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Get on board for Consumer Insights and OOH Opportunities – Oh Today

Harris Poll Consumer Insight and Intent Q2 2022: OOH Opportunity

OAAA has been discussed with The Harris Poll 2022 Political Landscape, Back-to-School Shopping, Sports Betting, and QSR.

Join Steve Niclein of OAAA, SVP Marketing and Analytics, and John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll. They will cover it all in a webinar On 7/20 before 2PM. Listen to learn to dive deeper into new consumer insights and learn how to create yours #Oh The campaign is even stronger.

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Oh Today Weekend Update – Oh Today

A weekly compilation of the best OOH stories you've probably missed, including colorful commentary from BB.

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1. OOH Best Creative last week today

Every week, we offer the best outdoors. This week there are 3D billboards, holograms, dualing walls and a forgotten OOH potential account that should be spent but is not and is not.

OOH today's reception

Automobiles are an absolute normal for OOH advertising. There is nothing to be surprised about. Why not buy Giffy Lube on a national basis and often? I would suggest this because there is almost no one to call them from OOH.

Everyone has one Giffy Lube In their market, but does everyone have Giffy Lube on their billboards? Why not? Who is nationally calling Giffy Lube and where is the national shopping for Giffy Lube? Another forgotten OOH potential account that should be spent nationally but is not and has not been for years. Where is the national sales call? Lamar? CCO? Out? Reagan Outdoor Giffy knows Lube based on local purchases. Usually Giffy Lube will do an off like the recent OOH Best Creative Last Week Today example.

What if every OOH company calls large format and small digital format companies to Giffy Lube? If you are reading this, call. Need help identifying the Chief Marketing Officer? Need contact for record agency? Bill a note at [email protected] We will help you with contact information and start the industry.

2. Voltaire has some competition - EVCS

EV fast charging network operator EVCS Has raised $ 68.8 million in funding for the West Coast expansion. EVCS plans to double its network footprint to about 1,500 chargers by 2023.

OOH today's reception

It's the number of stupid places.

For OOH Today, the purpose of the post is not so much to discuss EVCS but to point out where the so-called leader of the place, Volta, is now or where they should be in terms of success and revenue.

When a digital or static, space-based company has 100 faces in a market for that subject and usually, from what we have seen, 4 faces in each Place, Which translates to 25 positions, not 100 positions. No buyer / planner we know is innocent enough to believe that naming 25 venues in a big market like Atlanta or DC, anything close enough to reach a reach or a net frequency to be a 'solid buy'. Digitally calculate the number of face segments, as per 8, the ratio of faces with real places is even less impressive. Critical mass is a must. Let's start the game.

3. Geopath Snags Measurement Veteran

Geopath Gave the name Chris Luke Senior Vice President of Products. Luke joined Geopath from PatientPoint, where he worked as SVP, product development and operations.

OOH today's reception

Well, in the absence of almost a year this position has finally been filled. The fault of the organization? No, if you think it falls on the newly named President Dylan Mabin. Yes, if negligence (we know a strong word) is properly placed on the board of Geopath. Luken has a long order to get ahead of what is going on in the OOH industry at the moment. It would be almost impossible to get up to speed.

A few points to think about. Mr. Luke, whom we admit we haven't met, came from an unknown, location-based perspective on OH Today. Coming from an organization that has 'acquired' health. Remember those boys? We check out our reporting here There are some explanations for digital place based media networks. Their founders faced federal charges for fraud.
In October 2019, ContextMedia Health LLC, which operates under the trade name Outcome Health (Outcome), a digital provider of medical information and advertising in doctors' offices, agreed in a resolution with the judiciary that it would pay 70 70 million for a fraud project. Victims that target its clients, lenders and investors.

Luke joined Outcome as managing director of production in October 2019, after the fraud occurred. He must work in adversity and for this we have given him big props.

Kind of a technologist? So it turns out. What do you need? Absolutely yes! We are annoyed by the lack of large format OOH experience Mr. Luken. Important? Come on in, take a look! Consider the current format of driving revenue numbers in OOH. Should Geopath competitors be concerned? I think so. Luken will in all likelihood be able to figure out the strengths of Geopath and point out the weaknesses of ‘other measuring firms’.

