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Lema is joining DPAA – Oh Today

DPAAThe Global Trade Marketing Association, which is driving the growth and digitization of outdoor media today and its growing role in the subchannel mix, has announced that LemaJoined an association of the largest and fastest growing programmatic DOOH platforms with a global presence and extensive connectivity between multiple DOOH screens and advertisers.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify

DOOH enables DOOH through a suite of advanced technology solutions in the DOOH space backed by data. Their proprietary planning tool “Falcon,” uses historical and real-time data to reach the most optimal plan to ensure maximum visitors reach the target group. Additionally, the Lemma platform is equipped to receive live data feeds from APIs to deliver campaigns and render ads on outdoor screens in sync with live weather conditions, traffic congestion, temperature, sports scores and other live data variables.

Profile picture of Gulab Patil
Rose pot

“With advances in the AdTech space, the DOOH industry is being transformed into mainstream digital. Data, audience purchases, real-time variables and measurement are allowing DOOH to strengthen its position as an important component in any media plan for marketers, driving their all-channel strategies, ”he said. Rose pot, Founder and CEO Lema. "Our vision at Lema is to provide brands and marketers with an enhanced outdoor advertising experience that accelerates this transition backed by data, technology and transparency through our powerful platform."

Profile photo of Barry Frey
Barry Frey

"Programmatic is DOOH's superpower and enables it for Lema brand and media owners," he said. Barry Frey, President and CEO of DPAA. "We look forward to getting Lema as an important part of our membership ecosystem."

About DPAA

DPAA is the Global Trade Marketing Association, which drives the growth and digitization of outdoor (OOH) media and its growing role in the Omnichannel mix. Membership in the DPAA community brings many business acceleration benefits, including a wide range of products. DPAA offers members an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies; Tools for planning, training and forecasting; Augmentation of social media news; Insights into software and hardware solutions; Further integration into the advertising ecosystem by connecting DOOH networks, brands, agencies, advertising technology and others.

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Verde Outdoor has launched a new look, a new website – Oh Today

Verde Outdoor, A growing out-of-home (OOH) advertising agency, today unveiled the completion of a major brand refresh with the launch of its new website. The updated look has revealed a newly designed logo, new tagline and vibrant color palette to reflect the brand’s modern approach within the OOH industry.

The Verde Outdoor Visual Identity now boasts an attractive deep green and a complementary gold gradient woven into the logo's linear design for a contemporary feel. Additionally, the new tagline - Your Story, Elevated - underscores the company's commitment to showcasing the brand's stories across outdoor media.

Dave Wood's profile photo
Dave Wood

"These changes help create an outdoor identity in Verde," said R. Dave Wood, President and CEO. "By showcasing our own integrated brand stories, we're hopeful that it will encourage and inspire potential advertisers to share their message and partner with us to tell their stories."

The company is integrating new design elements into all areas of its marketing channels, including the newly launched website, From attracting video content to an interactive market map and helpful creative guides to boost billboard messaging, advertisers benefit from a variety of streamlined features.

Renee Larson's profile photo
Renee Larson

“Our website is an important step in establishing a digital footprint to reach our visitors,” he said Renee Larson, Marketing Manager. "We've partnered with industry professionals, SignBird, to create a site that captures who we are as a brand with our advertisers at the top of our minds. We wanted to provide a customer-centric experience with easy-to-navigate pages and informative OOH resources. "

Brand refreshes and site launches have been based on Verde's recent acquisition efforts across the Midwest, Mid- and South-Atlantic regions. "As we see steady growth and new market opportunities, we want to ensure our visibility in a crowded OOH landscape," Wood said. "We are a visual industry and we want our online presence to reflect that."

About Verde Outdoor
Verde Outdoor is a newly formed out-of-home (OOH) media company based in Tempe, Arizona, and a growing addition to the family of companies owned by DriveTime founder Ernest Garcia II. Proud of a dedicated team of real estate, advertising, marketing, financial and legal professionals, Verde Outdoor is committed to providing effective outdoor media solutions and exceptional customer-centric service to OOH advertisers and operators. Since its formation in 2021, Verde has focused its efforts on outdoor expansion opportunities, recently acquiring a legacy OOH company in the Midwest and partnering with experienced Mid- and South-Atlantic operators, including an existing network of more than 1,000 billboard faces.

