campus.

What are some features of Stadium Cup?

Check out some of the design elements that make stadium cups fun for picnics, stadiums and special events:

  • Rolled rim: Stadium cups often have a ridge at the top and a rolled rim or lip. It makes for smooth sips and easy stacking. It's easy to quickly unstack your custom stadium cups when the party is at the top with a ridge.
  • Indented base: Some stadium cups have an indented base. This makes the cup stackable, easy to drink without leaving your head too far behind to reach the bottom of your drink, and easy to slip into a cup holder.
  • Ridge and line: Some stadium cups include ridges, indents and lines. Some people use these lines as a measurement guide: if your cold drink contains ice or multiple ingredients, one or two lines will always help in mixing as fast as possible, on demand. However, they are intended to ensure that your recipient maintains a good grip on their cold drinks.
  • Double walls: High-end stadium cups feature ice-cold drinks, dry hands and double-walled construction for long-term branding. Double-wall insulation keeps the cold longer, improves durability and ensures that your custom stadium cup is the first to be caught for drinking outside or on the go.
  • Any drink, any occasion: A reusable stadium cup has enough capacity for any cold drink, including ample space for mixing ice or multiple ingredients.

How do I get the best branding from my Stadium Cup?

Stadium cups often go hand in hand with special events, live music and fancy memories. Whether it's the Youth Soccer League semifinals, a business networking event or a wedding anniversary, stadium cups are part of the action. Choose the ones that suit your style and make them part of your branding. Below we break down the best options for stadium cup branding.

Full color means maximum visibility

The Stadium Cup goes well with good times, loud music and live action. Make sure your logo can keep up with the pace by printing a full color logo on your printed stadium cup. For durability, vibrant color and an affordable price, we like:

Full color 16 oz. Ava Plastic Stadium Cup: Reusable, reusable and the right size for large and small drinks.

Full color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup: This 22-ounce wonder technique works when it's seriously hydrating. What's more, the large cups draw more attention to the imprint of your full color logo on the front.

Double-walled for Ultimate Quality

Your recipients can feel the added weight and durability of the double-walled design, and when their drink is colder than before, they will double your appreciation for your thoughtfulness (and your brand).

Full color 16 oz. Reusable Run Stadium Cup: Your full color logo, in this powerful, reusable stadium cup, is bound to stick around party after party.

The extra “wow” aims at your stadium cup

Sometimes you just want to go full throttle. These personalized full color stadium cups have special features that make your event festive and draw extra attention to your full color impression:

12 oz Rainbow Confetti Mood Cup with Straw: It's got everything: crazy pattern, color changing material, plus a lid and straw so from Bonfire Karaoke to Poolside Shenanigan, you can count on any splashes and big branding.

Mix & Match Hurricane Cup - 14oz: If it's a party for a memory book, your personalized stadium cup should be a memorable one too. Choose a different neon color for the top and stem and get ready to start the party and increase your sales.

For a pop-up party, choose a compressible cup

Custom Stainless Steel Cup with Slide-Action Lid - 16oz: Thanks to the stainless steel construction and a drop-resistant lid, your recipients are cooling in style with this high-quality Logo Stadium Cup. Great for camping, tailgating and concerts in the park.

For single use, extend your cup for recycled plastic

If you want to host a party without all the clean-up, single-use personalized stadium cups are in order. Inside or outside your event, top drawer or lower eyebrow, there is a single use stadium cup that fits the bill. For convenience, at a low price and with a clear conscience with disposable cups with low carbon footprint, we prefer:

16 Oz. Good Value: PET Disposable Cup: We like it and we doubt you will too. It is made of recycled plastic and is recyclable. Great for cafeterias, conference centers, food trucks, festivals, farmer's markets and more.

Where can I see more of your Stadium Cup selection?

From the double-wall to the disposable, the party begins when the cup of the stadium comes out. Options vary as your small business, branding style and budget needs. Choose from our wide selection of custom stadium cups and plastic cups to have fun on tap and have your brand in each hand.


