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CatalinaIs establishing a strategic partnership with which, through its rich, real-time buyer intelligence platform, provides insight into the shopping behavior of virtually all U.S. households. Volta Inc.An industry-leading electric vehicle (“EV”) charging network powering vehicles and trade.

Voltaire EV charging stations, equipped with large digital display screens, are strategically located at the entrances to popular retail, grocery and leisure venues. These premium placements influence consumers’ shopping lists with eye-catching content presented through a durable medium in a cluttered parking lot environment. Its fast-growing network currently generates over 900 million monthly impressions through 4,600+ digital advertising screens in 39 designated market areas (DMAs) across 26 states.

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Volta places its EV charging stations in businesses where millions of eligible customers spend their time and money, such as Walgreens and Ahold Delhaize, both part of Catalina’s extensive retailer network, as well as flagship locations such as Amazon Fresh, Tanger Outlets, and Six. Catalina’s measurement services enable Volta to determine store-level growing sales lifts for retailers and brands that campaign on its advertising platform. Volta Media এই This detailed perspective on how the network increases consumer spending unlocks a critical understanding of the digital impact of conversions outside the home, equipping advertisers with data that informs effective media strategies.

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“With their focus on the sustainability and efficiency of communicating with buyers literally a few steps away from the point of purchase, Volta Catalina has brought a unique inventory source to the space-based media offer and we are already starting to see Doll-like clients,” he said. Tiffany Southwell, VP of Out of Home Media in Catalonia. “It’s exciting to see Volta embrace innovative outdoor concepts as a performance marketing vehicle using our measurement services to prove the effectiveness of their media.”

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Brand Hastings

“Catalina’s deep understanding of outdoor media measurement allows us to prove measurable sales growth for our clients,” he said. Brand Hastings, Interim chief executive officer and chief revenue officer at Volta. “Their ability to quickly measure a campaign against cell metrics gives key clients the ability to think about our media the way they think about digital advertising and change budgets with confidence accordingly.”

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A recent campaign jointly conducted with Dole Fresh Foods is another early indication of the strength of the partnership. Dole wanted to drive growing sales and raise category shares in a key sales season. Eye-catching marketing is creative in the display of multiple bucket products near the entrance of certain grocery on the Volta Media screen. Catalina’s unique measuring capabilities revealed that the campaign provided an 8% sales lift and an 8.5% increase in category shares, demonstrating Volta’s effectiveness in converting buyers to buyers.

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Kelly Miller

“Catalina continues to be an essential and trusted partner for our diverse business needs and we are fascinated by what they and Volta offer together. Spotlight has further simplified the short and point-free delivery home metrics for data conversion and customer feedback and underscored the value that Volta Media provides, ”he said. Kelly MillerDirector of Shop Marketing at Dole Food Company, Inc.

Catalina was able to show the influence of Voltaire Media for another recent campaign, this time for a top fast casual restaurant whose products are also sold in stores. As a result of prominent marketing messages appearing across the Voltaire Media screen, the brand has achieved a 15% sales lift so that the increased return on advertising spend (ROAS) is 29% higher than Catalina’s average for home media promotion.

About Catalina
Catalina is a leader in consumer intelligence and highly targeted in stores, TV, radio, podcasts and digital media that personalize the buyer’s journey. Powered by the world’s richest real-time buyer database, Catalina helps retailers, CPG brands and agencies optimize every level of media planning, execution and measurement to deliver $ 6.1 billion in annual consumer value.

About Volta
Volta Inc. Hall is an industry-leading electric vehicle (“EV”) charging network powering vehicles and trade. Voltaire’s vision is to create EV charging networks that capitalize and catalyze the transition from combustion-driven miles to electric miles by setting up consumer living, work, shopping and play stations. By facilitating a data-driven understanding of driver behavior to provide an EV charging solution that fits seamlessly into people’s daily routines, Volta’s goal is to help build the infrastructure of the future as well as benefit customers, brands and real-estate positions.

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