Solution number 1? Luke must spend time with the Big 3 from today. We welcome and support what Geopath does and give him any help to get Chris Luken to speed up. Are you helping If you haven't sent him a congratulatory note and a sincere offer to help, do it now!

4. OOH Advertisers Media Plan Awards are open for entry

Submit your top media plans from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 and see how they are among the best in the industry. To qualify for an award, the advertiser (or his organization) must pay directly for the media space to an OOH media company that owns and manages the inventory. The only exception is public service advertising, which can be good.

OOH today's reception

Every year I take part in the event that recognizes this award, it seems that the selection has been made from a very small number of entries. The list of entry numbers was not provided openly. Take our word for it, there have been a few. Transparency. OOH shame? Yes submit your entry. The more entries, the better the winner. The better the winner, the more recognition and Believe in OOH. Did we ask you to submit your entry? Log in now.

5. Global Keeps Grip on Gatwick

Global Won the advertising contract for Gatwick Airport For another five years, the UK's largest airport has maintained its position as media owner.

OOH today's reception

Sorry to say but does anyone really care? Even in the UK? Further to the point, can Global take care of our or the world’s advertisers? Congratulations.

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Fun team building activities for all types of teams

Good news! Team building doesn’t have to be mandatory, an exercise for outsiders, or every event involving a sporting event or beach ball. We mean, it can and often does (read on for the best team building ideas of the summer for work), but there are many more ways to discuss fun team building activities that work for all players in today's work world.

Why is team building important?

Summer team building activities allow colleagues to connect friendships, personal growth and meaningful relationships with their work. Why is this critical?

  • Good job: They invest thousands of hours of daylight (some even burning oil at midnight) to meet business goals. After that investment of energy, commitment and time away from family, no one wants to come empty handed, thinking about what they got from what they gave. Show employees that you see them and take care of them as individuals, which is important for retention and productivity, especially in a climate where many employees are remote.
  • Enrichment for all: Employees who can collaborate with their colleagues mean more meaningful work, enhanced innovation, and better results.

What's different about team building today?

The past few years have facilitated less, more meaningful interactions and a cultural and economic shift towards a workforce that spends more time working alone or from home. Employees are more independent, self-motivated and in touch with their intellectual, emotional and social needs in their work. As a result, fun team building activities are less about a structured “you know” event and more about meaningful, rich interactions with colleagues with a common interest or activity.

What are some corporate team building ideas that appeal to everyone?

Your event doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be great. The most important aspect of a successful team building activity is to think about it: Are the interests and preferences of different employees taken into account? Does every participant feel welcome? Diversity and inclusion are important.

  • Movie Night or Matinee: Rent a screen and give the option of one or two movies in the same theater complex, so that all the team members can enjoy a show. Provide a family-friendly option for those who have children. Look for a theater that provides seat-side menu items during shows. Hand over personalized stadium blankets so staff can be comfortable and pick up a gift at home.
  • Catered food: Many employees work from home, looking like “lunch hours” sleeping on couches or chips and diving into the kitchen counter. Invite your team to a meal that offers something for everyone. If your group is social, assign seating with a twist: each employee picks a number from a basket at the door to find out who is at their table. Be the CEO with whom you wanted to share your brilliant ideas and who turns out to be all ears; Task Master Project Manager who makes your life miserable against every deadline but runs a bulldog rescue outside their home; Or a web designer with a cutting sense of humor that will leave you sewn.
  • Baby picture mash up: Provide employees with one sheet of their coworkers baby photo and another with a recent shot. Ask them to match beautiful kids with their current day peers. This team building activity appeals to workers and thinkers, who gave the gift of Gabe in a few words. The employee who got the most accurate matches, reward the teammate with the most beautiful baby picture, with the “ugly duck to swan” ride and less changed before and after.
  • Favorites: Do this activity during zoom, picnic or dinner. Let employees vote to focus on what they love, their favorite songs, cities, sports teams, or family members. Make it meaningful and fun by offering incentives to share (encourage participation but don't need it). A laser engraved stylus pen for all bloody details! A stainless steel tumbler for the most incredible story! Vote by applause or secret ballot of employees for the most gifted episode.