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Oh the best creative last week today – oh today

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OOH Best Creative last week today
Top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week.
If you have seen stellar work there, we want to know about it. Tag us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email.

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1. Great creative in Wisconsin for recruitment campaigns right now. | Lamar

2. Heineken My graduate We work Visitors to advertise "The Closer", a blue tooth-enabled bottle opener that lets your computer sleep while a bottle Heineken Opens, helps employees "power down" at the end of the workday. | Light box

3. No billboards were damaged in creating this ad RP equipment. | Adams Outdoor Advertising

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

4. Promotes Universal Pictures Jurassic World: Dominion. | Midnight oil

5. A simple but effective creative used by Bumble | Dynamics, Wavemaker, Infinity Outdoor Limited

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

6. This eye level University of Auckland Advertising in downtown Detroit is the perfect way to deliver a golden message. | Brooklyn Outdoor There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

7. Lexus Occupied JCDicaxTom Bradley's iconic LAX storyboard at the International Terminal promotes the release of the brand new Lexus LX 600. The campaign has also been featured across a large format of digital specs at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.


8. Weed Map | iKahanThere are no alternative text descriptions for this image

10. A testament to power McDonald's Iconic brand signals, as well as Leo Burnett's amazing design team in London.

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

If you have seen stellar work there, we want to know about it. Tag us LinkedIn Or Shoot us an email.

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WOO Launches Audience Measurement Guide – Oh Today

The World Out of Home Organization has launched its new global guidelines for measuring audiences at the WOO Global Congress in Toronto. Compiled by Global Guidelines Gideon Ade Committee chaired Neil Edelston.

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Based on existing 2009 ESOMAR guidelines, the goal is to promote sector growth around the world by improving the quality, accountability and trust of out-of-home people everywhere and by updating existing best practices for the digital out-of-home era (DOOH).

These include:

  1. Measurement of DOOH
  2. Contemporary data for automated trading and attribution
  3. Cross media measurement practice

The guidelines have been developed in collaboration around the world: 11 Audience Measurement Agencies (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, US); 2 regional companies (China, LatAm) and 4 international OOH companies (JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Talon and Posterscope.)

The WOO Working Party is chaired by ESOMAR Guide Chair Neil Edelston and compiled and written by WOO Measurement Consultant Gideon Adey.

The guide is published as a 96-page e-book Cover measurement and governance policies; Revised requirements for OOH audience measurement, a practical review of the global measurement methodology, definition of terms and vocabulary, and link and background documentation of contributors.

The new guide is a living document that will be regularly updated with new developments and strategies.

Richard Sutterley's profile photoWOO CMO Richard Sutterley "Audience measurement is one of the keys to media growth and we are very grateful to Gideon Adde and Neil Edelston for their work in bringing us up to date to measure our digital age." The whole industry will be better equipped now for future growth. ”

About WOO

The World Out of Home Organization is the only global out-of-home association, working for the promotion and development of the OOH industry on behalf of its members. Board members include major international companies - JCDecaux and Clear Channel - as well as Ströer, Pikasso, Global Outdoor, Blowup Media, US to OUTFRONT Media, OOh! Media from Australia and Selvel One, as well as OOH Association, OAAA from USA and Latin America.

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Sunday is the best – oh today

Clear Channel Airport

By Jim Johnson,
Managing director, Johnson, Freight & Company

Sunday is the best Click here3

Nick C. He punched me! At the same time it was a good article and shed some light on our one and only Dylan Mabin. No, not the man who plays cornerback for the saints… the man who is about to release Prometheus and take our "coin" to the next generation. We have a lot of riding on Dylan ...