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Kelsey’s original roadhouse sank oh – oh today

Message for Movia Media

With the start of the road trip season, Kelsis Original Roadhouse Ontario, St. John's and Moncton are celebrating its best-selling menu item - the legendary Four Cheese Spinach Deep - in an integrated billboard campaign titled "Deep Deep Hooray."

Launched in mid-June, the campaign uses stunt and digital billboards alongside a drill-worthy 3D cheese pool, aimed at making guests yearn for their next visit.

Profile photo of Shannon Lawler - House
Shannon Lawler

"Our Four Cheese Spinach Deep is an item that has become synonymous with the brand in our forty-year history," he said. Shannon Lawler, Marketing Director, Kelsis Original Roadhouse. "It's a menu item that our guests and social media followers really like and often imitate, but never duplicate."

Billboards were carefully lined with light-hearted sayings, including "Deep Deep Hooray" and "Oops We Dipped It Again" to attract guests' attention. Billboard locations are lined with Kelseys Road Trip brand positioning, on the route to popular summer road-trip destinations, and in the vicinity of 67 Kelsey locations. These include Barry, Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Moncton, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, St. John's and Toronto.

The campaign is associated with a Kelseys equity TV spot, "Take a Trip Down the Block," digital advertising, influencer activation and a live mailer. The campaign has been further expanded by accepting the Free Four Cheese Spinach Deep offer at and the chance to win a free Spinach Dip for one year by accepting the #dipchallenge.

The campaign was created by Toronto-based Ostrich Studios, the agency-producing hybrid handling all creative responsibilities. Genuine Media has performed Media Purchase, which handles all billboard and digital advertising purchases.

Visit for a Free Spinach Dip Offer!

About the original roadhouse in Kelsey
Kelsey is Canada's original roadhouse, dating back to 1978. Initially in Ontario, as well as Moncton, New Brunswick and St. John's, Newfoundland, with 67 locations across Canada. Inspired by the road tripping and the unobstructed attitude of the classic roadhouse, the rules at Kelsey differ. This is where you go to eat how you want to eat, drink what you want to drink and be what you want to be.

About the recipe
Founded in 1883, RECIPE Unlimited Corporation is the largest full-service restaurant company in Canada. The company franchises some of the most recognized brands in the country, including Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, St. Hubert, The Cage, Montana's, Kelsey's, East Side Mario's, New York Fries, Fion McCull's, Beer Market, The Landing Group. And / or operates Restaurant, Original Joe's, State and Maine, Elephant and Castle, Priest of the Burger, The Pickle Barrel, Marigold and Onion, Blanco Cantina, Anejo, Fresh and Ultimate Kitchen.

About ostriches
Founded in 2018, OstrichCo is a brand, digital innovation and product development studio located outside of Toronto and NYC. The Ostrich brand breaks down design, technology, media and manufacturing into a fluid workstream to bring new ideas and innovations to market faster, more economically and with a more compelling connection to human needs.

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Oh the best creative last week today – oh today

Top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week

Message for circle graphics

OOH Best Creative last week today
Top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week.
If you’ve seen stellar work there, we’d like to know about it. Tag us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email.

Share your creatives

1. Everyone has one Giffy Lube In their market, but does everyone have Giffy Lube on their billboards? Why not? Who is nationally calling Giffy Lube and where is the national shopping for Giffy Lube? Another forgotten OOH potential account that should be spent nationally but is not and has not been for years. Where is the national sales call? Lamar? CCO? Out? Reagan Outdoor Knows

2. Check out this 3D billboard made by Melody Roberts OOHC. | Soft mark 3DThere are no alternative text descriptions for this image

3. Bus, tram, taxi and train station packaging, 3D characters in Piccadilly lights, and this hologram at The London Eye with Paramount + Launchable OOH Mountains. | Kinetic, Pixel Artworks, Wavemaker

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

4. Across the high-rise area at London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham airports, Tanker promotes their new alcohol-free attitude. | Global | Plexus OOH | PhD | Talon OutdoorThere are no alternative text descriptions for this image