What do summer team building activities do for small groups?

A great way to encourage bonding is with small groups of employees who communicate every day. Often these interactions are remote, so getting together for physical activity can strengthen the bonds in real life that are virtual in most work weeks.

  • Escape room: This forever popular team activity is great for summer team building or all year round. Escape Room Premise is a room with clues and codes, where tact, strategy, trial and error, patience, perseverance and a cool head in the face of stress are required. Escape Room lets staff know themselves and each other and quickly identify skill sets in real time. Perhaps, you and they will be surprised. And whether they like it or not, every employee will appreciate the unique experience of the escape room game. Take food or drink later and reward for the best noodle, the quietest under pressure, the least, the most interested, and the most violent in the final count-down.
  • Park-based Scavenger Hunt: Pick a name from a basket and divide it into groups of three or four. Include comfortable and rich items for scavenging like logo napkins, receipts or coasters from a parked food truck or restaurant; A leaf from a native plant; And a selfie with a stranger.
  • Rotating lunch: For direct reporting, ask an employee to choose their favorite luncheon spot for each group-making lunch, either monthly or quarterly to keep pace. Small groups get to know each other and get a good incentive to gain new cooking experiences while learning about their peers.
  • Bay Cruise or Whale See: Keep the group small so that people can get together and enjoy the peace of the sea. Include plenty of snacks and drinks so guests don’t have to dare a rocking boat to find a refreshment table.

What are some team building ideas for work that seem natural, not awkward?

Here are some tips for building an easy-going summer team that everyone feels a little better about themselves, their coworkers, and their meaningful work:

  • No story circles: Host a cruise on a harbor, a catered picnic, or an afternoon at a microbrewery. Include standing and seating areas so that employees can blend in and eat according to their comfort zone. Simplify social options where employees are comfortable and they will open without any prompt
  • Don't say "team building": Some people appreciate an unannounced morale-building event. That way your more independent-minded workers don’t feel instructed to rejoice; All the bonds and good merriment seem organic.
  • Give them alternatives: Some employees may ask for a cooking class while others prefer an escape room. Still others want box seats in local games. Ask for options and try to offer a number of events that speak to the preferences of all your talented team.
  • Love food: Send a survey that asks employees what their favorite food is before your team building lunch or dinner. Surprise every employee with their favorite food. It’s guaranteed to have spontaneous conversations and storytelling (why, exactly, why, do you have to go ketchup with spaghetti?), And make everyone feel special.

What is a good gift for my corporate team building event?

A customized Kipsack ensures that every employee welcomes and recognizes your event. There are one or two options at hand for your team members to choose from. Options involve recipients and give your employees a special feeling. Just customize with your logo or include the name or date of your team building event. Distribute some gifts to all employees and customize others as rewards. To keep them in remembrance, we like:

Travel mugs and tumblers: Include your brand with the gift of drinking items made this summer at concerts, pool parties and campfires at the park.

Cooler bags and backpacks: Fun and functional, customized cooler bags and backpacks make colleagues feel great about your business and ready for all kinds of summer adventures.

Technical accessories: Who got the tune? Your team, of course. Send them home with a custom blue tooth speaker.

How can I make my summer team building activities a success?

People feel good about an event when they give up feeling good about themselves. Host events that do not force employees out of their comfort zone as long as they are there. Allow observers and actors to enjoy the event by feeling each personality at home. Sun and shade, music and quiet, providing hamburgers and raw veggies. Even if you don’t hit it right on Vegan Slow or Sloppy Joe’s, you’ve thought about all the members of your team and made an effort to connect with them and including them is the most important element of your event. Send employees a meaningful gift that celebrates your small business and their contribution to it.

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OMA’s Best of Outdoors | June – Oh today

Message for circle graphics

The Best of Outdoor is a monthly selection of local and international Out of the Home (OOH) campaigns to stimulate your creativity and inspire your next talent. If you want to be featured in future versions, send OMA your campaign!

Archie Rose

Australia: Premium distillery Archie Rose leaned towards the aesthetics of their clean, modern design when they created their recent Out of the Home campaign. The glamorous photography of cocktails in a pastel color scheme makes you think of your favorite indie bar.