That said, I thought I'd fill in the blanks. Behind that calm, cool, collected and intelligent veneer, Dylan is both creative and a dreamer. Dylan was very kind to give me a little time. Here are the main points of Nick's hunger:

  1. What was the first album you ever bought?

The first album I bought was Ten, the first studio album from the iconic grunge band Pearl Jam. It was 1991, I was 9 years old living in Manhattan Beach, California, everyone was surfing, skating and volleyball. I still have cassette tapes, but unfortunately, no tape player. The album ended up being genre-defining and I'm sure it shares a special place in the hearts of many of my generation (note for readers ... I call Dylan a "tape deck" as we say in our day).

2. Do you play an instrument?

I would! I played the trombone, and I was pretty serious about it! I was a total band geek in high school. I played orchestras, wind assemblies, and occasionally marching bands. I had the most public performances when I was 15, living in Virginia, when I St. Thom Cat Swing Band. Our bandleader was a clarinet player named Easy Smith and he played with World War II paratroopers and Benny Goodman.

3. Any music from the last 3 years that you like?

I listen to a lot of contemporary songs. Lately, I've been in the psychedelic funk. Here are some random recommendations for your playlist:

  • Kharuangbin- A great group from Houston that blends the influence of music worldwide. Listen to "Time (you and I)" - you can recognize it.
  • Md. Moktar- An amazing Nigerian guitarist. Check out his song "Chismiten"
  • Surface- Also a band from Texas. Listen to "Sunday Best", you'll love it.
  • And, I've heard a lot Charlie Crockett Lately, he has been a very talented blues guitar picker.

4. If Geopath is a song, which one will it be?

The first song that comes to mind is the Beatles song, "The Long and Winding Road." But that's very simple. Daft Punk's "harder, better, faster, stronger?" Or "Impressions" by John Coltrain.

5. Five years from now, what will Geopath do that doesn't exist now (okay the important part here… I'm asking you to read it twice)?

  • Geopath will be five years from now The media is more integrated into the ecosystem than ever beforeIncluding geopath metrics used in each single OOH transaction.
  • Five years from now, Geopath The entire US OOH market will be mappedMeasures more than 2 million OOH positions nationwide.
  • Five years from now, The whole OOH industry needs to know exactly what and where their inventory is And from where seen.
  • Five years from now, Geopath will be seen as a big factor Why OOH is easy to plan and transact.
  • Five years from now, Geopath will be the catalyst for that Remarkable innovation in measurement and attributionOthers add their insights to our foundation.
  • And five years from now, Geopath will celebrate OOH is gaining an industry-wide 10% stake All media spending in the United States.

6. What would you do if you weren't president of Geopath?

  • I've thought about this one. I will open my own biodynamic farm-to-table restaurant and estate brewery in upstate New York. Is that specific enough for you?

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The OMA Annual Report reflects United Industry – Oh Today

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) recently released its 2021 Annual Report, highlighting the initiatives that have integrated the industry, as well as its continued commitment to support communities using out-of-home (OOH) media.

"In 2021, we took Michelle Obama's quote as our guide: 'Those who are truly strong stand above others. Those who are truly strong unite others. ' We've launched three major initiatives together on the out-front for the first time: our updated visitor measurement system Move 1.5, with the Neuro Impact Factor, new industry standards and our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2022, "OMA CEO Charmine Moldrich Says

Since then, two initiatives have been launched: MOVE 1.5 includes the visibility of the sign, the length of the sign, the length of the visitor's stay in all OOH environments, and the measurement of the digital sign using the Neuro Impact Factor (NIF). The NIF MOVE 1.5 adds an extra dimension to the reach and frequency score and is a world-first, neuroscience-based qualitative metric, showing the impact of campaigns conducted on classic and digital symbols.

The introduction of an industry standard makes it easier for planners and buyers to meet campaign objectives by defining agreed criteria for transactions using currency by terminology, geography, screen ratio, insertion order, and share of time.