5. Vibrant Vitaminwater Creative in NYC, Dallas, LA and Boston Coca-Cola Company | Dynamics

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

6. See this great creative in Texas! Shout Lamar Operations team for this unique construction!

8. To promote the upcoming release of Minions: The Rise of Gru, HIPPEAS lentil snacks‘The campaign is spotlighting their co-branded packaging in front of eco-friendly audiences across Boston, NY and LA. The team strategically brings together a variety of key partners and placements to successfully run this nationwide campaign. There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

10. Thursday Gives a promise to the public, which cannot be canceled by various outdoor formats across London. | Global

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

If you’ve seen stellar work there, we’d like to know about it. Tag us LinkedIn Or Shoot us an email.

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OOH Classifieds Today তিরিক্তAdditional Real Estate Opportunity – OOH TODAY

Out of the scope of home career

OOH Jobs, wrapping vehicles, printing,
Mobile billboards, photos, truck parties, experimental

Here is today's selection of #OOH jobs and services

Real estate, operations, creative and administrative
Local media outdoor advertising-Real estate site developer
Link Media Outdoor-Real Estate Manager
Formatco-Sign installer
Formatco-LED video screen service and installation technology

Surround Media Group -Business Development Representative (remote)


PrintingCircle Graphics & Associated Poster Inc.Printing

Service -Take it out, Photofetch, Move the average, Wrap

Free representative (Want position) Available space is subject to free
For ad rates and information, email: [email protected]


Oh recruitment
Oh owners
Contact us today

Local media outdoor advertising
Real estate site developer

Full time or consultant

KnoSite development in the OOH industry

Working between NC, SC and GA. (Other states considered)

Call or eMail Terry Harkins 229-412-2345 [email protected]


Link Media Outdoor

Real Estate Manager

Springfield, MO and Kansas City, MO

A great opportunity for high energy talent Accommodation Field to join our fast growing company! You will be in the front row, expanding our footprint, discussing lease renewals and other real estate transactions. Obtaining permits for development of greenfields, identification of new sites, securing leases and construction of new installations. This is a pay plus tiered commission compensation program.

For additional details and to apply, visit our website:

Contact: Robin Carp - [email protected]


Business Development Representative (remote)

Business development representative

Type of work: Full time

Job Description:

EMG is looking for an inspired and enthusiastic business developer dedicated to helping us grow. This introduction will include multi-channel outbound prospecting for setting up new business meetings. Representatives will work directly with CEOs.


  • Experience daily direct contact with local and national companies.
  • Create new accounts by outbound prospecting (email, cold calling, social, etc.).
  • Set up appointments on a weekly basis.
  • Lead the generation through sources like ZoomInfo and Winmo.
  • Attend appropriate digital / virtual meetings.


  • Candidates must have excellent communication skills and strong organizational skills.
  • Must have proven ability to develop and develop client relationships.
  • Ability to achieve results while working independently.
  • Computer savvy with email, Microsoft Office suite and virtual meetings.
  • Advertising experience is a plus.
  • Candidates with 3-5 years of sales experience with proven track record are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • 401K plan with match
  • You will not answer
  • Room to Grow
  • Ability to work remotely
  • The salary plus commission structure is consistent with the experience of the candidate.

Company contact:

  • Encampus Media Group (EMG) is a nationally scaled multi-media company that has been around since 2001. We offer over 20 exclusive media features that go through the chaos of advertising and exceed clients ’expectations. EMG is one of the largest field forces in North America that allows activation in more than 400 markets. As a result of thorough execution, EMG has experienced double-digit annual growth since its inception. EMG continues to develop new media platforms that provide unique opportunities for advertisers to make an effective impression.

Contact: Please send cover letter and resume to Don Winter ([email protected]) and Adam Pierce ([email protected])


Oh recruitment
OOH agency / service
Contact us today

formetco 360 software logo

Formatco Is experiencing tremendous growth and is currently recruiting for the following positions in Georgia:

  • Sign installer
  • LED video screen service and installation technology

To learn more and apply, visit:

Formatco The package offers a wide range of benefits including health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, 401K, and a given time off. Formetco requires a drug-free workplace, and a pre-employment drug test.