Creative: In-house, Archie Rose
Media organization: Speed
Outside the house: Oh, the media

King of rock and roll

Australia: The much-anticipated biopic of Baz Luhrmann, Elvis, is here! The accompanying OOH campaign echoes the director’s own bright, bold and fluid aesthetics. The magnificent design on the trams is spectacular, enticing passengers into the world of Elvis.

Creative: In-house, Warner Bros.
Media organization: Mediacom
Outside the house: Torchmedia

A new look

Australia: QMS's new signage for the city of Sydney features 2Day FM's famous face. The newly created panels will display community information on the one hand and bright, bold creative on the other. And who better to name a new panel than Hughesi, Ed and Erin?

Creative: SCA
Media organization: SCA
Outside the house: QMS

Mac Minimalist

London: McDonald's is no stranger to bold and memorable outdoor campaigns. Leo Barnett is their latest creative team — an artistic take on the restaurant's classic menu items. Assign bright colors and minimal design when integrating a single position pin to advertise new delivery options.

Creative: Leo Burnett
Media organization: N.A.
Outside the house: N.A.

Matariki has nine stars

NZ: In celebration of New Zealand's first Matariki public holiday, the nine stars of Oh! Media and Auckland Transport Matariki have created a beautiful campaign marking the Mওori New Year.

Creative: N / A
Media organization: N / A
Outside the house: Oh! Media NZ

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Omaha Top 10 Oh Spender – Oh Today

Link Media Outdoor

Geopath Market Spotlight - Omaha DMA

Geekout Fast Fact Friday

By Brian ShopperMarketing Manager, Geopath

For this week's Fast Fact, let's take a look at the market house at Nebraska's largest city - Omaha DMA!

Did you know that the Ruben Sandwich was first made in Omaha? Although largely associated with New York, it is said that the sandwich was made during a high-stack poker game at the Blackstone Hotel.

Omaha Henry Dorley Zoo has one of the top rates in the United States. But did you know that the zoo is home to the largest indoor desert and indoor rainforest in the world? This huge indoor environment has acres of land, wildlife and plants!

Map of Omaha
Jacqueline Dickens for Omaha Shutterstock Map

Here is some specific information about OOH Media in Omaha Market.

According to Geopath Insights, there are over 2,300 Spots measured by Geopath in the Omaha market, which are generated 132 million Impressions every week! In addition, this market has a population 1 2 lakhsWith About 1/4 All travel trips take 30 minutes or more between DMAs.

For more insights on Omaha DMA, please see our 2021 DMA infographic below.

Next, let’s see who in the DMA is spending on OOH for Q1 2022.

The list of top OOH spenders includes a fairly diverse mix of advertisers. The perennial national advertiser McDonald’s makes an appearance, as do the likes of Chain Rising Cannes and Hi-V. However, this market has a fair mix of local and regional advertisers using OOH. Of these, there are several health facilities in the center of the Omaha region.

Geopath has compiled OOH advertising spending data for the full year 2021 and Q1 2022, sources from Kantar, as well as infographics for it and 200+ DMAs across the country. Both OOH cost reports and DMA infographics can be accessed by Geopath members in our geekout library. If you are not currently a Geopath member, please contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can access this information.

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Oh! The media strengthens the retail presence in Queensland – oh today

Oh! Media continues to strengthen its Queensland retail media portfolio, announcing today that it has renewed and renewed its long-term partnership with 10 shopping centers across the main state.

Oh! It has further expanded its monopoly with McCannaghi Properties, relocating Westlands Roma and Kingroy ShoppingWorld centers to Castletown ShoppingWorld Townsville, Lismore Shopping Square, Touumba Plaza and the existing centers in The Ridge Toubou! And will be transformed into a fully digital network.

Strengthening the retail presence of Oh! In Queensland is the long-term renewal of the Underwood Marketplace, an exclusive Oh! Center which will be fully digitized.

Other major retail outlets are finalizing renewals including Oh! Includes, Raintree Shopping Center, Cairns; My center is Nerang; In Southport Park Shopping Center and Brisbane.