The report highlights another milestone achievement in 2021: the first healthy eating campaign in partnership with the Australian Government's Department of Health. The initiative is part of the OMA's National Health and Wellness Policy, which is set up to support government efforts to reduce the problem of overweight and obesity. Add an extra handful of vegetable promotions, which cost $ 3.2M[1], 9.4M people reached. Among parents who remember seeing the campaign, 80 percent[2] Said they were encouraged to make healthy choices for their children's food.

Message by Wrapify

“Our symptoms have the potential to affect positive behavioral changes and we recognize that it is our responsibility to use this energy for good. Acting as a public notice board in our cities and communities, our signs spread important public health, safety and wellness messages, and are also a canvas for inspiring advertisers and creatives. In total, OMA members donated মিড 123M worth of free media space and services, supporting more than 160 nonprofits, including industry, sports and charities nationally, by 2021, ”Moldrich continued.

The report highlights the most significant increase in OMA membership in 2021 and the addition of 10 new members to the association, bringing OMA closer to 100 percent industry representation.

"Our investment spike in audience size has encouraged our growth as an association. We have committed $ 17M to the development of MOVE 2.0 that will measure digital and static sign audiences in metro as well as regional Australia. MOVE 2.0 will provide measurements that allow for seasonal viewer variation, with detailed data allowing users to view viewer changes in hours, weeks and months. Together with the agency and clients, we make sure the new system tells the whole story and works seamlessly, "Moldrich concluded.

Move 2.0 will launch in 2024.

Click Here To view or download OMA Annual Report 2021

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Launches Firefly Ad Transparency Tool – Oh Today

Firefly, Next-Generation Mobility Advertising Solutions has announced a first-to-market advertising unit approach that is revolutionizing the way marketers plan and purchase media through real-time location data and inventory transparency. With this new ad unit, the availability of programmatic inventory based on location data is shown in real-time using a hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system (H3).

Ear quality profile photo"It's a breakthrough for the industry. We are thrilled to be the first to have such an innovation in a competitive market, ”he said Count the ears, Firefly CEO. "This latest development will help us to more accurately portray Firefly's full scale capabilities. At the same time, it will provide advertisers with important information about who their campaign is reaching, in which areas and the results of that effort. "

Message for Movia Media

Firefly's network, made up of a national fleet of taxis and rideshare vehicles, combined with its wide reach in the market, its ability to implement precise targeting via GPS tracking and location triggers, has made the platform the perfect way to plan campaigns for marketers. . However, unlike digital bulletins, street furniture, and other traditional, fixed DOOH formats, Firefly continues to thrive.

Programmatic platforms traditionally misrepresent ongoing media due to the use of more broad-based location data, focusing on core city centers rather than an entire geographical area. Finally, mobility platforms such as Firefly are blocked from being considered for broader campaigns and at the same time limiting potential partners that can help advertisers achieve their goals.

Roey F's profile photo"With our company's rapid growth and offers, it was important to implement a system that would present mobile transit data like us in the most accurate way, especially when we believe there is a fundamental difference between how mobile transit media should be presented. Media buyers, ”he said Roy Franco, SVP, Products at Firefly. "With the growth of the programmatic campaign plan, it's a win-win for all parties involved."

Now with GAU, Firefly can understand where each vehicle is at a given second and accurately report how many ads and impressions have been delivered in each 0.1-mile hexagon area. This gives programmatic buyers and planners complete visibility within their reach and delivers significant impressions in key areas such as Manhattan and the surrounding area that are often overlooked by marketing campaigns, resulting in higher visibility for clients.

About Firefly

Firefly is a data-first mobile media network that provides the most relevant experience and content to the most relevant customers through car top and in-car display technology. Our smart screens provide dynamic, contextually conscious brand activations, empowering consumers to engage efficiently in major markets across the United States each month, providing over 1 billion impressions on the streets and vehicles of Firefly's network in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago. By San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami - many more cities and millions more consumers.