OhOH Printers and Suppliers
Contact us today


Message for circle graphics


OOH service

Contact us today

Message for Wrapify


Do it outside the media The largest national Mobile billboards And field marketing companies.
With streamlined and scalable activities, it can run its mobile billboards and field marketing efforts from outside to any market across the United States, also offering key employees across the country, including national account executives, operations team members, lead drivers, drivers. National Field Manager and Brand Ambassador.

Since 1997, the company has established itself in creating key partnerships in the industry that help you create more integrated and unique deliverables, including almost any type of vehicle or resource needed for your campaign.

Driver Carrier Link:
Product / service link:


A message for FotoFetch


Helping brands maximize their advertising results
With a unique combination of mobile advertising and technology.
Movia installs tracking and Wi-Fi collecting devices on trucks that act as moving billboards,
Provides real-time impression analytics and retargeting opportunities.
Brands can view their real-time dashboard
To see when, where and who saw their messages and track their ROI.
Email: [email protected]

Phone: (416) 271-1008 / (212) 851-6587

Oh free agent

Contact us today
#OOH jobs and free agents today

Published every Saturday and Monday. Open classified ads.
Free agent (want position) Available space is subject to free
For billing rates and information, contact BillBoard @ OOH
Paid advertising communication services for outdoor industries
Open classified ads2

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Firefly for programmatic DOOH buyers – oh today

Firefly has introduced programmatic DOOH solutions for buyers

Firefly, a mobile digital out-of-home (DOOH) leader, has announced the launch of a new title-bidding solution for advertisers who want to increase the number of impressions for their campaigns and control the number of vendors. With Firefly's mediation framework, DOOH advertisers will now have real-time visibility of Firefly's availability of vehicle top and in-car networks at the city block level, so they can tailor their campaigns and bidding strategies accordingly.

Over the past year, publishers have followed a waterfall approach that prioritizes direct sales, then sending the remaining bid requests to supply-side platforms in a predetermined order, making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to plan campaigns with high impression goals. This process makes a difference between what supply-side platforms report as purchasing impressions and what publishers report as actual available programmatic inventory. It could also disqualify media owners who might otherwise be effective candidates for the plan.

Message for Movia Media

Overall, this forces agencies to shift their strategy toward forward-thinking, programmatic approaches rather than traditional direct media purchases. Now there is a better way. To run this new programmatic flow for each ad game, Firefly Mediation Server sends bid requests to Vistar, Placeexchange, Hivestack, Adomni, and Magnite, sets up an auction with all received bids, and selects the winning bid as guaranteed status and bid price. , Without directly affecting the distribution of sales campaigns. This product increases bidable firefly inventory by a minimum of five times at the demand-side platform (DSP) level, giving campaign planners about 500 million impressions to plan their next campaign.

Profile photo of Roy Franco
Roy Franco

"Programmatic DOOH advertising costs are expected to reach $ 530 million by 2022. With Firefly Header-Bidding Solutions, our goal is to make every Firefly impression programmatically achievable on a demand-side platform," he said. Roy Franco, Product SVP at Firefly. "This new capability reproduces how header bidding works on other digital platforms, helping to bridge the gap between DOOH and other digital channels, and helping all our programmatic partners create valuable campaigns with broad coverage."

By providing significant amounts of DOOH impressions for programmatic buyers, Firefly helps advertisers run large branding campaigns with wide reach and frequency, reducing the number of publishers to a small, curated group, reducing management overhead.

If you are an advertiser, please contact your DSP to see how many impressions Firefly can make for you in your target market and use Firefly's unparalleled reach, unparalleled hyper-local targeting and advanced measurement capabilities in your next programmatic Get started. Campaign

About Firefly
Firefly is a data-first mobile media network that provides the most relevant experience and content to the most relevant customers through car top and in-car display technology. Our smart screens provide dynamic, contextually conscious brand activations, enabling them to efficiently engage consumers in major markets across the United States each month, delivering over 1 billion impressions on Firefly's network of streets and vehicles in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago. . San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami - many more cities and millions more consumers.