Cathy O'Connor's profile photo
Cathy O'Connor

Cathy O'Connor, Oh CEO! Says: “The scale of our retail network in Queensland continues to grow. Combining these new and renewed shopping center partnerships and the endless commitment to investing in the digitization of many of our assets means we can provide an increased audience for advertisers and bring increased returns on their investments along the critical consumer path of the purchasing journey. "

With these new and renovated shopping centers, Oh! 'S digital and classic resource home network's out-of-home network now covers more than 500 retail outlets across Australia, including 143 Queensland, the second largest market behind New South Wales and ACT Mills.

Justin Kingston's profile photoJustin Kingston, National Commercial Director Oh! Added: "Across Queensland, oh! Retail media market leader and we are pleased to secure key new centers as well as expand our agreements with existing partners with long-term deals. With a growing number of buyers and tourists returning, And by hosting some of the world's premium sports events, including the Olympics, that's what will happen and oh! There's a network outside the home that distributes. "

The new shopping center partnerships follow the addition of four strategically large format sites of oOh! In Queensland, including the creation and launch of a brand new digital site at the chermside of OOh! To do. And Normanby, as part of the Queensland Rail Tender.

Oh! About the media
Oh! Media is a leading out-of-home media company that promotes public spaces by creating engaging environments that help advertisers, landlords, tenants, community organizations, local councils and governments reach a larger and more diverse audience.

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Volta has some competition – EVCS – Oh Today

EVCS EV will accelerate the expansion of fast charging networks

EVCS, One of the largest electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network operators on the West Coast, Spring Lane Capital has announced a বৃদ্ধি 68.8 million fund increase, including a $ 50 million loan facility, and the completion of a Series A equity investment of $ 18.8 million. Millions led by Abdo Partners, Spring Lane Capital and the Australian private global investor Kopulos Group. Jet Capital Advisors also provides investment banking advisory services in support of equity capital growth.

The raised capital will support the rapid expansion of EVCS in 35+ new cities across California and Washington, as well as increase charger density in its existing communities. EVCS plans to double its network footprint to about 1,500 chargers by 2023.

Message for circle graphics

In conjunction with the Federal Bilateral Infrastructure Act of 2021 to provide $ 7.5 billion in funding for the development of a national EV charging network, EVCS is committed to addressing the urgent need for public EV charging infrastructure in support of mass consumer EV adoption. EVCS will increase debt and equity to strengthen the construction and installation of new charging locations, hire additional staff, improve the digital product experience, and raise awareness of its industry-leading subscription EV charging plans.

Profile photo of Gustavo Ochiuzzo
Gustavo Ochiuzzo

"With over 600 chargers in California, Oregon and Washington, we have become one of the largest EV fast-charging networks in the United States," he said. Gustavo Ochiuzzo, CEO and co-founder of EVCS. "With this new round of funding, we are thrilled to be able to double the EV driver's access to our unlimited charging subscription products by doubling our charger footprint in the next 18 months."

Profile photo of Ian Vishnevsky
Ian Vishnevsky

"EVCS is an innovator in the EV charging sector, simplifies the cost of complex electricity and saves thousands of dollars annually to ordinary EV drivers through our unlimited charging subscription plan," he said. Ian Vishnevsky, COO / CFO and co-founder of EVCS. "With today's announcement, we are entering a new phase of growth enabling EVCS to offer EV drivers affordable, DC fast charging up and improved access to the Down West Coast."

Nikhil Gorg's profile picture
Nikhil Garg

“Investment in EV charging networks has reached a new inflection point with a wave of EV deals. It sends a strong signal to infrastructure investors and the capital market, more broadly, the EV marketplace is key to expansion, "he said. Nikhil Garg, A partner and co-founder of Spring Lane Capital. "High gas prices, the introduction of mandatory new car models, and environmental concerns have led to a massive rise in EV adoption, with the use of chargers increasing at such a dangerous pace that the expansion of EVCS has not come at the right time. As a pioneer in the EV fast charging market, EVCS has created a unique framework that bridges federal, state and local funds with additional funding to facilitate the rapid expansion of their network. We are excited to continue working with Gustavo and the EVCS team to close the gap between public EV infrastructure and EV adoption. "

Ashley Abdor's profile photo
Ashley Abdo

"By the end of 2021, we have more than 2,300,000 EVs on U.S. roads and only 108,000 public charging ports available, so we're in a race to close the gap on public EV infrastructure," said the Alternative Fuels Data Center. Ashley Abdo Abdo partners. "We are excited to be partnering with EVCS as they work toward an electrified future in transportation."