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Oh Classified Today – Oh Today

Out of the scope of home career

OOH Jobs, OOH Consulting, Wrapping Vehicles, Printing,
Mobile billboards, photos, truck parties, experimental

Here is today's selection of #OOH jobs and services

Real estate, operations, creative and administrative
Formatco-Sign installer
Formatco-LED video screen service and installation technology


Lukmedia: Business Development Representative (remote)
Liquid outdoor mediaFlorida Regional Accounts Director


PrintingCircle Graphics & Associated Poster Inc.Printing

Service - Get it out, Photofetch, Move the average, Wrap

Free Representative (Want position) Available space is free subject
For ad rates and information, email: [email protected]

Message for Movia Media


OOH Recruitment
Oh owners
Contact us today

Business Development Representative

About the job

Luke Media is looking for a business development representative who will help us grow our business through our top-of-the-funnel lead generation strategies. We are looking for an enthusiastic business developer who is aroused by the challenge of reaching and meeting new possibilities through a multi-channel outbound prospecting approach. Experience in the media industry in the United States is preferred. This role works directly with the CRO and CEO of the company.


  • You will be the pioneer of the new account by owning the outbound prospecting process from potential list creation to outbound outreach (use of email, cold calling and social and sequencing), to booking meetings.
  • Create thematic 'Hunt List', compile leads from various sources including Zoominfo and create our lead pipeline on Hubspot.
  • Ongoing activity tracking and analysis to find opportunities to improve oneself and the company as a whole.
  • Attend appropriate digital / virtual events to build leads and build relationships
  • Develop skills in Look Media products to reach goals
  • Track activity on the CRM Dashboard and participate in experiments to optimize conversions at different funnel stages.
  • Research support sales team beyond industry trends and sales best practice goals.
  • Participate in the development, improvement and documentation of workflows and processes.
  • Manage BDR related activities, reports and dashboards on Hubspot
  • Sales and support the company as a whole, along with other initiatives as needed (we are a small and growing company and everyone pitch into it) may include but is not limited to: social media account management (help us be the voice on social issues), marketing Bail, etc.
  • Other responsibilities assigned

About you - qualifications and skills

  • 1-3 years of direct B2B sales experience, ideally for the media industry (but not mandatory)
  • Outreach Activity and Quota Success in Meeting Quotas in Booking Meetings.
  • University degree
  • Experiences displayed on Hubspot - Create and run sequences, template management, cold calling, report creation and management.
  • Understanding the landscape of the media industry and especially the outdoors.
  • Self-promoters with excellent decision making and strong work ethic.
  • Excellent time management and organization skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work in a fast-paced work environment.
  • The energy, perseverance, wealth and appetite needed to create strong sales results,
  • Collaborative, empathetic, solution-oriented mindset.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experience and understanding of database concepts
  • Bonus points for the experience of photo-editing software
  • Deep knowledge of US geography.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral.
  • Contribute to a positive team environment and company culture.
  • Detailed-based with the ability to oversee projects from scratch through completion
  • We are looking for entrepreneurial people who are interested in doing whatever it takes to create look media

What we provide:

  • An open and collaborative culture where everyone has a voice
  • Opportunity to quickly become a senior sales leader
  • Competitive compensation package including base salary and incentive commission package
  • Private time off
  • Healthcare stipend
  • SEP IRA program
  • Location - Remote (cover required business expenses)

Look about the media

Look Media provides hyper-local media on a scale with over 4,000 ad sites nationwide across 170 DMAs. With 45% of the daily commute for shopping and work (Geopath), about half of the street traffic shopping center is set aside for the parking lot - the modern town square - where we own the media. Our energy is reaching people in outdoor formats with impressive visuals in a retail environment where people are most open to receiving branded messages. We have been verified by repeat clients over the past decade in multiple sectors including healthcare, insurance, telecom, CPG, government, finance and technology and have worked with leading advertising agencies across the country.

We have a very open, collaborative and casual culture and welcome people with creative thinking and results-oriented attitudes. Look Media is growing rapidly, and this is a great opportunity to help our company grow and develop as a leader in the organization.