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Global holds Gatwick – Oh Today

Global Won the advertising contract for Gatwick Airport For another five years, the UK’s largest airport has maintained its position as media owner.

As one of the largest airports in the UK, Gatwick serves more than 46 million passengers per year before pre-covid and offers flights to more destinations than any other airport in the UK. Global has exclusive advertising rights across airports, giving advertisers access to innovative solutions in a premium environment as well as insights from international and domestic audiences.

Gatwick's advertising list includes a welcome arch visible to all arriving and departing passengers, state-of-the-art large-scale digital screens across the airport, high-impact displays in the center of the International Departure Lounge, and 'The Gatwick Shuttle Domination' - Traveler Wrap, Platform Display, On A unique opportunity to dominate the train shuttle service between the terminals, including screens and audio and much more.

Chris Forster, Director of Commercial, Outdoor Global, said: "The renewal of our advertising agreement with Gatwick for another five years is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Global Outdoor Teams. We like to connect brands with people, and as the travel industry continues to improve after the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions, airports are a great environment to engage with captive visitors and inspire travelers. "

Gatwick Nick Williams, Head of Retail Operations, says: “We are proud of the environment we offer advertisers, enabling them to reach their audience when they are most engaged. We have exciting plans to further develop the advertising estate in the coming years which we believe will create a more powerful platform for advertisers to motivate our passengers. We look forward to working with Global for another five years and seeing the impactful and creative advertising campaigns across the airport. "

According to travel trends expert Forwardkis, UK airports are expected to reach 85-90% of the 2019 passenger numbers this summer.

Also, Global’s own research, conducted in partnership with GeoSF, has revealed that airport advertising has a significant impact on purchasing behavior. 47% of study participants said they were asked to do some research that saw ads at an airport, 45% requested to buy something, and 44% made an advertising note for the future.

Global is the only media owner whose advertising portfolio at a national airport reaches 143 million international passengers each year. Media owners represent London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Southampton, Southend, Prestwick and Guernsey.

About Global

Global is one of the world's leading media and entertainment groups. Global is a leading outdoor company in both the UK and Europe, with over 253,000 sites reaching 95% of the UK population. Global's wide and diverse outdoor portfolio includes the UK's largest portfolio of buses, including the UK's largest portfolio of premium digital screens at almost all major UK airports, roadside posters and prime locations, including transport for London's underground network.

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This is the AdQuick Analytics cloud for OOH – OOH TODAY has launched Analytics Cloud as a service for OOH campaigns recently launched AdQuick Analytics Cloud, a first-of-its-kind “book as a service” for OOH marketers, agencies and media owners to measure the effectiveness of OOH advertising campaigns.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify
Matthew O'Connor

"Given the current economic climate, marketers must be able to show their media investment ROI - but as far as the AdQuick Analytics cloud, the industry lacked high-quality measurement solutions," he said. Matthew O'Connor, CEO of AdQuick. "Advik Analytics changes the cloud to granular, real-time measurements - including quantifying desired results - available to first-time marketers, regardless of where the media is booked."

In the past, many common ways to measure OOH produced noise and irregular results. AdQuick Analytics provides custom advice from a team of experts to help cloud advertisers, media owners, and agencies measure campaign effectiveness. Advertisers can take advantage of the ability to measure the effectiveness of their OOH ad campaigns, excluding bookings through AdQuick. Using AdQual Analytics Cloud, media owners and organizations can save time and money without having to worry about building an analytics capability while providing customers with powerful, accurate measurements.

In the Advik Analytics cloud, users can take advantage of a free, self-service tool that automatically recommends the best analysis method based on a few inputs. Users can also get attributions and other metrics in two simple formats: the first is a custom, user-friendly dashboard with actionable metrics visualization. The second format is to distribute a custom file to customers for easy access to existing Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

To learn more and start using AdQuick Analytics Cloud, visit

About AdQuick, Inc..
Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, is a leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure all types of outdoor advertising. With over 1300 media partners, OOH Media connects all types of OOH media broadcasters, connecting AdQuick advertisers and agencies with OOH media owners anywhere in the United States and abroad, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and 13 other countries.