EVCS is committed to sustainability with the goal of decarbonizing vehicle transport. The company uses 100% renewable energy to get its network up and growing fast charging technology that gets you back on track faster.

About EVCS
EVCS was founded in 2018 and has become one of the fastest and fastest growing electric vehicle charging networks on the West Coast. Powered by 100% renewable energy, EVCS is disrupting the mobility power industry through a turn-key approach that uses public and private funding sources to encourage the installation of fast-charging locations. EVCS has secured more than M 50M from government funding and has hired about 150 partner sites to build and grow its Net Zero Carbon network.

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Geopath Snags Measurement Veteran – Oh Today

GeopathThe non-profit organization that provides industry-standard visitor metrics for outdoor (OOH) advertising is named Chris Luke Senior Vice President of Products.

Message for circle graphics
Chris Luken's profile photo
Chris Luke

In this new role for Geopath, Luken will focus on accelerating and expanding Geopath's suite of OOH audience measurement solutions to better serve its members in the OOH / Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) marketplace.

Luke joined Geopath from PatientPoint, where he worked as SVP, product development, and operations after PatientPoint merged with Outcome Health, the largest healthcare-centric DOOH network in the United States.

Previously, Luken measured branded content on Rentrak (formerly NASDAQ: RENT) in ComScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) as well as cross-platform video measurement product strategy and functional design. Luken’s previous company, a venture capital-funded start-up called SponsorHub, acquired Rentrac for its innovative empirical marketing and social analytics measurement products that measure the value of brand marketing advertising across emerging media channels.

Luke began his career as a management consultant at Accenture (NYSE: ACN), where he provided dozens of successful software development, technology strategy, and operations optimization projects for several Fortune 500 companies.

Dylan Mabin

"Chris' experience will play an important role in advancing Geopath's best-in-class OOH measurements as we implement our Strategic Vision initiative," he said. Dylan Mabin President, Geopath. "Our focus on OOH is on innovation in evaluation and planning and its hiring will be invaluable in enhancing our ability to better serve our members."

"Geopath is at the forefront of measuring OOH audiences, an unparalleled breadth of data that enables brands and advertisers to maximize their voice portion across physical advertising channels," Luken said. "I am thrilled to join the Geopath leadership team and create our suite of measurement solutions to better address the growing complex convergence between OOH and the digital advertising landscape."

Geopath's recently launched Strategic Vision initiative, developed in conjunction with industry leaders, provides extensive cataloging and inventory auditing across all OOH media formats, enhances the accuracy and precision of planning and monitoring audience metrics, and facilitates data interoperability across data. Wants OOH and the larger media ecosystem.

About Geopath

Founded in 1933, Geopath is an industry standard that powers a smart OOH marketplace through state-of-the-art audience position measurement, in-depth insights and innovative market research. The company is headquartered in New York and across the United States and is managed by a tripartite board of broadcasters, agencies and media companies.

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OOH revenue returns to Australia – OOH TODAY

The Australian Outdoor Media Association announced a 14.8 per cent increase in net media revenue for Q2 2022, reporting $ 249.5 million, up from $ 217.3 million * for the same quarter in 2021.

Digital OOH (DOOH) revenue accounted for 62.4 percent of total net media revenue in the year, up from 58.3 percent * recorded for the same period last year.

Year-to-date revenue grew 19.5 percent to $ 478.6 million, up from 47.3 percent in 2020 * and pre-epidemic 2019 -3.9 percent.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify
Charmaine Moldrich OMA
Charmine Moldrich

Own CEO Charmine Moldrich "The industry continues to strengthen our channel's unique ability to be effective for both short-term activation and long-term brand building," he said.