Look Media is committed to maintaining a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage appeals from people of indigenous, ethnic, people with disabilities, gender and sexually diverse communities or people of inter-ethnic identity. If you have any accessibility requirements or concerns regarding the recruitment process or employment with us, please let us know to provide suitable accommodation.


[email protected]

Florida Regional Accounts Director

Liquid Outdoor Media is a boutique outdoor advertising company with a national portfolio of media features. We are looking for a regional account manager to market our new digital outdoor advertising feature in Miami / Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft Myers. In addition, this location will represent our national portfolio of high-profile digital and static OOH assets for Florida-based companies and advertisers.

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 2 - 5 years experience in media sales, especially outdoor media sales. This candidate must be a self-promoter with a great work ethic and have existing relationships with local / regional advertisers and advertising agencies throughout South Florida. This is a remote location and will require travel if needed.

The salary plus commission structure is consistent with the experience of the candidate. Benefits included.

Click on the link here for more information

[email protected]


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formetco 360 software logo

Formatco Is experiencing tremendous growth and is currently recruiting for the following positions in Georgia:

  • Sign installer
  • LED video screen service and installation technology

To learn more and apply, visit:

Formatco The package offers a wide range of benefits, including health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, 401K, and payment time. Formetco requires a drug-free workplace, and a pre-employment drug test.



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To make it to the outside media The largest national Mobile billboards And field marketing companies.
With streamlined and scalable operations, it can run its mobile billboard and field marketing efforts in any market across the United States, as well as offering key staff across the country, including national account executives, operations team members, lead drivers, and drivers. National Field Manager and Brand Ambassador.

Since 1997, the company has established itself as a key player in the industry, helping to create more integrated and unique deliverables with almost any type of vehicle or resource needed for your campaign.

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Helping brands maximize their advertising results
With a unique combination of mobile advertising and technology.
Movia installs tracking and Wi-Fi collecting devices on trucks that act as moving billboards,
Provides real-time impression analytics and retargeting opportunities.
Brands can view their real-time dashboard
To see when, where and who saw their messages and track their ROI.
Email: [email protected]

Phone: (416) 271-1008 / (212) 851-6587

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Digital billboards benefit the community – oh today

Daktronics is the ideal medium for digital billboard advertising. But did you know that they can be used to inform communities better and better? They may even provide an outlet for local artists.

Here are some ideas for ways to make your digital display useful to your community - and your advertisers:

If you use the Venus® Control Suite software to control your content, you will have access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System or IPAWS. It is a national system that provides local warnings about emergencies or disasters.

Make sure people see what's happening on their way, whether it's a blizzard, a tornado, or a normal downpour. You can let people know what they need to do, or let them know what is happening so they can be prepared.

Getting the word out quickly can prevent damage and even save lives. When an adult or child goes missing, you can put photos and information on your digital display to keep an eye out for passersby. A conscious community is often the best way to help those in need.

Digital displays can raise awareness and empower the community to report suspicious and potentially harmful activity. The Daktronics creative team recently partnered with the organization Human Trafficking: In Our Backyard.

We've created free content that you can use on your show to help raise awareness to stop human trafficking.

Digital displays showed their value during the COVID-19 epidemic, providing encouragement, essential information, community connectivity and even much-needed humor.

Whether you're supporting academics or healthcare workers, promoting greetings or an event, or providing a platform for community fundraisers, a digital billboard conveys the message effectively and efficiently. You can congratulate the graduating seniors, support the troops or even send special congratulations to the local athletes.

Public art brings interest and excitement to the area. You don't have to provide a permanent place for local artists to be part of the artpop movement. A digital billboard can be the ideal canvas for local or area artists. Learn more about Artpop Street Gallery.

When a criminal is loose, your digital billboard can quickly get the word out. The public is informed using pictures, phone numbers and even prize information and is less likely to flee.

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