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Advertising, Marketing & MediaTechnology

Get more of your message: Church advertising tips to expand your parish

As the world and its politics become more divisive, churches have become a more important place to come together as a community. However, not everyone knows that they may even be part of a local parish, or otherwise know how to join. This is why it is so important that churches take the time to market themselves to their communities. These church advertising tips are designed to increase your numbers, spread your message, and build the trust you need in your community.

What are people looking for in a church?

Before you start advertising your parish, consider what you need to advertise about your parish? Knowing what people are looking for in your local church will not only help make your church more attractive to newcomers, but it will also help you determine which aspects of your church to highlight when advertising. Here are some tips on what church goers (especially Millennium and General Z) are looking for.

  • Inclusion: Creating an inclusive community is very important for many Christians today, especially those who may have felt otherwise excluded in the past. Parishes that take extra steps to embrace their LGBTQ + community, as well as immigrants and other minorities, will be very attractive to a progressive church.
  • Community service: What are you doing to help build your community? Services such as child care, youth activities, English classes and more can not only attract newcomers, but also increase community engagement with your parish. Even small things like monthly babysitting nights for parents to go out can go a long way for your congregation.
  • A sense of community: More than just service, most people love their parish for the feel of their community that it offers. Coming together, even once a week on a Sunday, gives your community the opportunity to meet, talk, and build relationships, so make sure you are encouraging that interaction in your congregation.
  • Charitable opportunities: Those who go to church regularly want to help their community. Everything from soup kitchens to making blankets for kids can help give your congregation a chance to reach out to others in their community.
  • A spiritual experience: Don't forget the number one attraction! Fill your Sunday sessions with spiritual music with beautiful music, uplifting exhortations, and a deep dive into the Scriptures that come through prayerful study and preparation.

Free marketing ideas for churches

No budget? No problem! There are many ways you can gain visibility in your community for little to no money. Here are some ideas for free church advertising:

  • Patlak: Can't pay the bill? Let your existing congregation bring the crowd with their own delicious food! Rent a place in your local park and host an outdoor patlock so anyone can come and join.
  • Social media: Anyone needs a smart phone or a computer for a booming social media page Post pictures of your chapel, your church, your activities or even your scriptures of the week. Want more post ideas? Check out this fun article by Creative Priest.
  • Local SEO: Make it easy for your church to search online! Find your location on Google Maps and other map services, then register your "business" in that location This is important if you want your area to come up in search results.
  • Create a website: Everyone needs a website, and you can easily find a free service to host your website Need help optimizing your website for SEO? Check out this article from Michigan Tech University to help you with the basics!

Paid marketing ideas for churches

Of course, having at least a little money will help you expand your marketing options. If you have a budget to work with, here are some practical options to invest in:

  • Host an open house: Got your own chapel? Show it to the community with a stylish open house! Light on a budget, all you need to pull it off is to place it neatly around some flowers for decoration, along with a snack arrangement.
  • Advertising paid: You don't need to film your own video ad to view your message (although making your own YouTube video never hurts!) Create your own social media and Google ads with any free photo editing software, then provide what your budget allows Please. Spread around.
  • Flyer: Created an online ad? Reuse that beautifully designed work and create some classic paper flyers to pass! Ask your congregation to share the flyers with friends, or go door-to-door with door hangers. You can also check out our other blog posts on Door-to-Door Marketing for more tips!
  • Giveaways: Everyone likes free stuff, and it's better to come from your parish! Scripture highlighters, journals, keychains and much more make the perfect gift for any parish. Gifts will help both bring people back and start conversations with future participants.
  • Take out your sermon: Don't limit your education to chapels, host an extra session where people are! I’m not talking about soap boxes on the street. I’m talking about renting an event space at a local restaurant or other place where you and your congregation will be a little more visible.

How to grow your church through parish engagement

Have a big parish but less Sunday attendance? Do you want to keep your congregation out of Sunday service? Here are some ways you can keep your congregation active to maintain and increase the number of sheep you have.