"The first six months of 2022 have seen a lot of activity since its launch in January, making it easier to plan and buy out-of-home campaigns. This includes the Neuro Impact Factor (NIF), a qualitative metric that goes out of focus to measure the impact of outdoor campaigns. NIF is part of MOVE's upgrade that allows for digital campaign measurement; Both metrics are supported by industry-wide standards. "

“These initiatives have undoubtedly encouraged our recovery with increased market confidence in our channel. We have a number of new tools to introduce in Q3 that will provide more clarity about the audience and how they relate to our symptoms, ”Moldrich concluded.

The OMA has added seven new members this year: Civic Outdoor, Gotransit Media Group, Helio, Hivestack, The Media Shop, Tonic Media Network and Vicinity Center.

According to figures released by Zenith, Australian advertising spending is expected to grow by 5 per cent in 2022, behind an 18 per cent increase of 21 2021.

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Removing “and” from texting and driving – oh today

In 2020, seven percent of 15- to 19-year-old drivers involved in fatal accidents were reported as confused - the largest proportion of any age. Project Yellow Light was created to prevent such tragedies in the future through the voices of the youth of our country.

Project Yellow Light is a scholarship competition that provides students with a unique opportunity to create billboards, TV or radio PSAs to educate their peers about the dangers of misleading driving, especially the use of mobile devices while driving.

And for the first time since 2019, Project Yellow Light and its partners returned in person to Times Square on June 24 to announce and celebrate the winners of the Eleventh Annual Project Yellow Light Scholarship Competition.

The competition was founded after the tragic loss of Hunter Garner, who was just 16 years old when he died in a car accident in 2007. Since then, Hunter's mother, Julie Garner, has been dedicated to promoting safe driving practices in honor of her memory. Project hunter through yellow light.

Of the nearly 1,900 submissions from students across the country, only six winners were selected and received scholarship prizes of up to $ 8,000. With many of this year’s winners, friends, family and collaborating partners, have seen the premiere of their work live on the bright and vibrant Times Square on Clear Channel Outdoor’s digital billboard. In addition, their PSAs are running on more than 1,500 digital displays across the country, as well as on radio and TV networks.

Project Yellow Light has had a powerful impact in many ways, from helping students pay for their education to reminding drivers across the country of the importance of paying attention to the road. The competition is an opportunity for young people to use their voices, creativity and the power of the media to save lives.

"Many thanks to all of our partners for their kind support to Clear Channel Outdoor and for making this project a possibility. Congratulations to our winners and all our applicants - they are using their creativity to draw attention to the dangers of scattered driving - one of the leading causes of death for our young people, "he said. Julie Garner At the recent Times Square event. "Thank you for having a voice, for making a difference and saving lives."

“The Times Square event showed me just how effective Project Yellow Light is. Throughout the event, people will see the message and search for more. I just hope my billboard drivers can stop checking text or violin on their phones because sometimes what we need is a reminder to refrain from this kind of stupid behavior. "- Connor AvilaCollege Billboard Winner (Impossible Multitask)

“I entered the Project Yellow Light competition because I was looking for a scholarship that would allow me to express myself creatively. However, what really motivated me to enter the competition was the opportunity to create a message that would inspire my colleagues to practice safe and focused driving. When I designed my billboard, I knew I wanted a message that would stick with the drivers. "- Who is Isabella?High School Billboard Winner (Text or drive)

Clear Channel Outdoor has been a proud partner of Project Yellow Light for seven years, with Ad Council, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National 4-H Council, Elephant Insurance, iHeartMedia, and all of its partner partners. The National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and WKRN-TV Nashville, to help prevent sporadic driving.

We are honored to be part of an inspirational cause that influences change and saves lives. No text or confusion is worth living, and we hope that by using our outdoor platform, we can spread these life-saving messages to drivers across the country.

Remember that if you are texting, who is driving?

Message for Movia Media

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. 7 is at the forefront of innovation in the outdoor advertising industry Our dynamic advertising platform is expanding the pool of advertisers through digital billboards and display expansion and through the integration of data analytics and programmatic capabilities using our medium to deliver measurable campaigns that are easy to buy. Using the scale, reach and flexibility of our diverse asset portfolio, we connect advertisers with millions of subscribers across more than 500,000 print and digital displays in 26 countries each month.

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