  • Livestream service: Whether it's a health concern or just feeling shy, there are many reasons why people don't come to Sunday services despite being interested in your advice. Livestream your services for free on YouTube or other sites so everyone can hear your message. You can also leave your videos for others to view as free ads
  • Scriptural highlights: Sharing a weekly scripture, whether through text chains or social media, can help keep the Spirit (and your advice) at the top of your mind in your church throughout the week. You can let visitors like your highlights and subscribe, or sign up for email
  • Rewards for participation: Need more choir members? Need help putting together a holiday event? Participatory gifts and presents, even if it’s just snacks, can be a great motivation for those who are otherwise “too busy”.
  • Post-service activities: After the Sunday service, keep everyone together and keep up with the after-service activity. Kids play, go to the park for your own lunch, gather in groups in the chapel for scripture study sessions, or play quiet organ music while everyone is passing and mingling.

Church gift ideas for advertising

Want to give something to your congregation to share with friends, or need something nice to give to your choir? Whatever your needs, here are some great church advertising gifts that will spread the word and promote your parish:

Curvaceous metallic stylus pen / highlighter

A pen and a highlighter in one, this pen is suitable for the study of scriptures With this stylish pen, your church can highlight the original scriptures, create notes in their journals or margins, and even use the included stylus tip to do it with virtual scripture! Impress with your own parish logo, your website and an insightful scripture (we recommend Psalm 119: 15).

Soft Touch Thelma notebook with ribbon bookmarks

Perfect for thoughtful reflection while studying sermons or scriptures, these beautiful notebooks come in respectable colors and matching ribbon bookmarks. Your recipients will be able to feel the quality of the cover with our soft touch finish that feels like satin. Need a good scripture to make an impression on the cover? We recommend Philippians 4: 8.

Rectangular key light

Light the way for your congregation with a stylish keychain light. A popular gift and a useful tool, these flashlight keychains will remind your congregation of the true light in their lives whenever they use it. Scriptures like John 8:12, Matthew 5:16, Psalm 119: 105, and many more can be printed at the top to make these flashlights the perfect church gift.

Pro Tip: Need more church gift ideas? Check out our blog post full of great church promotional products.

Advertising is more than just getting people at the door. Effective church advertising works both to let people know that you are there and to give them all the reasons to stay. Don’t just focus on the sheep roaming outside your fence; Make sure your sheep are getting the love they need to thrive in your parish. Word of mouth is a powerful advertiser, and with a little help from your online and offline advertising efforts a happy swarm will surely grow.

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Media Resource – Best Business of the Year – Oh Today

Media Resources RBC Wins Royal Bank Large Business of the Year Award

Media Resource Inc.An integrated sign service and digital display manufacturing business, it is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the RBC Royal Bank Large Business of the Year Award as part of the Oakville Award for Business Excellence.

The RBC Royal Bank Large Business of the Year award is given to a business that has shown innovation, growth, investment in business and is seen as a leader in their industry.

Jeff Rushton's profile picture
Jeff Rushton

"This award is a direct reflection of our team's dedication and hard work." Said Jeff RushtonPresident and CEO of Media Resources Inc. "We wouldn't be here today without everyone's support, and each of the 300 team members employed around the world whose innovation and passion have inspired our success."

Steve Gallo's profile photo
Steve Gallo

“Winning this award has been made possible by our amazing employees, customers and vendor partners who have come together through an extremely difficult global business environment over the past few years. When the outbreak of the epidemic turned the world upside down, we knew it was essential to re-evaluate and re-evaluate how to keep our team engaged, keep our doors open, and come out of the epidemic more forcefully. Through multiple million-dollar investments, three new manufacturing facilities, new systems and some acquisitions, we have been able to make the changes that have come to us here today. " Stephen GalloSenior Vice President of Media Resources Inc.

Media Resources We would like to thank RBC, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Oakville West for recognizing our team. Oakville, as our global headquarters and the home of many members of our team, is a true honor to be valued and recognized. Media Resources would like to congratulate our Nominee Award nominees and recipients. It’s amazing to see their own business and their passion and dedication to the entire Oakville community.

Media Resource Inc.
Founded in 1967, Media Resources Inc. has become a leading company that produces indoor and outdoor LED signage, large format digital printing, 3D creations, and sign installation services in the outdoor, trademark, advertising and building industries. With offices, production plants and employees in Canada, the United States and China, we are truly one of the few companies in the industry with global capabilities.

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